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  1. In 95 the Main and Other (NME?) stages looked very similar (style/shape), with one obvious difference, what was the difference?
  2. Due to the mighty Tap gracing the pyramid!
  3. The volume going all the way to 11?
  4. Clinton (not ex POTUS) George?
  5. Aww, was it was some old funky geezer...?
  6. I'm a "key" worker, though personally I think that definition is being stretched in my case, also we are currently self isolating due to one of the kids being unwell but I'll be back at the coal face in a couple of weeks. The massive difference between the majority of key workers and NHS staff is the level of risk, front line medics are in it, it's all around them, risk, death, horror and heartbreak - anyone who does this deserves so much appreciation and respect. Nobody signs up for this shit.
  7. I don't know how realistic this is as an option but looks hopeful. Clicky 1 Clicky 2
  8. Re. NHS staff, I don't think it's about homelessness rather an option for medics who want to protect their families.
  9. Fair shout! I'd rather have been using this stuff meself but this is great! Maybe I should have posted this in the "Classic Glasto Performances" thread!
  10. I'm not so sure, as it stands 'enough' of us having had it will potentially equate to 10's of 1000's of deaths but ultimately I know bugger all so fingers crossed!
  11. Not until there is a verified treatment or vaccine.
  12. I wanna see Erasure play the Pyramid, seriously party central... tea time, early evening, set you right up for the night!
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