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  1. johnny-yen

    Stage splits / times

    Just seen on KC official Facebook page that day splits are being released tomorrow at 7pm
  2. johnny-yen

    The weath......

    BBC say light cloud and gentle breeze for the days over that weekend. https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/2640416
  3. johnny-yen

    Stage splits / times

    Yes, health issues apparently.
  4. johnny-yen

    Stage splits / times

    Looking at FB events this is what I've found so far: Thurs 26th Hacienda 21:30-23:00 Craig Charles 19:45-21:00 Gerry Cinnamon 18:15-19:15 Micky P Kerr 17:00-17:45 Lost Colours 16:30-17:15 Friday 27th Icarus Catfish & Bottlemen James Sugarspun - Yam Riot - 20:00 Sat 28th RUN DMC Slow Readers Club Fun Lovin' Criminals Bugzy Malone Mistajam Grandmaster Flash Wolfpeake Gaspa Nali - 13:00 Lucid Dream - Yam Riot - 21:30 Sun 29th  Libertines Lanc Hotpots - Main Stage - 12:00 Wailers - Main Stage - 16:20-17:20 Clone Roses - House Party - 16:40 Peter Hook and The Light Ocean Colour Scene The Amazons Basement Jaxx (DJ set) Feel free to edit/update
  5. johnny-yen

    Where’s old school rave / techno / dance music?

    Completely agree. I think the organisers are missing a big trick.
  6. johnny-yen

    Free reusable water bottles

    Thanks. Got mine on order now.
  7. johnny-yen

    Hacienda Classical

    Saw these at Glastonbury the other year. They were ok but nothing special in my opinion. They were on early in the day but never the less, nothing to write home about.
  8. johnny-yen

    Stage splits / times

    First actual timings I’ve seen..... I’ll be there hopefully
  9. johnny-yen

    Where’s old school rave / techno / dance music?

    It is strange that KC features a lot of bands from the 90’s but no electronica from that era too. There must be plenty of others from that demographic, like me, that like both.
  10. Hi. I’m not massively into this genre of music but can’t seem to find any decent dance music at KC. I’ve gone through the line up at Glow Tent and it seems to be full of either DJ sets or drum n bass. Can anyone suggest any acts for a couple of old ravers please?
  11. johnny-yen

    Stage splits / times

    I know it’s a bit early yet, but when do we expect to get details of the festival schedule? Do Kendal Calling not issue any more details until the actual festival date or will we be in a position to make plan a bit more before? What has happened in previous years? Thanks.
  12. johnny-yen

    Who would you like added in the next Announcement?

    Cricky. I must be getting old. Don’t recognise hardly any of those new additions
  13. johnny-yen

    Lesser known band suggestions

    I showed the line up to a mate (who’s not going, incidentally) for any lesser known recommendations and he pointed out The Lucid Dream. Quite trippy psych-rock. Well worth a listen
  14. johnny-yen

    Peter Hook & The Light

    I thought it was suggested they were playing Thursday.
  15. johnny-yen

    Lesser known band suggestions

    Just heard on BBC6 Music a great track by a band called Deja Vega. Didn’t catch the name of the track but after crossing my fingers and checking the Kendal Calling lineup, they’re playing. More research required but on first hear, they’ve certainly got potential. Check them out.