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  1. Looking at the met office forecast, after lunchtime tomorrow it's looking pretty dry for the remainder of the weekend! Still will be packing my wellies of course 😄
  2. Love this! Getting me very excited. You working somewhere? D'ya know if the beer prices in the real ale tent are similar ~£6.50/pint? Thank again!!
  3. Fantastic.... I'm a big fan of big dog and sticky stick. I hope I bump into you guys to say hi!
  4. Wow!! You've come up from Pilton??
  5. Security definitely sent us back to our tents when we tried to sneak cans and/or food into the arena.... although they were lenient with kids food in pushchairs etc. That was 2018
  6. Yeah I really thought the times would be published.... have they never done that before?
  7. Site looks a bit bigger than I remember! Tried to stay the info pack and map. Although I haven't been since 2017. BD22-Info-Pack-–-Weekend.pdf
  8. Some have, eg. below... keep an eye on their socials Ace! It's small, friendly, cheap and very non-corporate! You'll enjoy!
  9. Loads of people won't come till the Friday (I can't come till after work) so you'll still have plenty of space.... but the site isn't very big anyway so maximum walk to the 'arena' is 5-10 min. Most camping areas can get fairly lively. Can't quite remember, but I don't think they released a map in advance when I last went.
  10. I really enjoyed the cool breeze this year... Pretty sure that was absent in 2019 🥵
  11. Agreed.... This was my biggest disappointment. It's still described as a real ale bar on the website but it's just got the same selection as Avalon etc. I planned on spending a lot of money in here in the Wednesday but just got stuck into my own selection instead.
  12. croiz

    Worthy (re)view

    Another route into the festival above the Park would be cool; our tent was about 30 yards behind the Glastonbury sign as the crow flies. Could do with some more water points at that end of WV too.... I showered in the afternoon so everything else was perfect! Will do again
  13. croiz


    Found him!! By the long drops too! That's 2 Glastonbury legends in one photo!
  14. Ace, will do. G25 here.
  15. Block G WV! We're on our way, see you soon
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