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  1. Paul just posted some cryptic photo on his Twitter sadly I don’t think it’s glasto related
  2. Earth_pig


    I love ACDC seen them twice (download and london stadium) they were great both times, cant see them doing Glastonbury although i wouldnt have predicted them at Cochella either but they have more mullah dont they.
  3. Chris Jagger band also at the King Arthur Glastonbury 1st feb
  4. Rather optimistically booked ourselves into the George hotel Castle Cary for the tuesday before the festival. It is currently no prepayment and free cancellation so no risk. Had dinner there earlier in the summer on a little break from London it was nice, staff lovely.
  5. Bestival used to be in September and apart from one wash out it was usually lovely weather. Like someone else mentioned I have a wedding in September and hope it doesn’t clash !
  6. Would be much more confident in it happening then, I hope they do this and let us know soon.
  7. perhaps not downsizing but maybe not using the extra capacity they have been granted would make sense, i am sure people wouldnt mind to much if tickets were a bit more to compensate. The year is speeding along i hope next year is ok.
  8. Would be happy with those 3 flo / am / muse would be nice if they released some new tunes though , well maybe not muse haha
  9. Terrifying, hopefully can be averted.
  10. Going to get dinner at the George
  11. I wonder how Billie Eilish feels about being the new foals?
  12. First pub visit booked (the white hart in castle cary) for the 18th July, two hour slot for 4 people, i have no desire to go where i live in London but a country pub i figured would be a more pleasant experience and a better cider range than you get here.
  13. Get Axl Rose in to replace him. It would be shame for the other band members to not play together because of that cretin, its all about Serg anyway.
  14. sometimes i wish glasto would be as upfront with us, but on the other hand it takes some of the forum fun away
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p021gc30/glastonbury-kasabian still there. Brilliant news (strong rumours) about Paul McCartney! My bet is Paul Mc / Arctic monkeys/ Taylor swift
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