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  1. We were stood halfway between stage and desk..my god it sounded insane..just so clean, could here everything, pure hifi. The bass kicked like a muel. I've always found other stage to sound better than the pyramid. Not turning this into a db Vs Martin audio debate, just wonder if pyramid is just so big and difficult to get it to sound really good. Neil's voice PSB sounded incredible!!
  2. mrfunk

    iPlayer Sets 2022

    trying to find get codes for nightmares on wax?
  3. Fair point, completely agree with this comment mate !
  4. So many. Meeting my old efest banned friends which helped me setup Camp Funk, which then became Camp Red Triangl , in the Queue Tuesday night Nick Warren Set, one song in particular which had the spinning human in it against the aquarium theme..can anyone help me on this. Meeting Carl Cox, and then his set ! Playing lovely Day!
  5. I'm baffled by the amount of moaning from people, truly blows me away. Am I the only one here that really is struggling to find a negative. Damn it was so nice to be home !!
  6. Sunrise Sunday.. just P!ssed I didnt spot the rain drops on the lens .
  7. I will share quite a few on here as I start editing them(when time allows lol). here is the crowd cheering, as the sun set on Wednesday Night !
  8. Please post your pics here, and lets keep this fantastic memory of G22 alive x
  9. Heard tonight possible Chem Bros cancellation as one of them has Covid, and they just cancelled their last gig? Anyone else heard this? I'm really not wanting to start rumored bullshit, just want to know if this is valid?
  10. It's been a stunning journey on here the last few months... It's time, catch you in a field, have an awesome time, let the tears flow, and that endless grin stretch across your face ! Let the bass drop Funk x
  11. mrfunk

    Just spoke to M.E

    Yep 😄😄, I didn't care at the time... So is 4pm or 9pm.. we will never know !
  12. mrfunk

    Just spoke to M.E

    That's basically what he said in the end... Was just so damn embarrassed that I was asking such a trivial question, to a very busy almost God-like legend.. he also said he could check with his parking manager.
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