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  1. dotdash79

    Brit Awards 2020

    That was outstanding by Dave.
  2. dotdash79

    Brit Awards 2020

    Harry styles dressed as a haunted clown
  3. This or the park at sunset. I saw them at Tramlines last year and they were great.
  4. Jesus, hope the underlying issues are sorted. Keep yourself safe.
  5. Maybe a part poster with all the female acts with gaps for the male acts that get filled a couple of days later.
  6. We take paper soap to wash our hands with only needs a little water.
  7. Mariah Carey would definitely come to a farm in the middle of nowhere, for 20% of her normal fee to play 3rd down.
  8. I would be well happy with Doves opening the other stage
  9. 10th March but I would be happy with next week.
  10. Also don’t forget the ticket dispatch thread!
  11. Yea it looks like either an upgrade on that or another addition to that part.
  12. I was just looking for at something and came across this about the common: NEW VENUE FOR 2020! We’re making something incredibly special for you. Amidst the well-loved rave-arenas of The Temple and the Rum Shack a new and sparkling jewel is emerging, a secret, sacred well, a portal to another world! Prepare to be submerged in sound and born again… More details coming soon! Samula is going to another level! https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/areas/the-common/ I wonder what it could be? Apologies if this has been posted already
  13. Giant pyramid cake that everyone gets a slice and a party bag each. also pass the parcel with golden tickets for life as one of the prizes.
  14. Was looking at volunteering for this but I’m not sure about the company that they use.
  15. This tweet is 50 days away from the opening of the balance payment window
  16. Every-time I get a tweet notification from them I think it’s a new announcement, but today’s is just the countdown clock.
  17. Billie knew and has took precautions
  18. Managed to get a run in not a long one, but most of my normal routes were flooded.
  19. dotdash79


    I thought this was a new Ross Kemp series
  20. Rode the 20 miles to work and back again today for the First time this year. also I’ve managed to take 40 seconds a mile off my running pace in the last 2 weeks from nowhere. I’ve no idea how it’s happened.
  21. They didn’t have a license for the festival until quite late.
  22. Interesting as our payment went out ok
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