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  1. hurdy

    Coleman Xtreme

    Not heard of that before - how does it work?
  2. Wouldn't be worried, the order tracker can be confusing. If you check through the registration look up it will tell you what tickets you hold against your reg Try this https://glastonbury.seetickets.com/registration/lookup
  3. hurdy

    Vodka Infusion

    Works with sweets, the heat breaks them down quicker.
  4. hurdy

    Vodka Infusion

    Pineapple Tequila going on at the weekend, four weeks smooths it out. Also found that if you've left it late, vodka with a bag of frozen supermarket berries macerated with sugar only needs a week before it's ready to strain and drink
  5. I wouldn't worry about that so much, I believe that's to dissuade someone throwing a mattress in the back of a Transit and claiming its a camper. I've neither washing nor cooking facilities in my T5, just a full width bed and I've never had it questioned in the six occasions I've taken it.
  6. Thanks, gone for this
  7. Bet you get absolutely jack done in the last hour though 😂
  8. Not crazy, but not sure I'd fancy it, unless there's two of you taking a handle each. I've got a Coleman with wheels and providing it's dry it's quite strong and easy to manoeuvre. I dump mine in the most convenient lock up and then fill up a coolerbag rucksack as and when I need (or am close to the lockup) during the day. They obviously work better the lower the ambient temperature is and the lockup tent will definitely be cooler than your own. As an aside in the Coleman vs Igloo, my mate has an Igloo and they seem to be as good as each other. It's all in the prep as mentioned earlier in the thread.
  9. East tickets reappeared around 1207 - you had seven minutes to check out so presumably its people who didn't manage to process their order in time
  10. Is there any chance of signing up to your tracker again please? I recall it was pretty decent a couple of years back?
  11. +1 for the Bluetooth Victron controller here too. Great bit of kit.
  12. hurdy

    Artist Merchandise

    West Holts usually has an artist signing stall too
  13. Almost fit the criteria but just need two more to meet double figures, had a huge gap after my first couple - but my first pre super fence experience was going with my mate who was a wheelchair user in 1992. Blagged a medical vehicle pass from a doctor in a pub near Pilton on the Thursday which let us park next to the Pyramid, pretty much where the Water Aid point is on the left now. Can't see that happening now...
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