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  1. Mackem

    The National

    Bollocks. Missed the screening and album playback announcement and now London's sold out
  2. Mackem

    Resale Club 2019

    Same. Some weird glitch. Worth remembering for next year. Also seemed to allow a long time to fill in details - I was buying for someone else and had various cards rejected til I realised delivery had to be changed to my address, not the lead booker. Must have been 4-5 minutes
  3. Yes the sign is there all through the festival - it's just one of the temporary yellow A-board type you see all over the area. If you follow the route I've described, you come out at the point on the official map marked Bronze Gate. The road you've driven down is the one you can see skirts round the edge of CP47-50 [edit: you can't enter those car parks from that road - only from the main road] . So if you turn right you're on the main road heading west with the orange car parks on your left and pink on your right
  4. I stay offsite at Croscombe and every day drive from there to Steanbow, then hang a right on the A361 to the West car parks. Nobody stops us. There is a little camp of stewards at the Steanbow lay-by but they are mainly there to stop people dropping off. They usually jus wave as we turn right. I suggest you take the Old Wells Rd out of Shepton til it meets Old St (the road out of Croscombe) then turn left. There's a sign says the road is closed but ignore it. Drive to the Crossways Hotel at North Wooton. Go straight across at the crossroads there, take a left at the T-junction onto Lower Westholme Rd and follow it til you hit the 361 at Steanbow. If anyone asks you where you've been just say you stayed at the Crossways last night (likewise if they ask you where you're going before that say you're going TO the Crossways!). Simples.
  5. Mackem

    Resale Club 2019

    I didn't see Glasgow in the options. In fact I'm sure it wasn't on mine. Have I been on the wrong screen? [edit: presumably that was only Wednesday - I only looked at Thursday]
  6. Mackem

    The National

    Oblivions was an absolute banger. I think it’s a genuinely different album - the girls bring a very different and refreshing vibe to the whole thing. Not many duds, though I found Quiet Light and Roman Holiday difficult to get excited about i loved the film (though looking forward to seeing the whole screen next time) and thought the Q&A made it really special - especially the Brazilian girl from the Cherry Tree forum. How good a night did she have?!
  7. Mackem

    The National

    Film was great but should have thought about the sight lines before buying in the boxes. Bloody great speaker stack in front of the screen
  8. Mackem

    The National

    Best place to drink is the National (!) Theatre bar on the river: The Understudy. Was there last night and as the weathers good everyone was sat outside at tables and deck chairs. If you’re into craft beer there’s a tap takeover by Wild Brewery atm. There’s load of of pop ups on the river there as well as the likes of Wahaca and Wagamama. Also Ping Pong and several others on the walkway just next to the Southbank
  9. I've always bought a car park ticket when paying the balance off, but I may not need one this year. I won't know til nearer the time. I know you can buy them on the spot but do they remain on sale online til close to the festival? And can we just go on and buy them separately? Or does the opportunity expire once you've paid your balance?
  10. Yes we saw quite a few covered long drops. Our ‘tour guide’ said the smell of the sewage upset people whereas I was thinking whenever I encounter it elsewhere it makes me happy and pine for Glasto
  11. 73E07848-77E4-43CD-B355-60AEE1E621D9.MOV
  12. Thanks for this - didn’t work sadly, as we arrived and were faced with a locked gate and a sign saying it was only open during the week. Turned out to be fortuitous though. We drove round to the other side of the site - up Stickleball Lane, parked outside a farm. Out of politeness we asked the farmer if it was OK to park there. When I told him what we were doing he suggested he gave us a tour in his Land Rover. It was brilliant - he took us all round the site, past the farm, through the Pyramid field, over the railway, stone circle, Cockmill Lane behind the Acoustic. Have us loads of gossip Andy opinion on the festival, the Eavis’ and lots of the local farmers who rent out their fields. Given it was raining it was 10x better than if we’d walked ourselves with little plan. On the downside my photos were lousy as I was trying to snap them from the back through his window!
  13. We're in the area tonight and planning to have a walk round tomorrow (in the pouring rain for the true Glasto experience). Any thoughts on the nest place to park to minimise walking? I was thinking it would be handy to park near the old railway and use that to orientate and cut off across the site.
  14. Some seem to be more immune than others though. Robert Plant for one. He can't hit the high notes like he used to (in fact he's rewritten the few Led Zep numbers he still does to keep them within his range) but he still has a good, controlled singing (and speaking) voice. Maybe he took more care of it - Macca did a lot of screaming in the 60s in venues where he couldn't hear himself Agree with that. Linda seemed to be rehabilitated as she got older and became less of a threat to those who thought he should never have married, let alone to an American divorcee. Yoko's problem is she never died so is still a threat 😊
  15. Maybe it's just me but imo there's something about gigs that makes me less capable of critical evaluation of vocals. Maybe it's the alcohol. But I don't think so. I've lost count of the number of times I've been at a gig, thought the vocals were on point then heard a recording afterwards only to find they were out of tune half the time. I went to see Macca's film last night (Bruce McMouse) and was pondering this watching Linda. There were recordings of her isolated vocals that were used to ridicule her back in the day. Yet in the cinema she sounded (to me) in tune. Apart from the Opening Ceremony I've thought his voice has sounded OK at gigs but I think his latest album shows there's been a big deterioration in the quality of his voice - even when he's in tune. He had such a sweet voice - and a really great harsh rock n roll screaming voice - but now it just sounds old and tired. Which I suspect he is.
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