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  1. Showhawk Duo. Good fun at the bandstand when I've watched them previously. Probably (maybe) dance music for @Gnomicide
  2. Any news on when Confidence man will be playing?
  3. Stonebridge looks top. Where are Fontaines DC?
  4. 2 days off, must be a "big" announcement today. I am going for the Park...
  5. Thanks. To be honest, I haven't had 1 for a while. Over doing things & a lack of sleep caught up with me. I have slowed down a lot and thry have improved. It's a year since I had 1. I am nervous about a potential heatwave though. Hope you are ok with your issue too!
  6. 2019 was awful. The Saturday was spent by most of my mates back at the tent trying to cool down. 1 of them was in a bit of a bad way. I was ok, but didnt enjoy that day at all. 2017 was decent weather for everyone. I'm actually dreading it being so hot. I've suffered with Panic attacks over the last 3 years or so. Often brought on by over heating. Had 1 in a queue for tesco in a heatwave during lockdown. I'll take 5 days of rain before a heatwave.
  7. Me re the line up. It's full of people Ive seen before, wouldnt mind seeing for the first time, but not MUST see & people I have no interest in. So far Diana Ross is the only 100% must see. Everyone else I'd be happy to see or have no interest in. Nothing is "oh my god, I have to see x, y or Z & I've never seen them before"
  8. Seen them 5 times. 3 great sets & 2 stinkers. Saw them in Blackburn in 2019 & they were really good. I have seen Paul Heaton & Jacqui too, so I am really torn for the Friday.
  9. There is a lack of excitement in my group too. Mainly due to the line up I think. But It's also 3 years since we last went. People have other priorites now. A child, new job etc. Im worried if Ill hack it tbh!
  10. I have Bicep or Kendrick... possibly Fontaines DC too. Hoping they are not headlining though.
  11. Those prices are a joke. Glad I managed to get one of the cheaper ones (& that's relative) Listened to the album 3 times now. Convinced it will sound "fuller" live.
  12. FuzzyDunlop

    Kendrick Lamar

    Where to start with it? I am not a huge hip hop fan, but I really like Kendrick. The hip hop I am into is generally more "danceable" and generally older, but as I say Kendrick seems to be different. Overall it's a great album.. just 1 I'm not sure I want to listen to last thing on a Sunday at Glastonbury. Starts off great with the opening 2 tunes. I am ok until we cry together, which I found funny tbh. Then musically it tails off for me. Crown, Silent Hill & Savior - lyrically are great, but are hardly party tunes for a Sunday. Auntie Diaries is genuinely surprising. Again this isnt something to go out and stomp to, but it's a genuinely thought provoking tune. Mr Morale is more upbeat, before Mother I Sober is another chin stroker. Overall I'd say it isnt my thing musically, but there is a lot to unpack lyrically & I really enjoyed it overall. The man's a genius. N95, Auntie Diaries & Mr Morale are the standout tracks IMO. Still not clearer on who I'll see next month. I enjoyed the album, but it's no banger-fest.
  13. FuzzyDunlop

    Kendrick Lamar

    About to listen to the album, none of my mates will want to watch Kendrick. All of them will be at Bicep. The album will let me know where I should be on Sunday I think. (Fontaines are on my must see list though too) I am leaning on watching Kendrick as it stands.
  14. My favourite essential mixes of all time: (there is also a moby one too, but only an hour is on youtube)
  15. Yeah. I do think it could be something an old trance fan would like though.
  16. Ha ha... no that's not me. Fuzzy Dunlop is a name given to a fake informant in the Wire. I think it's quite a popular messageboard name.
  17. The glade has plenty of psytrance. Haai too might drop something in her set. She's on in the silver hayes. I heard someone play Push - The Legacy in 2019 at the glade. You never know around there. Someone could surprise!
  18. Hello! To be honest new Trance has got a bit boring, I still love stuff circa 97-2005. You won't find too much tbh at Glastonbury. What I would say though is that techno now is very much classic trance riff driven. Amelie Lens plays techno, but with recognisable trance loops. Nina Kravitz at Arcadia is known for dropping some trance into her sets. Sasha / Digweed could well play some, or at least stuff I think you will like. If you are looking for an old Crasher sound of Scott Bond, PVD or Eddie Halliwell, you are probably out of luck... so here is probably something up your street!
  19. Manchester tickets went pretty quickly today. Standing & the most expensive 2sets of seats went instantly. Quite surprised
  20. My guess: Tomorrow: Kidz Monday 16th: Park Tuesday 17th: Block 9 Wednesday 18th: Cinema Thursday 19th: West Holts Friday 20th: Unfairground Tuesday 24th: Whole thing
  21. Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott / Primal Scream. That's my friday. Gone from nothing... to a clash. Classic Glastonbury.
  22. Hoping for WH, expecting something smaller. Glade & WH in 2 days wpuld be 2 big hitters.
  23. Wood Fired Pizza last time was between the glade & the recharge tent. Only had 1, but it was worth the ££
  24. Standing Manchester bought... shame it's at the arena. Was hoping for somewhere like the GMEX.
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