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  1. I saw rod this year because the tickets were free at the O2, he did a Nazi salute then but after a speech about defeating then and then a doing a weird tribute to D Day this was in late December. He has turned into a proper old man and could be deemed quite offensive to some. He even blew his nose down the mic at one point, fluffed his lines shouted fucks sake and made the royal philharmonic start again.
  2. any idea where the lightening seeds will play? Would love to see them if it wasn't clashing horribly.
  3. Ok i will play, my guess is March 11th 2020
  4. We have had no idea about any of the announcements this year have we ? The headliners / diana and LDR have all taken me by surprise so I am not even going to bother guessing for the poster haha. Soon please though glasto gods
  5. Did Emily actually say anything about a big act opening the pyramid celebrations? Or is it efests thinking ?
  6. Most of the other festivals have released now, i know that all points east has some to do. Cant be long now really, like someone else said i am satisfied with what we have now, howver would like someone rock oriented to be announced mind to stop my friends whining.
  7. How have people found out about the sets in the past, I remember seeing the killers by accident because I was watching Frank carter I think, don't tend to use my phone much at the festival.
  8. Metallica were special guest on the first poster drop to in 2014
  9. and they come out playing this song the crowd whoops and hollers
  10. Greta thurnburg given an 1hour pyramid slot but only uses some of it, introduces the 1975 who sing their songs for the remaining time. That is my guess oh and guns and rose come and do some songs but not sure where.
  11. Did anybody go here and take any photos they would like share with he group ? Tempted with Wednesday or Thursday
  12. Rage headlining reading and Leeds , lucky sods
  13. Supporting Kendrick or by himself ? For PM ?
  14. I would take the offer without any negotiation and say that's completely understandable, then come festival time I would hope that as I have been so willing and cooperative that she says you know what why don't you just stay the whole festival, then be like wow are you sure ?
  15. A good read. In the Glastonbury 50 book, Michael writes about the surrounding farmers charging more and more to rent the land around the festival as it became more popular, which is understandable but it was getting out of hand, so they are currently in 20 year deals which must have really helped. I would like to think the landowners would not sell out to these big corporations like you suggested with the buying of land and instead gave first preference to Michael and Emily.
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