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  1. Mackem

    BBC Glastonbury

    I stay off site at Croscombe. We used to park at Bowermead Lane during the day - above the village - so were there mid morning and later on after the Pyramid shut down. You can see the site from up there and the sound from the festival is pretty impressive. You couldn’t actually make out the different stages though. Always exciting though - especially when we were parking up to go down to the site for the first time.
  2. Mackem

    BBC Glastonbury

    I was there - not my first gig but my first outdoor festival. It was the Serious Moonlight Tour. Towards the end a vast crescent-shaped gold & silver moon hovered far above the stage. As its side split open, out and down onto the crowd tumbled thousands of tiny baby moons. Having failed to grab one myself, someone in the crowd took pity on me when we were exiting and gave me their spare. That's it below. For 37 years it's kept its air. It still has pride of place over the speakers in our living room. Never did I imagine it would outlast the Thin White Duke himself.
  3. My first year was 2000. I left the Mrs with the 3 kids. It felt like a bit of an indulgence. Consequently, me and a mate decided to treat it as a sampling exercise rather than a full on, let's do everything we can for 4 days. So we arrived Friday midday and left Sunday lunchtime. Got back in in time to take the kids to Pizza Express at teatime then settled down to watch .... Bowie 😳 Unbelievable. Along with turning down a last minute offer for a back stage pass to see the Pistols at Brunel (because I had a report to finish 🙄) and not offering what was necessary to a tout for the Led Zep reunion gig, it remains one of my biggest regrets. Nowadays I'm a Wednesday to Monday person. The wife still still stays at home, but now I look after the kids in Pilton (aka paying for their beers when they deign to meet up with me)
  4. Well that was a surprisingly good weekend! Against all expectations, it actually helped ameliorate to a small extent the disappointment of the real thing not happening. After having been pretty hardcore about lockdown (me and the kids - though less so Mrs Mackem - have always been working to one incarnation of the rules earlier than Johnson is saying is OK - on the grounds that he knows f*** all) we decided to invite Glasto-regulars round to our Glasto-in-the-garden - in couples at staggered intervals. Maybe it was the elation of drinking with friends at home again at last. Maybe it was the feeling - here and on the TV and iPlayer that we've all been suffering together. Or maybe it was the 7.5% pear cider I was drinking most of the weekend. But I woke up this morning with a feeling weirdly reminiscent of post-Glasto Monday morning blues. Normally that's a real bummer. But this time I was quite pleased - it made me realise we'd actually come close to something loosely related to a festival. Even taking down the signs and the gazebo was reminiscent of a real festival takedown. On further consideration, I think maybe it was the 7.5% pear cider [the little bush in the photo was a gift from a guest because ‘we always meet up at the bush on the pyramid - so we’ll know where to find you today’] IMG_1529.MOV
  5. This place is a regular stop for me at festivals when I’m feeling full of pie and cheese toasties - always have their pitta with falafel, hummus, tahini and “goodness salad” which they claim has 12 different ingredients. Anyone remember what they are as we’re having them for tea tonight? All I can recall is lettuce, cucumber, red pepper, red cabbage.
  6. I’m struggling to get this to print. Has anyone else tried?
  7. Yes I watched it from Liss onwards. Impressed with them, Squid and Loor (ex bass player of Alt-J), none of which I'd see before. Felt sorry for the poor girl who did a sterling job trying to fill 25 mins interviewing Danish band Liss who were spectacularly uncommunicative.
  8. @Brave Sir Robin kindly sent me the font, @danbailey80 Once you've loaded it you can type your own signs in word or - better imo - ppt, and add your own chevrons. My first attempt is attached. But now the world's my oyster I'm using @DarrenVonBoathook's photos as inspiration and for the structural detailing
  9. I checked this link on Saturday and it pointed to the whole alphabet. Now it seems to have stopped working. I had a look at Sturart's facebook feed and he referenced it but all that's there now is a screen grab - no pdfs. Do you have the alphabet @Northtim?
  10. Thanks for this. I stopped watching the BBC News after their weakness over Cummingsgate and the slap down they gave Emily Maitlis and have Sky News on most of the time. Maybe time to switch back though if it's looking like they've belatedly grown some balls. Beth Rigby's analysis of PMQs was poor: she thought it was about evens. I don't know what she thought Johnson had offered to balance Starmer's line - delivered after saying our death toll was one of the highest in the world - 'last week the PM said he was proud of the government's record. But there's no pride in those figures ... is there?' Both of the last 2 PMQs Johnson's offered nothing but bluster and defensiveness. He's just not up the job of debating with a QC and I expect Starmer to get more and more on top of him as the weeks go by.
  11. Actually that was the wrong one - this is the one I meant. Though I'd be interested in the other one too ....
  12. Any designers or typographers out there who know what this font is? Nearest I can get is some kind of big thick chunky version of Copperplate
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