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  1. tigertoo

    Desperately Seeking Adult Camping Pass 2017

    Try using the Twickets ticket resale site. It's a fan to fan ticket resale site and is endorsed by Beautiful Days and there is a link from the Beautiful Days website, you can set up an alert for the ticket you are seeking and is safe and covers a wide range of events and festivals. We got a campervan pass on there last year and tickets for BD do change hands in the weeks before the festival. Good luck
  2. tigertoo

    Getting campervan sticker off

    Use either Pledge furniture polish or Avon skin so soft. Same method with either and as already said above it's the oil / moisturiser which slowly softens the adhesive. Spray on leave for a few minutes and wipe off as much as possible. Repeat a few times. It will leave a greasy film behind, wash off with soap and water.
  3. tigertoo

    Somerset Log Candles. ORDER HERE!

    Hi just confirming again that I would like 2 please, we are in CV East family and i will text you now. Thanks
  4. tigertoo

    box of red wine

  5. tigertoo

    box of red wine

    what about the 1.5lt wine pouches from Asda ? anyone tried them ? the spouse is taking cans of G&T this year so not sharing the wine, so i thought the slightly smaller size would be convenient for me, I have got the Shiraz and the Malbec.... anyone tried it ?
  6. tigertoo

    Weather 2017

    well if the ground is rock hard then I am very happy as deep mud wont be a major problem this year. so thank goodness for that after last year. This could be a brilliant year and we deserve it after last year. If we get a sudden downpour then it will collect in the the dips, instead of immediately soaking away which is not a disaster unless your tent is in a dip. I was there the year that some poor folks' tents were floating, a number of families had to be rescued whose tents were in dips at the top of cockmill meadow, I remember rain flowing fast under our tent but it looks like a very small chance of that happening again. if it is dry enough for folks to sit on the ground that is the making of a very fine festival.
  7. tigertoo

    Weather 2017

    I haven't read the previous 58 pages so apologies if this has been covered .... but what is the state of the ground right now ? is it baked, slightly dry or moist ? Info from those on site now would be realy welcome. I have been in pretty much all possible conditions at the festival, the deep mud is the only really bad one. all temperatures are OK though I prefer it not to be super hot as I burn easily. getting excited now, in a week's time I will start packing the van
  8. tigertoo

    Somerset Log Candles. ORDER HERE!

    Hi Sawdusty Surfer, I put an original order in on your much earlier post, I'm just confirming that I would like 2 please. If your are delivering to the campervan fields, I expect to be in East Family camping, If not we can collect. Thanks, tig
  9. tigertoo

    Somerset Log Candles.

    Hi Sawdusty, glad to here your are recovered, please put me down for 2, I am also in the East campervan ( family ) field.
  10. tigertoo

    Worthy View, Tipis & CV Fields Sale

    i dont understand why they let you buy more than one camper van ticket on one registration number in one transaction. Even if you are in a convoy you can only physically be in one van when you enter the festival. I needed 2 and assuming they will be applying the named CV ticket next year ( unlike this year with the omnishambles in the campervan fields) I went in twice and used 2 registration numbers. Also I was thrown a bit by the time of arrival question I assume that is just for the festival management as I don't think they could enforce it too well especially as we had no prior warning of the question.
  11. tigertoo

    please buy tickets via our links

    just bought our bearded theory tickets through your link. must remember to do that for the other festivals etc we order.
  12. tigertoo

    David Bowie RIP

    or new reasons to dislike Coldplay
  13. tigertoo

    David Bowie RIP

    just when you thought you had run out reasons to dislike Coldplay !!
  14. tigertoo

    One act you want there more than anybody

    completely unrealistic but Tom Waits