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  1. Does anyone know the official stage times for both bands yet?
  2. For me the worse clash of the weekend but I had decided to see Doves. However, I’ve just seen their Glastonbury set and now I don’t know. Very passionate and exciting performance. Quite a unique band. What to do?
  3. A Clashfinder has been generated. Not sure how accurate it is and it doesn’t yet feature Tim Peaks but it’s a good start https://clashfinder.com/m/kc2018/
  4. Excellent. I hope they play Baggy Trousers and House of Fun.
  5. My advice is go to Tim Peaks. Its a great little venue and you may bump into a secret set and special guests.
  6. Release 3 tickets now sold out! But you can still buy them on the payment plan scheme ?. I just have.
  7. Thanks everyone for your input. I’ve seen the YNOT line and just gone for Kendal tickets! For one heart stopping moment, I saw they had sold out but went for the payment plan option. Bizarrely they haven’t sold out of them. See you (back) in the fields!!
  8. Thanks for your replies so far. Does YNOT have anything similar to Tim Peaks as that is somewhere I really like at Kendal?
  9. I’ve been to Kendal twice now and may fancy YNOT for a change (plus it’s nearer my home) this year. Has anyone been to both? How do they compare? I know the line up is very similar each year but what about the site and facilities? Any comments welcome, thanks.
  10. I’m hoping to go to Kendal again this year but can’t book tickets just yet. When have they sold out in previous years and are we expecting the same this year? Also, do the Thursday tickets sell out before the main weekend tickets? Thanks.
  11. Is that confirmed or an educated guess?
  12. I’m thinking of starting another thread about the 2019 line up. I don’t think 4 is enough really.
  13. Lot’s of shouts for Ian Brown on here, hopes it’s true. My (wishful) prediction for the line up hopefully includes........ Ian Brown Miles Kane Primal Scream Doves Idles Lily Allen Slaves
  14. Now that Primal Scream have been confirmed for another medium sized festival (Latitude, this time) I’d like to think they have a good chance of playing. They would be a good fit for the size and type of festival that Kendal is. Here’s hoping anyway.
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