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  1. Just caught up with this incident. Have to say it looks as though he’s been treated fairly shabbily and without much sensitivity, considering he’s a long time member and actually does something every year for this forum that many of us find really valuable. My Glasto planning doesn’t really start until I’ve got a BSR playlist. Hope it’s resolved and he comes back into the fold.
  2. @Brave Sir Robin Interesting you have Midlake down but there's no mention of them at all on the rumours list. I can see from this article that they've apparently hinted at it. Anyone know why Neil's not listed it? Too vague a rumour?
  3. I’m trying to recall whether in the past there have been deals on upgrades nearer the time. I did a VIP day last year and liked having the chance to chill away from the crowd. But it’s a big premium this year and unless that comes down I doubt I’d go for it.
  4. Mackem

    Paul McCartney

    Agree with everyone about the band and the back catalogue. I’ve seen maybe 15-20 of his gigs since he started playing Beatles material again in 87(?) and there’s no denying his voice is pretty shot now. But he’s surrounded by the greatest tribute band imaginable - I’d argue their instrumental ability is technically superior to John, George and Ringo - and they play so much material that we never heard the Beatles play live. Plus the harmonies and backing vocals are so important to the Fabs’ material that Paul’s vocals are largely unimportant - they’re swamped by the wonder of everything else going on around.
  5. Mackem

    Paul McCartney

    I wondered that. But this was on p2 … 🤔
  6. Mackem

    Paul McCartney

    I know it’s been mentioned in the Touring thread but Macca’s US tour finishing just in time to give him a few days off before Glasto …
  7. Mackem

    Radiohead 2022?

    Keep refreshing. There are drops from baskets. I just picked up a single after it said sold out
  8. Amazed this was never made available as a DVD/Blu-Ray at Xmas. I guess people aren't buying that stuff as much now but it doesn't look to me as if it's available anywhere as an official release, even online?
  9. Mackem

    Radiohead 2022?

    This time it was just a question of putting the code in, being told it was too early for the sale then repeatedly hitting unlock until the clock struck 2
  10. Mackem

    Radiohead 2022?

    🤣🤣🤣 Seems a bit excessive - Kate Bush just asked everyone nicely in pre show material not to film and it pretty much worked. I went for 11am Sunday too. I’m on Dry Jan so that felt like a good time to avoid having a drink during the gig 😊
  11. Mackem

    Radiohead 2022?

    There's a presale tomorrow - no time announced yet but they'll email the mailing list at some stage during the day.
  12. You were lucky. We were there last weekend - staying at Steanbow who said that as most of the festival land was theirs* we were welcome to go wherever. However much of it (including the Pyramid) was cordoned off. The railway line was blocked off at the Glade to stop us going into the Sacred Stones’ field which had workers in it. Maybe it was something to do with the fact that it was meant to have been the day of the One Day Gig. * I was amazed to hear that 52% of the festival (presumably including parking but I didn’t ask that at the time) was on Steanbow’s land including John Peel, Park, Other and the dance area. Puts them in a strong negotiating position I’d imagine!
  13. I can tell you because I didn’t cancel - we’re staying at Steanbow. It absolutely chucked it down about 4. But it’s a lovely evening now. Would have been OK. They’ve blocked off a lot of the farm and there seems to be work going on in the Stone Circle field. They’ve blocked all the site lines to it which is intriguing.
  14. Would have been today guys 😞
  15. And they're doing roast dinners this weekend apparently. Weird you can't book though
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