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  1. They were pretty immense that night alright (sorry!)…Though I did edit the post above as you were replying to say that the group that went to Beyoncé thoroughly enjoyed the show…nowadays with communication so easy, wandering off to see what you want is no big deal, it’s easy to find everyone again afterwards, and you end up watching what you want surrounded by others that feel the same. Just go for it!
  2. 2011…Sunday. Half our crew went to Kool and the Gang, the other half Beyoncé…I went to QOTSA on me tod. I think they all regret it. edit: to be fair, those that went to Beyoncé said she was great, it was one of those “if I don’t see her here, I never will” things. Since then they have watched the QOTSA set back and quietly muttered, feck.
  3. Would have liked to see them continue on in the direction they took on Road to Rouen, but they went all Muse-lite and then packed up. Good to see them back though, definitely on my must see list!
  4. …and Mary…just as good as Moving!
  5. Definitely not just you. There’s 16 of our regular Glasto crew coming this year and every one of the will see Supergrass. Have seen them many times, always great. Gaz on his own in William’s Green back in 2014 (I think?) was great as well. Thoroughly looking forward to them!
  6. Oh I agree…2010 was too much (and we don’t have those fantastic misters you get a coachella!). I think I drank more water in 2010 than anything else, so I’d take 2017 over it in a heartbeat! Glorious would be dry, sunny, 20 degrees every day, but that’s not likely!
  7. I’ll be honest…Saturday 2017 is a bit of a blur!
  8. Glorious would be pushing it a bit. Scorcher on Wed, drizzle Wed night, overcast, dry and mild for the rest of festival (so perfect festie weather really, but not exactly glorious!). On the other hand, if it's been like that for 4 years in a row, maybe this is what weather is like at the end of June now! I am a blind optimist mind you!...#thereisapattern
  9. 😁 It is the most Irish thing ever mind you to post the line-up in our WhatsApp group and have one of the lads reply, jaysus, Jane Mythen, sure she used to live around the corner from me!
  10. She's from Portmarnock! (or at least she lived there for ages, think she was originally from Wexford)...
  11. Katherine Priddy's album last year was gorgeous. If you like folk, I'd recommend!
  12. Nice! Thanks for the heads up. Added to my library (Apple Music doesn't even know the track titles for the rest of the album yet!)
  13. Ditto...I loved it initially, even more so now. I'd go as far as saying I think it's their most consistent effort since Funeral/Neon Bible, helped in no small measure by its brevity, there's just no filler on it (well, 30 seconds of it...I love Suburbs and Reflektor, but they could be slimmed down just a bit)...Can't wait to see it live too, hopefully will get my Dublin ticket in the morning...might have to add a trip to Berlin in as well!
  14. just gonna leave this here...'22 is getting silly now with the quality of new music.
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