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  1. I was there, having gone under a fence that afternoon, I was a mess it was awesome. Memories are vague because I was a Glasto virgin and the whole thing was way beyond my expectations. My mate got sketchy in the dance tent earlier so we found ourselves at the main stage by accident (no programme, map or owt) then I got my own sketch on because there was a fight just in front of us (not sure if before or during) and in my addled state I became convinced it was because somebody was there without a ticket. I loved the set; I only knew Common People from the radio but it lead to a long
  2. I'm relieved, the thought of a "covid secure" event filled me with absolute dread... All or nothing! Roll on 2022
  3. No surprise, fingers crossed for a situation where we can at least party in June even if it's just with friends and family!
  4. https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/a-statement-from-§/
  5. While it's not inconceivable that, with some restrictions, Glastonbury could go ahead, I think, well hope really, that moves to open up are tentative with time taken to observe possible affects. This strikes me as the logical way forward and the reason that I don't think the festival (as we know it) will take place. Caveat: The government are shocking so logic may not apply.
  6. 0% Get ready for Glasthomebury 2, hopefully with enough freedom to actually have a proper party!
  7. The Pilton Party is always awesome, only done one Extravaganza (Madness + Steve Harley) and that was awesome as well, apart from the queue for the bogs.
  8. Aye, the Extravaganza's a tidy little do 'n all!
  9. Something may happen this year but I'm certain it won't be what people have bought tickets for, on that basis, I reckon the tickets will roll over to the next one which I really, really, hope is 2022 (rather than 2023 or never).
  10. Merry Christmas everyone, we're on the home straight now!
  11. Aye, no-brainer I reckon... fingers crossed!
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