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  1. Saw the Jesus and Mary chain at the roundhouse recently, very good indeed.
  2. Controversial but id like to see Paolo Nutini take one of the sub slots or even an other headline, rate him.
  3. Earth_pig


    a moment of madness
  4. Earth_pig


    Your joking time even that Whitney was a hologram !
  5. Earth_pig


    I still think about that £150 I paid for two tickets to see the holograms.
  6. I wish the lead singer of idles would just sing the songs instead of going on and on at the live shows.
  7. I’d highly recommend this festival if you can get there, had a brilliant experience all round.
  8. Guns and roses at the London stadium was a brilliant gig, they even started bang on time.
  9. Earth_pig

    Diana Ross

    I think that thank you song is cheesy enough to go down great at glasto.
  10. Going to have to hope the crowd carries him, that was hard to listen to.
  11. are QOTSA still gonna be there ? after the Josh H stuff ?
  12. I never thought I’d see the Dalai Lama at glasto so why not Obama.
  13. if Adele wanted to do it I’m sure they wouldn’t say no
  14. I’ve never had a Coldplay glastonbury so I’d happily watch them.
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