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  1. Had a great April Fools opportunity there !
  2. I don't think i have the stamina for both !
  3. Same night as Eurovision what madness
  4. Todd Terje and the olsens on WH Patti Smith when the Dali llama came out Rolling Stones 🙂 happy happy happy
  5. I was at The Mothership returns on West Holts where everyone should have been
  6. Guns N roses , Taylor swift and Lady Gaga for 2022
  7. * The undoing * The serpent * Schitts Creek * Rewatching - breaking bad * This country
  8. I find that hard to believe, Holidays were allowed last year if they were within the travel corridor and this summer a large amount of people will be vaccinated. But i am no expert, just seems like the headline is based on a line taken from Paul Charles saying it as a worse case scenario.
  9. i would hate to be trapped in a bubble like that
  10. To be honest i am relived it was cancelled as much as i hoped it would be on i just dont think it would be the same. Have a long time for rumours and speculation now which is all fun, 2022 to quote ME will surely be the best yet.
  11. I had my first vaccine this Wednesday and am very grateful, my colleague and girlfriend both had it and felt very unwell which was unfortunate but both feeling fine now, 24 hours of fever and flu symptoms, it does say this on the slip they give you of possible side effects, 1 in 10 may feel a bit ropey short term. I don’t want to put anyone off just recalling what I know, I myself has zero side effects apart from a numb arm the day after.
  12. we found out via an eavis family members Facebook post, so keep your eyes on that haha
  13. Agree with this! I tried and failed to get tickets to 2019 so went to Bilbao BBK instead and had a great time, I know that’s different next year because may not be alternatives , but hopefully there will be some music and festivals the latter part of the summer, if it is in fact cancelled.
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