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  1. First pub visit booked (the white hart in castle cary) for the 18th July, two hour slot for 4 people, i have no desire to go where i live in London but a country pub i figured would be a more pleasant experience and a better cider range than you get here.
  2. Get Axl Rose in to replace him. It would be shame for the other band members to not play together because of that cretin, its all about Serg anyway.
  3. sometimes i wish glasto would be as upfront with us, but on the other hand it takes some of the forum fun away
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p021gc30/glastonbury-kasabian still there. Brilliant news (strong rumours) about Paul McCartney! My bet is Paul Mc / Arctic monkeys/ Taylor swift
  5. Earth_pig

    BBC Glastonbury

    Taylor swifty who is going to announce she is back next year and happy Sunday.
  6. Earth_pig

    BBC Glastonbury

    I was hoping the special guest was someone glasto 2021 releated
  7. Selfish question and not sure if anyone will have an idea. But what do you think the chances of my trip to Japan in late October going ahead are. I hear they are slowly allowing business people in from certain countries soon, but I am not that optimistic to be honest.
  8. I found if your mask has the wire insert then pinching it tightly round the bridge of your nose can help with steamy glasses!
  9. I saw Gorrilaz at the 02 arena in 2017 it was a decent gig, really enjoyed it. But there was loads of space to move about and dance which although great for me it felt like a lot of tickets not sold - it felt busier when i watched Paul Weller there.
  10. I am a nurse in London they have been rolling them out for staff the last couple of weeks, not sure when they will be more widely available but hopefully not to long. Its a blood test, i got my result a few days later via email.
  11. Can't believe I had thought Glastonbury might have still happened, blind optimism, looking forward to marking the weekend with cider and have just bought the new poster. Rammstein and Sam Fender tickets both rescheduled for next year, Sam had originally scheduled new dates for September but must have realised to soon, I have written off live music in 2020 now with a hope 2021 is going to be fantastic for it. Also Had my antibody test to confirm I did have the virus at some point, not in a risky category so it wasn't to bad for me but not pleasant.
  12. Aerosmith playing the o2 arena June 23rd 2021. (Edit already been said/debated earlier in the thread)
  13. I agree with this, not expecting anything confirmed till ticket resale - not expecting anything concrete over this years weekend apart from maybe acknowledgment of trying to get 2020 acts for 2021 - but be nice if we got some tit bits of info. This year has been so mental i simply cannot wait for next years festival it surely will be the best yet.
  14. I wonder how many watched that shit show cummings press conference - i bet that creep got good ratings. Of course they want to stop them, now that they have shown everyone how disastrous they have been - whitty and vallance will be relived they dont have to stand awkwardly next to that twirp much longer.
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