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  1. This is the command that I have been running get_iplayer https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b007r6vx/ --pid-recursive But this gets everything including all the BBC sounds stuff as well (currently 222 items, excluding highlights currently on).
  2. managed to slide it of, been putting it back on and taking it off just to remember the feeling.
  3. Yes there is the highlights shows that were broadcast across the tv channels then the full sets.
  4. Arrived at 5 am, they had blocked off the field to get into to the gate D queue and was sent to A, arrived into the snake about 4 rows from the back, when everyone stood up i moved down 4 rows. Gates opened at 8 am and we was in for 8:45, we was past gate D by 9:15. This was arriving by car.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p0c7jy70/glastonbury-idles 49 min in to this.
  6. dotdash79


    Fence is already coming down around gate D
  7. dotdash79


  8. I was showing newbies around and just said this is where the festival ran out of money. As it looked like that
  9. No covid just herpes from Nat (right in the face as well)
  10. We went to the other side of the site to watch from lime kiln and could hear the cheer
  11. I don’t think anything before 2pm was filmed for the bbc
  12. Also missing was the viewing tower in the theatre and circus field. Which was great as there was hardly any queues for it compared to the ribbon tower
  13. I was a bit surprised as well as they were still driving tractors through the camping areas to stock up the shop
  14. Not for me directly more for my wife she said the squat loos for peeing were a “game changer” and wants them rolled out more. Definitely less time waiting for her at the loo
  15. Was that in paines ground? Think we was camped next to them
  16. I’m still in on next year. this year was hard and I think that the ground being so hard was a challenge, 2019 ground was dry but bouncy. also 3 years since doing the last biggest event for most people with working from home so fitness isn’t tiptop. It was hard but still a load of fun.
  17. They have been here all weekend. They now have mega canisters
  18. Didn’t even bother with getting to the park for wet leg, ended up at The John peel for griff and even that was busy. site feels so much more crowded this year
  19. dotdash79

    Queue watch

    Gate d is clear, we’ve just gone out and come back in. That was an effort
  20. Yep glad we didn’t put the sticker in the windscreen. Quicker removal and then re adding
  21. dotdash79

    Queue watch

    Gate a snake is moving
  22. dotdash79

    Queue watch

    Loads of press at gate a taking pictures of the snake
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