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  1. I was surprised to hear her say they bought back free locals tickets if they weren't wanted. I'd assumed you had to find a buyer yourself and stye just turned a blind eye.
  2. The packaging's pretty industrial so much nicer to rewrap in gift paper. So plenty opportunity to carefully read it (without breaking spine obvs)
  3. Mackem

    Resale club 2020

    It's going to be a birthday present for my mate who's been to every Glasto with me since 2000. As soon as we failed on T-Day his wife announced they were going on holiday over Glasto. He was weak and didn't put up a fight. So this'll remind him what he's missing when I'm there with my ticket in the resale
  4. Mackem

    Resale club 2020

    Picked up mine (signed by Michael & Emily) from Waterstones this morning. Then found another one in our porch when I got back. Checking my email history, turns out I ordered one back in June and totally forgot about it. Oh well, 2 entries in the ballot I guess ....
  5. Mackem

    Resale club 2020

    Has this already been mentioned? If the winner has already purchased Glastonbury 2020 tickets in, they will need to cancel their existing ticket booking to receive the prize tickets. Bit disappointing as there'll be a lot of people who already have tickets who want the book. So a good chance I'd think that the winner won't be ticketless.
  6. I saw Lamb there last night. It’s a few years since I was last there and I’d forgotten that a. It’s fcfs seating (so get there early or you’ll end up in the gods like I did) b. You can’t take your drinks into the chapel, so you’ll need to take it in turns to reserve seats or lose them. Great venue though, you’re right
  7. Mackem

    Resale club 2020

    Gosh just looked at this - that's the biggest font I've ever seen 😮
  8. Mackem

    Resale club 2020

    Can I sound a more optimistic note?! I’ve always been very lucky in the main sale (until this year!) but on the few occasions I’ve helped friends in the resale I’ve found it no harder - key difference being it seemed to sell out more quickly. Anecdotally I’d say most people give up after the main sale (my usual crowd, used to me getting tickets for them, have already booked holidays/planned alternatives!). So although there are far fewer tickets I’d guess the numbers competing for them are lower in equal proportion (efesters representing a much higher proportion of the resale). What I’d be interested in is how the coach sale compares - with so few to let’s left divided between those coach points I’d imagine it will be far harder to get what you want even if you get through. Say you decide to go for 4 from Plymouth - what are the chances 4 people from there have cancelled? Slim I’d think
  9. Am I right in thinking the beer's all corporate? It's the one thing that's put me off
  10. The other (biodegradable) tickets have now been flushed! is where they were: The Meadows in Edinburgh Outside The Odyssey in Belfast Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham Congratulations to James who found a Golden Ticket in Bute Park in Cardiff! https://twitter.com/BBCR1/status/1187285632604934145?s=20
  11. Thanks. Does anyone recognise themselves in any of them?
  12. Mackem

    Lunch near the farm

    I went to the Crown yesterday after the Festival Run. First time I've been (given it's always shut during the festival) and I really liked it. Everyone else eating delicious looking roast dinners - I only had time for soup. Decent beer from Quantock. Surprisingly small so very few tables indoors but that's probably only an issue on Sundays. The other pub I'd recommend is The George in Croscombe. We go there every Thursday before the festival - Thursday night is Curry Night when the have a fabulous buffet of about 30 dishes. Good beer selection, excellent food and very friendly. Only down side is no mobile phone signal.
  13. Great run, well organised and super-friendly marshals. Like doing a parkrun in the Himalayas! Lovely to have Michael starting us off - although was surprised when he asked if we’d all got tickets there wasn’t a chorus of ‘No’s. Must have spent 10 mins diverting for photos so it was never going to be a pb 😊
  14. Mackem

    Resale club 2020

    🤦‍♂️ Thanks for the offer - very kind. We always stay off site at Croscombe so my plan atm would be to leave the car and get the train to Taunton to pick up the coach. But we'll see - many a slip blah blah blah. Was it easy to get seats from T? How many?
  15. Mackem

    Resale club 2020

    Did you try and fail for coach? I ask because i was thinking of trying Taunton as my first option if i get through in the resale and wondered if there were likely to be many returns/seats. I'd be driving from London!
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