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  1. I don't reckon 2021 will happen, but they could do a series of small (all outdoors, Pilton Party stylee) nights where testing of say 5k people could be a goer, one a month maybe May-Sep, spread the work out amongst the people they use for the festival, better than nowt... somebody suggest it to 'em!
  2. This cover is awesome! Gutted, RIP, Toots.
  3. I still reckon it's got to be full fat or not at all, I mean, what happens if critical workers/security/medical staff test positive? Say one of the FMS staff show symptoms on Thursday afternoon are they going to ask the rest to isolate, contact their patients and kick 'em out... plus, ultimately, people are not just going to say ok if they are turned away despite holding a valid ticket, potential chaos at the gates! All or nothing!
  4. The Pilton Party is usually the first Friday in September and normally sees lovely weather, though the last time we camped it was bloody nottling in the early hours, all of us froze our bits off even though we were fairly well prepared. Still, September... bring it on!
  5. I don't know anybody who "hate immigrants, hate foreigners and thinks everyone on benefits is a scrounger" for sure there are ass holes in this country as there are in every other population but I think the majority in this country are decent people. Obviously, if you have data that shows otherwise then I'll unhappily concede that I am wrong... there may be vocal minority but their hatred is not representative in my opinion.
  6. We had compulsory mask wearing in work for a couple of weeks and it was awful, social distancing went out the window due to difficulty in communicating in a noisy environment and people were forever touching and adjusting their masks; I need specs for VDU use and every time I hopped on to a workstation it meant a minute of fiddling with specs and mask to be able to see. Thankfully, a more pragmatic "you must wear a mask if you cannot maintain a 2m distance" was introduced. Personally I would be against compulsory masks in the workplace unless social distancing is not possible in which cas
  7. Bugger... erm, umm... What year saw the first official dance tent?
  8. Greenpeace became main charity?
  9. Already done, I think (this is not an answer!).
  10. As you were less than a million miles away, over to you!😀 Anybody! Don't make me a thread killer!
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