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  1. Oh woe... The hangover would be lifting and I'd be thinking about (more) grub and a cider...
  2. I volunteered for them last year.... with hindsight, it wasn't worth it.
  3. Ahhhhhhhhhh..... Day becomes night and the Killers become pretty good actually 🙂
  4. croiz

    Marc Rebillet

    Love this guy. Never really saw him as a comedy act.... He's an amazing live musician, if you're into that sort of thing. D'ya reckon people specifically watch him for the 'comedy'?
  5. https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/accommodation/pre-erected-camping/sticklinch/ It's official!
  6. OK.... it looks to be a bit further west down the A361... just a bit past ziggucamp and Willow meadows. It'll be a minibus job.... but only 5 min or so? http://www.sticklinchfarm.co.uk/
  7. and.... more importantly.... where's that?!??!
  8. Sticklinch??!? What's that? https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/accommodation/pre-erected-camping/
  9. croiz

    Walking in

    Take a few Twixes... minimum 2!
  10. There's a shuttle bus from both the festival bus station and bath & West showground. You can hire airbeds on site at wv.
  11. I'm in a similar boat. Pro's and cons are pretty similar imho. We stayed on offsite staff camping last year, and these are a few we walked past as part of stewarding or on our way to the site. They looked nice but I don't think the price is worth it.... most are really silly money for those who find money no object. https://glastonburyretreat.co.uk/book-now/ (food included in the price, but... food is one of the main draws of glastonbury imho) https://yurtel.co.uk/collections/glastonbury-festival-glamping https://www.thepopuphotel.com/glastonbury https://www.pillow.co.uk/glastonbury-2019-campsites/ https://www.ziggucamping.co.uk/bookings/ https://www.woodlandsretreats.co.uk/glastonbury-festival https://www.pennardorchard.co.uk/ https://www.pennardhillfarm.co.uk/glastonbury/
  12. There's also Love Fields and Tangerine Fields and a few others that are fairly close to Ped Gate B/C. Little bit of a hill to walk up but don't think it's as steep as WV.... more expensive though IIRC (I haven't stayed in any of these btw so can't recommend)
  13. 1) Crazy P 2) Janelle 3) Killers
  14. I think I might actually have a shower this year.... Greenpeace and bottom of kidz field. Do you need to take a towel for either of them? I've read conflicting info on here over the years. Thank you very much and hope you're having an amazing fest!
  15. croiz

    Hay fever

    I'm in a world of snot right now too.... This is what you should do: Gong bath Aura cleanse Himalayan singing bowls Sauna (naked) Yoga (naked) Cider plunge pool Sorted!
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