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  1. mrfunk

    lofi efests tomoz?

    lofi efests tomoz? cant find the button
  2. mrfunk

    Nozstock vs Bearded ?

    Done, see you there ;)
  3. mrfunk

    Nozstock vs Bearded ?

    boomtown sold out\
  4. mrfunk

    Nozstock vs Bearded ?

    So which is better? Nozstock vs Bearded ? I hate any sort of rock or folk... or anyone f@cking about with guitars .. Music taste , Dub Reggae, Ska D&B, PSY, chill, Electronica..Ambient etc.. which would you do.. and why... what experience have you had?
  5. mrfunk

    Glastonbury Keep Sakes !

    in the font used on the handmade signs?
  6. mrfunk

    Glastonbury Keep Sakes !

    Found this ! what an awesome idea.. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/585874863/glastonbury-festival-sign-worthy-farm?ref=shop_home_active_1
  7. mrfunk

    Weather 2017

    You mate have summed this up perfectly.. !! Have a top festival everyone ! Lets have it ! Funk
  8. mrfunk

    Weather 2017

    It's the lack of folding though is the thing that's putting me off any other suggestions?
  9. mrfunk

    Weather 2017

    So are straw hats cooler and less sweaty than cotton? ive always thought this but never given it a go. Just the thought of having my brain boiled again in my skull brings shivers
  10. mrfunk

    Weather 2017

    Oh limited time to find something that doesn't make me look more of a twat
  11. mrfunk

    Weather 2017

    Ahh good point help
  12. mrfunk

    Weather 2017

    Ok so let's talk hats.. I've got no hair, and been looking to find a replacement for my trusty yet vey dated bucket hat. Although I find my head completely bakes with a hat on, generating a headache from hell. What's your best option to keep the sun from baking the skull?
  13. mrfunk

    Weather 2017

    Just drank 5 litres of Nikwax ! That's my sacrifice, didn't want it going to waste
  14. mrfunk


    agreed !!
  15. mrfunk

    Ear protection for adults at Glastonbury

    I tried these last time, wasn't that impressed to be honest, cut most of the bass