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  1. Except for the 5 albums after that 😉
  2. Well he liked my tweet but probably because I said it's my favorite area (true)
  3. Yeah i reckon a DJ who thought of a new name for the festival or maybe Jarvis Cocker.
  4. Nah but some people will be priced out of Glasto if they haven't already been .
  5. You need something to mix up the crowds a bit though, may not be popular on here but elbow Sunday evening slot will go down well I imagine.
  6. I reckon Ed Sheeran for a Sunday secret.
  7. I was actually looking forward to her mainly because she makes me laugh on twitter.
  8. Looks great and more reason to belive full lineup soon.
  9. Earth_pig


    I don't know anyone but Richy Ahmed but I love the area.
  10. Earth_pig

    The Park 2022

    Fleetmac wood, Rob da bank, confidence man, jarvis cocker, 2 bears and warmduscher I'd watch.
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