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  1. They did with me who watched it back on telly. I work in Manchester City Centre... why?
  2. That is surprising, cos he didnt go down well with the people I spoke to who watched on telly.
  3. It's hard to separate the live experience in the field to the TV experience - but after venturing out into the real world & talking to people who only watched the TV broadcasts I have found: Stock has gone up... Sam Fender. Lots of people asked me if I saw him. From people at work who are into him to my mum who had never heard of him. After the headliners, easily my most asked about act. Olivia Rodrigo. "There was a girl on called Olivia who was brilliant". I got that in work yesterday. A few other people who are into her asked me if I saw her cos of how good she was. Supergrass. Admittedly this is an age & demographic thing, but "Supergrass were mint weren't they?". Had that a lot. What about anyone else?
  4. Im framing my ticket, wristband & tea towel this time. Might include the programme. Normally I just keep the programmes & bin the rest. I am not 1 for keeping stuff like that. Never have been. But this time, I think it could be my last, so I want to keep it all
  5. Should have done the Masterplan. Binned off the importance of being Idle. Never liked it.
  6. Haçienda classical opened the pyramid. Did anyone catch Lisa Mafia & a DJ on a bus type thing playing old garage? I can't lie, I had a good 25 mins following them around and had a good time...
  7. I thought Noel was good, but it's what I'd seen before with only SCYHO as a change. He mentioned a new album, personally I think his live show needs it. The Ritz setlist from 2018 was almost identical. But I enjoyed it.
  8. FuzzyDunlop

    Olivia Rodrigo

    Olivia vs Noel was my big clash of the weekend. I was gutted to miss her. Watching it back, she nailed it. She has star written all over her.
  9. Gutted I missed that! I went to my tent & couldnt sleep so went to the San Remo. Would have loved some proper trance.
  10. Did you think the speakers were closer together this year? So the inner circle was smaller? I did. I ended up sacking it off this year
  11. FuzzyDunlop

    Kendrick Lamar

    Watched it back on iplayer. I enjoyed it at the time, but it worked a lot better on TV, especially the ending. We all left (and those around me) thinking his mic cut out & a bit bemused. He was very good, but it didn't translate further back on the field as much I hoped it would.
  12. Last time I missed out was 2013. Ended up going to Awakenings in Amsterdam. I still dont think Im going in 2023
  13. No. There was a different Pasta place in it's spot, didn't try it, in case it had just had a rebrand.
  14. It was good, but it wrote off seeing any acts til about half midnight. Then we went to the SE Corner. Before that, things just got a bit strange! Fun though.
  15. Ha ha... "Nat's Herpes" gave us at least an hour of a giggle.
  16. Sunday legend needs to be feel good and a big sing a long... Cher is the one. Mariah Carey, but not sure either can pull it off. Tina Turner would have been amazing. Again, too old now.
  17. 2 of our group saw these... they loved them. I was too busy sat on the hill giggling for 2 hours after taking some shrooms. I wish I'd seen something that night... but didn't
  18. FuzzyDunlop


    Sunday... I'd go to Bicep instead of Kendrick. I had a good time at Kemdrick, but I'd have preferred Bicep
  19. I didn't! Shame cos that does sound like something for me!
  20. I went there. I agree with your assessment.
  21. That's it. Never had 1 before. As I say, really nice, just small This place
  22. Even though it wont happen - Abba would be the one.
  23. My mate did that in 2019. Left on Fri night, came back sunday at around 12. Thing was he drove. Admittedly he drove to Nottingham, but he still drove. Zurich seems a push to me. Too much could go wrong.
  24. This was good. 9/10 for quality. 3/10 for portion size. It wasnt a bun, it was in a potato cake type of thing wasn't it? Really nice. Just needed to be bigger. Could have eaten 3.
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