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  1. what’s the info on Lana not looking likely anymore? That’s very disappointing
  2. speaking frank being the third headliner into existence, it’s what I deserve, train wreck or not it would be an honour
  3. Do we see Kesha as a potential? Might not be a popular opinion on here but I’d love to see her somewhere, she’d be a lot of fun
  4. I’d take Kim Petras headlining all three nights, book it now
  5. I did think travis is 100% a headliner, and I’d be over the moon if he headlined, but I’m not sure he’s as big here as he is in America? So maybe he’d accept sub under someone like Elton? Really hoping for Glastroworld now you’ve said that, but realistically they probably couldn’t afford him
  6. Travis Scott or Tyler would be a great sub for me, not sure either have any chance of happening
  7. I’m 26 and mentioned led zeppelin in our glasto group chat, 1 person was excited the other 8 myself included aren’t bothered, would maybe go for a song or two to say we’ve seen them and then go somewhere else, don’t think I could name you a song without opening Spotify. they’d get a big crowd, but I’m not sure a big crowd would stay for the full set
  8. I got 5 Wednesday coach tickets from Manc in the first 10 mins , surprisingly easy for us, slightly scared I’ve done something wrong
  9. Dua Lipa is teasing new stuff to come on Instagram currently, if her next album is as big as the first I was just thinking she’d be a good one to call up as an up and coming potential headliner? Also she was at last years as a guest! Am I onto something?
  10. Am I right in assuming we usually get some sort of announcement, headliner or legend slot before the main ticket sale? So within the next month?
  11. Do we think slipknot could play SOMEWHERE though? new album, just announced an arena tour? Never played before (I assume?) they’d definitely pull a decent crowd where ever they’d be! I’d be up for it
  12. I feel like they had a few big names in hip-hop/grime this year, AJ Tracey, Little Simz etc, but I think they should maybe go more that way instead of being dance/drum and bass because like everyone said the big names don’t play there and there’s already so much of it at night, it would be nice to have an alternative
  13. I personally think ariana is very NOW, whereas Gaga and Taylor are both on the decline a bit, releasing albums but they’re not doing as well as they once were, Gaga’s last albums Joanna and art pop completely flopped, whereas everything Ariana releases goes straight to number 1 globally. Gaga and Taylor could and should still absolutely headline, and they have the HITS but if they wanted something very current they’d go Ariana in my opinion, with the rate she’s dropping albums she’ll probably have ANOTHER by then as well But i’d be happy with all 3
  14. Lizzo, all three days.
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