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  1. I’m supposed to be going on Friday and they haven’t emailed me about refunds/postponement yet, but they’ve posted on socials that they’ve closed for the time being, so maybe the emails are being composed
  2. That’s what I meant, sorry! didn’t mean closed down, that really would be the end of days!
  3. Albert Hall in Manchester has completely closed, cancelling/postponing all future events 💔
  4. Could they maybe push back the balance payment week? By the end of April for example they might be in a better place to be able to predict if it would be able to go ahead or not
  5. If Camilla’s on the poster then WHERE THE FUCK IS KIM PETRAS????
  6. Maybe not ruled out, but incredibly unlikely 💔
  7. what’s the info on Lana not looking likely anymore? That’s very disappointing
  8. speaking frank being the third headliner into existence, it’s what I deserve, train wreck or not it would be an honour
  9. Do we see Kesha as a potential? Might not be a popular opinion on here but I’d love to see her somewhere, she’d be a lot of fun
  10. I’d take Kim Petras headlining all three nights, book it now
  11. I did think travis is 100% a headliner, and I’d be over the moon if he headlined, but I’m not sure he’s as big here as he is in America? So maybe he’d accept sub under someone like Elton? Really hoping for Glastroworld now you’ve said that, but realistically they probably couldn’t afford him
  12. Travis Scott or Tyler would be a great sub for me, not sure either have any chance of happening
  13. I’m 26 and mentioned led zeppelin in our glasto group chat, 1 person was excited the other 8 myself included aren’t bothered, would maybe go for a song or two to say we’ve seen them and then go somewhere else, don’t think I could name you a song without opening Spotify. they’d get a big crowd, but I’m not sure a big crowd would stay for the full set
  14. I got 5 Wednesday coach tickets from Manc in the first 10 mins , surprisingly easy for us, slightly scared I’ve done something wrong
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