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  1. I mean own your own policies Rishi
  2. dotdash79

    BBC Glastonbury

    Dolly set from the farm is on the telly tonight
  3. Chances are the police are going to see him to tell him to shut up if he knows what’s best.
  4. dotdash79


    Maybe the pressure was too much and she is having bit of a breakdown. Maybe she feel if she can’t perform at her best then she’s not doing herself justice, and it not far on ticket holders.
  5. I think we did this a few years ago. But when do people think the first line up poster will drop? Just to make a it a bit more fun, who ever guesses correctly or nearest to the date and time will get a upgrade(or renewal) to gold on here. if it’s a tie then they will be a draw off. I’ll base the time from when the Twitter post is made by the Glastonbury Twitter account.
  6. Peace and love? they have managed to re-animate John and about to announce him.
  7. The worst thing for the tories would be if he just won the VONC.
  8. Kendrick suberbowl set starts of as street scene ends on a pyramid, whilst a sea of drones spell out “stand by your beds” behind him. lights fade
  9. That’s a immense line up https://www.whenwewereyoungfestival.com
  10. I'm dreaming of Justice but I don't think it will be them.
  11. some of these things are mad but this total bonkers
  12. We’ve booked the Monday and Tuesday at the premier inn. Was thinking about booking a day after the fest but it’s only Manchester.
  13. Same here we have a new HR system (3rd new one in a year)
  14. It feels like a lot of small Glastonbury news bits have happened recently so 100%
  15. Mesh networks and low power networks will work for most festivals sites. So long that it’s kept separate from other networks. here a place that does them. https://www.intechnologysmartcities.com/smart-festivals-and-events/ some permanent festival sites will have fibre internet installed to a central point. Others will use microwave line of sight.
  16. Train timetable change in may and December with the updated time not shared until 12 weeks before the change. cheaper advanced tickets are around 12 weeks from date of travel
  17. Chased up where my new car is, I think it’s in bits still in the Czech Republic
  18. Not sure what you want them to do check for puncture marks?
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