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  1. Bugger... erm, umm... What year saw the first official dance tent?
  2. Already done, I think (this is not an answer!).
  3. As you were less than a million miles away, over to you!😀 Anybody! Don't make me a thread killer!
  4. Barney McGrew

    BBC Glastonbury

    To be fair I have been told that the tail end of AF's set was pretty fine but I give 'em a fair go, as for coming back, probably should've but too fickin' muddy to be arsed!
  5. I would like to vote for the first option (the second is much of a muchness) because I think it's the only realistic option, however, despite being really optimistic, I think it's far to early to call so I'll go for the last one.
  6. How did The Killers reference their 2007 Glastonbury headline set during their Tea in The Park headline set a few months later?
  7. We had to wear masks in work for a couple of weeks, 'twas awful! If social distancing is not possible such as on public transport then fair enough but otherwise it's a no from me unless I have to.
  8. Barney McGrew

    BBC Glastonbury

    The only set I "had to see" in 2007 was Arcade Fire, blagged my mates it would be immense, but, unfortunately I had to concede that it was boring and we left part way through to watch what was left of Kasabian instead, I think they were ok but clearly not very memorable as I can't remember. Arctic Monkeys were pretty underwhelming as well, not big enough for the stage in my opinion, in fact i'm sure I remember Alex saying something like "Glastonbury, are you still there?" add in the inaudible Killers set... 2007 was poor. My highlight of 2007 was Thursday night soundcheck on the Park Stage, 'twas all downhill from there!
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