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  1. You were lucky. We were there last weekend - staying at Steanbow who said that as most of the festival land was theirs* we were welcome to go wherever. However much of it (including the Pyramid) was cordoned off. The railway line was blocked off at the Glade to stop us going into the Sacred Stones’ field which had workers in it. Maybe it was something to do with the fact that it was meant to have been the day of the One Day Gig. * I was amazed to hear that 52% of the festival (presumably including parking but I didn’t ask that at the time) was on Steanbow’s land including John Peel, Park, Other and the dance area. Puts them in a strong negotiating position I’d imagine!
  2. I can tell you because I didn’t cancel - we’re staying at Steanbow. It absolutely chucked it down about 4. But it’s a lovely evening now. Would have been OK. They’ve blocked off a lot of the farm and there seems to be work going on in the Stone Circle field. They’ve blocked all the site lines to it which is intriguing.
  3. Would have been today guys 😞
  4. And they're doing roast dinners this weekend apparently. Weird you can't book though
  5. Good analysis. Hadn't thought of it that way but makes sense. Maybe that's why they turned the sound down so that people could hear themselves speak 🙄
  6. I had a great day checking out lots of the more minor bands (Ora Violet, Swim School, Noisy) on the smaller stages and the lesser acts on the big ones. After Ghostpoet I felt as though I'd done a full day and was shot, so despite having originally booked because of Foals I decided to leave early. I've seen them 3 times before so didn't feel too bad about it - and sounds like I made the right decision as the other 3 times they (and their sound) were amazing. My daughter's friend left after half an hour with the same complaint as most of you - couldn't really hear them.
  7. Yep - me. When she said they’d had a mosh pit at Latitude I thought ‘yeah good luck with that’ as the audience seemed rather tame. 5 minutes later: bang! It all kicked off. Good fun, good band.
  8. That bar. Actually a good selection of keg. Weirdly several are tucked away at the back out of sight in some anonymous machine
  9. I think this is funny. Unless you genuinely like dogs 🐶 😆
  10. What about foreign airports? Are they scanning or just reading? I’ve not travelled abroad (apart from Wales!) since 2019
  11. Yep - I've had a few now: Latitude, Hampton Court (Bastille), New Day Festival and Idles in Kingston last week and not once has anyone scanned my barcode or compared it with ID. Even less useful than a LFT that relies on you being honest about the result (or that you even did it). Boardmasters can bang on all they like about all the testing etc they undertook but it's clear that none of them is taking it seriously enough to stop asymptomatic people getting in.
  12. Is it reduced capacity then this year? Or just not so popular? The crowds in the photos I’ve seen seem far smaller than normal
  13. Yep. Go onto the app and click on schedule. At the top of each day there's a button for upgrade to VIP (no View option). £40 for today and tomorrow, £30 for Monday (day I'm going). Think that's about half price if I'm right ... Report from a mate last night that there's ale in VIP but the food's shit (in his view) although better queues than outside. Nice place to hang though apparently.
  14. Great thanks. Means I can have a snooze on the way back and not worry about missing my stop 😴
  15. Thanks for the tip off about the Playnext bar. I bought one of the upgrades from the app yesterday so I guess there’s a chance of more choice in the VIP bar.
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