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  1. dotdash79


    Something has been dropped off around Silver Hayes. Like a metal framework.
  2. This is exactly what I was thinking off, when I posted it.
  3. If we don’t get an announcement today I’m going to speak to my MP.
  4. Aldi have some Gins on offer next week and some craft beers as well but I can’t see them on the site only the leaflet they do https://www.aldi.co.uk/c/spirits/Gin
  5. dotdash79

    Camping with T&C

    I would take the option, I’ll will look after your space in big ground for you.
  6. Aldi have a camping and outdoor special buys this Thursday. Tents camp beds and camping matts
  7. I Expect a Saturday announcement, I have no sources but I wouldn’t be surprised.
  8. Bought the first of my beer, also sorted through my clothes and made a list of what’s left.
  9. I think they could have been a bit more honest with you as they are asking for a favour. But thanks for the ones you have done.
  10. Just checked my general tickets and they haven’t been sent. It’s so exciting, I’m buzzing for you.
  11. We are taking about 30 cans of different larger, 2 litres of normal vodka (it was sold in plastic bottles) and a litre of Polish cherry vodka. Ive no idea if that’s too much for us or not enough. We aren’t massive drinkers, but I know when we are in the mood we can drink.
  12. Just thing one typo and it could cause chaos
  13. I’m quite new here but have found it really useful and surprisingly friendly for an long running Internet forum. So I’ve powered up and hit the gold buzzer.
  14. dotdash79

    Ticket refund

    I once saw a documentary called “face-off” where two people swapped faces, maybe that might work for people. But thinking about it they might have just said they swapped faces and pretended to be the other personality.
  15. I’ve bought 2 mini fans, so it’s going to rain for the next 6 weeks.
  16. dotdash79

    Ticket refund

    I would do, but I would make them sweat a bit. Just spend a long time checking and double checking.
  17. dotdash79


    Can someone pop down and “trim” the circled trees please.
  18. dotdash79

    Ticket refund

    Possibly any system that allows resales but people will potentially allow touts to exploit it. maybe keep registration closed from the main sale date to the after the last day of the festival, and you can only resell to registered people. But it starts getting messy.
  19. dotdash79

    Ticket refund

    No for another venue, sorry I wasn’t clear. But it shows it can be managed
  20. dotdash79


    Even though we can see the build we still have so many unanswered questions that won’t be answered until we arrive.
  21. dotdash79

    Ticket refund

    I’ve sold named tickets via twickets before and they give the person a letter saying that they have been resold via that website and they got in ok.
  22. dotdash79

    Glasto Leave

    Had the Monday to Tuesday booked off with a hotel stay near the site on Tuesday night. We've decided that we are going to drive down Tuesday night now (get a few hours sleep first) so changed from Tuesday to Wednesday for extra recovery. Plan is to do an 100 mile bike ride on the Tuesday before the fest make my tired for a evening kip.
  23. I have wellies, walking boots and 2 pairs of sunglasses my forecast is for mostly dry with a few short showers.
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