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  1. Just being able to do things that used to be normal feels so good again. I can’t imagine what it’s gonna be like when we all finally make it back to Worthy Farm next year, it’s going amazing!
  2. I feel bloody marvellous! Still hungover to hell and almost hoarse from all the singing and chatting, but a weekend camping with my Glasto buddies was the most normal weekend in a long long time…all set up on my mates farm, he even hired a Portaloo for the weekend!
  3. Leave is a cracking tune alright (the whole of New Adventures in HiFi is great mind you!…so fast, so numb probably my fave on that one). The version of Leave in A Life Less Ordinary was brilliant too (maybe what it would have sounded like if they’d recorded it for Up). Swan Swan H has flirted with being my favourite R.E.M song from time to time, just too many to pick from, but Country Feedback is the only one that really makes me waver about Fall on Me…I’d better stop talking about R.E.M now! 😁
  4. Nice! Sold out already on REMHQ! (was only available in bundles there anyway, that's a nice price for the single on it's own). Have had all sorts of fun getting things in from the UK since Brexit though, will keep an eye on some of the EU sellers (it's only on pre-order in any of the stores near me at the moment), I'm sure it'll pop up!
  5. Ah sure feck it…love this too (and countless other examples by Beirut!)…
  6. Aw man, Hazel O’Connor. That brings back memories! Like many of my vintage that grew up on the north side of Dublin, I frequented an indie disco called the grove as a teenager. Every week, Cecil (the DJ) would wheel this one out during the slow set!
  7. Love Sam & Dave. Was even gonna pop Wrap it Up in this thread!
  8. Also, probably more where this should have gone...always been a massive fan of this one...
  9. Love me a bit of Mariachi, could have picked any number of Calexico songs for this, but their collaboration with Iron & Wine never let me down! Not horn-laden, but beautiful none-the-less and maybe a bit different from the direction this thread was going!
  10. There's some great live versions of gems from back then on the Live at the Olympia album. Each night for a week as they practiced the new songs for Accelerate they threw in what Michael referred to as olive branches, old songs they hadn't played in years. Managed to make it to two nights and heard them play songs I'd never heard live before (a fantastic rendition of carnival of sorts the standout), well worth checking out!
  11. Just checked it out there! (I do love a bit of Death Cab!) Yes, excellent cover, Ben sings it the way I do when I play it (basically the way Michael did on the unplugged version). R.E.M have just been a constant for me since the 80s, if I'd known when I saw them at Werchter back in '08 it would be the last time, I might have been a bit more emotional! Was at a conference in Atlanta a few years ago and had the Saturday afternoon off. Took the opportunity to go on a bit of a "pilgrimage" over to Athens to see some R.E.M sights...
  12. It’s gonna be ok Matt. After what everyone has been through collectively for a year and a half at this stage, of course it’s gonna take some time to readjust (and we’ll second guess ourselves over all sorts of things). I said in the c*vid thread that even I (who has absolute faith in vaccines to end this) had to stop myself from worrying a bit when I ate indoors in public last week. But, I’ve been out more in the last week or so than I have at any stage in the last 18 months (was in a local restaurant this evening for my brother in law’s birthday, last time we were all there was Feb 2020!) and it’s getting progressively easier (camping with our Glasto crew next weekend!).. The vaccines do really work, however it seems the government in the UK have reached the same conclusion many others have and will use vaccination proof for the highest risk activities at the riskiest time of the year, but there should be no way back to where we started, we’re too far down to road back to normality. Still a bit to go, but we’ll get there.
  13. 😂 I have been looking at rebooking my flights though (Aer Lingus to Bristol gone at the mo, so it’ll have to be completely new ones)…will get the early one on the Wednesday so I can make the meet for once!
  14. It's not so much that there's a group of people that are so vulnerable they can't get it (there may be some who are very frail and it's not considered suitable at the moment), but the only listed contraindications currently are those with either a history of severe allergic reactions to injectable therapies/vaccines or those that have an immediate allergic reaction to these vaccines (and are recommended not to get the second shot). There are also precautions for those with certain underlying autoimmune diseases. In some cases, the allergy is related to specific components of the vaccine (so, people with a PEG allergy for example could switch from the mRNA vaccines to the J&J one), in others, their allergy is anything injected. It's not a massive amount of people, but they exist. The current contraindications and precautions list is the interim guidance for their use, as we accrue more data that could always change (you've seen the guidance change a number of times over the last while, especially for the adenoviral vectored ones).
  15. I think he just has a bit of smugness about him that grates a bit! Doesn't mean he's always wrong (nor does getting something correct at one point mean he's always right). It's still a highly fluid situation, I change my mind on various things as the data accrues (which is pretty normal) and I've gotten as much wrong as I have right in my assessment of things. The NL festival does raise a bunch of questions (if testing is used, should it be immediately prior to entry rather than in the 48-72h prior?, if everyone is vaccinated, does it matter if we get cases? (eventually, probably not), do we need antibody tests for recovered individuals to see if they are actually still "immune"?)...I think a lot of that would be overkill and probably not feasible, and pushing on to get as many fully jabbed as possible in as short a time as we can manage is the main route back to congregating in large numbers as safely as we can.
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