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  1. Thanks for confirming! My reasoning behind this was that if friends who were unsuccessful on Sunday but successful in April could join and help split the cost.
  2. Hi all, I was fortunate to grab a ticket in last nights coach sale. Thought I'd make this thread for all related questions to the additional accommodation sales. My first question is regarding tipis - do we need to have each registration assigned to the tipi booking? Or is it just one lead booker?
  3. ...No not another university survey! Seeing the "future of" threads has made me wonder if Glastonbury do any consumer research at all? We of course all have our opinions and ideas on here, seems a shame that no doubt these go unseen/unheard - I've seen some great ideas on here in terms of how to improve the messaging of "love the farm" for example. I know festival officials have been known to scour this forum but alas we are a small percentage/sample of the wider festival attendees Very interested to know!
  4. Thought this might be a good idea as I ALWAYS forget something. Mine is here - would be interested to see how light/heavy some people pack Bag ID/Ticket Pyjamas x2 Clothes Underwear Thick socks Rain coat and ponchos Hairbrush Jumper/hoody Mirror Sheewee Sandals/Boots/Wellies/Trainers - TBC (weather dependent!) Toiletries Loo roll Tissues Makeup Painkillers Lip balm Plasters Toothbrush Dioralyte and Berocca Hair bands Electronics Battery pack x2 Charger cable Fan General camping stuff Tent and poles Inflatable mattress Towel Torch Dustpan and brush Sleeping bag Pillow Food bags/bin bags Tent lamp Water canister Blanket Paper cups Reusable straws Food/Drink Alcohol and mixers Cheese straws Cereal Bars Isotonic drinks
  5. FestiZebra

    Resale Club 2019

    In 2016 did the GA tickets come before or after the worthy view and caravan? That can help us gauge if it's going to happen or not.
  6. FestiZebra

    Resale Club 2019

    What other checkers are people using? I think my wifi/phone signal is off and i read it here on efest before i was alerted
  7. I've only ever seen Arcadia in its spider form which i believe has been the same for the years ive been? (2015, 2016, 2017) So seeing the timelapse of the last 10 years was incredible!
  8. I was fully expecting the warning to be re: curdled milk!
  9. Oh this is so up my street! Have you tried fireball whisky and apple juice? tastes like apple pie.. so damn good
  10. I've been seriously considering Kahula! How easy is it to find milk on site? I know they have the cart that comes through but otherwise? Also how do you make espresso martinis - do you have the cocktail shaker?
  11. I'm having a mental block and looking for inspiration as to what to bring. Would be really interested to know what alchohol/mixers/garnishes you guys bring on site and how you make your concoctions!
  12. FestiZebra

    Resale Club 2019

    The fact that Glastonbury has such high demand that resales are only needed once a year and other festivals struggle to sell out the day before. That really is something - I wonder if there's a thread somewhere that discusses what Glastonbury does so right?
  13. How do you filter out the gunk? Is there a specific sieve which has small enough holes?
  14. In a similar situation. I got tickets in resale but the whole 6 months prior I got upset if anyone even mentioned the G word!!! I'm certainly giddy but trying to keep it on the DL especially in work where no one understands
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