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  1. I had my first vaccine this Wednesday and am very grateful, my colleague and girlfriend both had it and felt very unwell which was unfortunate but both feeling fine now, 24 hours of fever and flu symptoms, it does say this on the slip they give you of possible side effects, 1 in 10 may feel a bit ropey short term. I don’t want to put anyone off just recalling what I know, I myself has zero side effects apart from a numb arm the day after.
  2. we found out via an eavis family members Facebook post, so keep your eyes on that haha
  3. Agree with this! I tried and failed to get tickets to 2019 so went to Bilbao BBK instead and had a great time, I know that’s different next year because may not be alternatives , but hopefully there will be some music and festivals the latter part of the summer, if it is in fact cancelled.
  4. He said ‘down in Pilton’ I hope for Michaels sake just as much as all of us that a safe festival can happens next year. He deserves a proper 50th celebration.
  5. Paul McCartney said on the radio he doesn’t think it should go ahead next year and it would be reckless to do so. I like his new album though
  6. America claiming they will get everyone jabbed by June, just in time for Glasto.
  7. We have all been given lateral flow test kits at work (east london nhs), idea is to test twice a week and upload the results. We get 3months supply of the swabs. Very easy to use, stick a kit in with everyone's ticket covered by the ticket holder.
  8. Feeling more positive the show will go on, but quite far from usual levels of excitement and rumour obsessing, hopefully will become more clear in the new year. the mass testing in Liverpool and virus announcement are good news.
  9. Paul just posted some cryptic photo on his Twitter sadly I don’t think it’s glasto related
  10. Earth_pig


    I love ACDC seen them twice (download and london stadium) they were great both times, cant see them doing Glastonbury although i wouldnt have predicted them at Cochella either but they have more mullah dont they.
  11. Chris Jagger band also at the King Arthur Glastonbury 1st feb
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