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  1. Barney McGrew


    I reckon the radome is gonna hang from the crane as a mahoosive glitter ball rotating around and above the masses.... the mother of all glitter balls! Or maybe not, but I hope so as that would be awesome!😀
  2. Barney McGrew

    Crowd Tolerance

    On the flip side... I was blissfully enjoying myself at a festival, I was a little tipsy and dancing away but as I'm fairly old and not exactly skinny it's more of a butt shake interspersed with a bit of pogoing, on looking behind me a guy said rather grumpily that I was pushing him back and gave me a filthy look, I was mortified, stepped aside and stuck me hands in my pockets. Killed it. With the benefit of hindsight I wish I'd ignored him and carried on, the crowd wasn't dense (I'd purposely sought a hole in the crowd) and matey could have stood still and held his pint somewhere else. So, all I'm saying is before you rip someone from their happy place just consider whether you really have to.
  3. Follow a straight line from stage to tower, pier emerging from tree line, it's easier to see with better/daylight.
  4. Aye, to the left of the park.
  5. Saw 'em in Brizzle last year, brilliant fun, awesome gig!
  6. Clicky😀 Not very good though😀
  7. If the weather's nice, bring some bino's and head up the Tor.😀
  8. Barney McGrew

    Ticket refund

    Aye, just imagine something bad happening so you can't go to Glasto plus you lose your ticket money... Gutted! Allow returns but maybe increase the admin charge i.e. last week lose £50/ticket.
  9. First 95, messy, confusing, scary, 'kin brilliant... Free! PULP! Best 99, just awesome in every way, also... Free! too much! Worst 98, flooded, robbed... not free!
  10. I used to love the late night stall parties, I remember being told that stalls had to shut at midnight but they could continue if they were a venue, cue loads of market stalls kicking all sorts right through the night, you could literally bounce from one party to the next until the sun came up... awesome! Does anyone remember the Kodak soundstage in 2000? it kicked off 24/7 from Wednesday (or might have been Tuesday as we went in on Monday, hazy), I remember some geezer on the mic asking everyone to buy a disposable camera as he'd blagged Kodak to sponsor the stage for the weekend, it had a little camera stall below the elevated DJ booth and it was awesome; just around the corner from the R1 pyramid thing which was also pretty cool!
  11. Maybe, not luck for me though... if I was lucky I would have a blimmin' ticket!
  12. We no longer fall into the catchment area (we used to but the boundary has changed), but out of interest we leisurely checked the sale on Saturday morning and got straight through to the booking page.
  13. All kinds of ugly. Peace 'n love...
  14. I thought they were excellent, awesome set, short but perfectly formed. Disclaimer: Cider was cheap, I was rat arsed.
  15. Hi, Having been a regular visitor for news and research the recent Foo thread has made me take the plunge! I love a festy or three, done Glasto about 16 or 17 times, blagged it, worked it, bought tickets, full weeks, full weekends and, more recently, just Sundays, been robbed, flooded and experienced heaven on earth. All the best, fingers crossed for a sunny June!
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