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  1. Yeah, UK supply of the AZ vaccine is 80/20 domestic vs EU manufactured, so I suspect that are asking for clarity on whether doses manufactured in the EU are being sent to the UK while not being able to deliver what was ordered.
  2. 😀 One of the reasons they opened in the US/SA/Brazil was because the virus was reasonably under control in the UK when they started their trial last summer!
  3. really depends on what impact the vaccine has on transmission. Most expect it to have some impact, and we have an early indication of this from the AZ trial, but we won't know for sure for a while yet.
  4. Based on the number of alterations seen in some of the variants, they more likely arose in immunocompromised individuals that had long infections rather than as a result of the immunisation programme/vaccine trials. Uncontrolled spread is the bigger driver of change at the moment, there just isn't enough people vaccinated within the trials compared to those naturally infected for it to be the reason. It's not impossible that with widespread vaccination we put a selective pressure on the virus to change, but that would just require updating of the vaccines from time to time as new versions emer
  5. It’s actually quite a good thing that the trials are ongoing in the countries where the variants are most prevalent as we’ll get actual outcome data on how well the vaccines work in vaccinated individuals rather than testing the neutralising capacity of their serum in the lab. It’s also no surprise that the trials and variants coincide as the variants are emerging in regions where spread is uncontrolled, which are exactly the best places to run a vaccine trial quickly!
  6. To be honest, public sentiment has been to shut the borders properly since the start, but unless NI did the same it was pointless. If the UK introduces hotel quarantine, it will allow us do something we have wanted to do for a while!
  7. I hate to break it to you, but the only reason we didn’t seal our borders last March was because we shared an open one with another jurisdiction taking a different approach (amply highlighted by the cancellation of flights from London before Christmas, only for everyone to rebook to Belfast and get the train down). We asked the NI assembly if they would consider an all-island approach at the outset, but they declined, so the borders stayed open. Reports here for the last few days have been about negotiations between Dublin and London for a coordinated two island approach to border closures, so
  8. Yep, that was it, their phase 2 lancet paper had the immune response in older adults in it. Was pretty much the same across the age groups with fewer side effects in the older group.
  9. Data from both the phase 1/2 and phase 3 trial suggested no real differences in older age groups (in fact, immune response in their early trial was actually more robust in older individuals if I recall correctly).
  10. Reading through the thread, the 8% seems to come from an extrapolation of the LD:SD vs SD:SD data in the original paper. Since then, AZ have submitted data (which is what the MHRA used to approve) suggesting that the dosing regimen was not behind the greater efficacy, rather the gap between doses. Hence the 9-12 week window for maximum efficacy. AZ themselves previously suggested they’d figured out how to best use the vaccine (how it is currently being used in the UK). The only caveat being that an EMA CMA requires more data than an EUA, so maybe they’ve spotted something. I doubt the EU would
  11. To be honest, that's really excellent news since the E484K mutation in the SA variant was what was causing the main concern (and that's the main cause of concern in the Brazilian variant too...basically it looked like the Brazilian variant might be a composite of faster spreading with the alteration seen in the UK variant added to potential immune escape from the SA variant...but it looks like the Moderna vaccine still works and that's a good indication that the others should perform similarly).
  12. The only problem with that is that Pfizer/AZ et al. Would have needed to make 27 different approval submissions to 27 different health regulators in each individual EU country. Each one slightly different, so I suspect that would have taken even longer.
  13. Shelf life on the Pfizer shot is about 6 months unfortunately, so not a lot of use in hanging on to it. OX/AZ should be ok for about a year/18 months.
  14. I’ve a feeling we’ll need top ups and tweaks of these shots over the years anyway! There’s loads more development still to come on the vaccine front, intranasal for kids would be a good one to get sorted over the next while. I know most of the time kids are fine when infected, but it would just be a bit more reassuring. I get my Hep B booster from time to time, so depending on how long the protection from these new vaccines lasts, we’ll probably end up doing the same. When we get the data on the 2 dose phase 3 for the J&J shot, if it shows substantially better protection, then it would be
  15. This actually makes a lot of sense as the early trial data showed the 1 shot working better in the younger group too. We were discussing this in work the other day and the feeling was that given the pressure to vaccinate younger key workers, teachers etc, that this would be the perfect solution to getting them done early.
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