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  1. Yeah this is a good shout. I quite often donate at the permanent centre in central London and can usually get spaces quite last minute.
  2. JVT said that? In response to festivals specifically next summer?
  3. 100% agree with this. Ever since the first posts about coronavirus last year it's been the case that people who feel more cautious and pessimistic about the festival's chances get immediately leaped on by the positivity crew for being downers. We all have different feelings about this and I thought the point of the forum was to debate and discuss them. I'm cautiously optimistic, but we have a way to go so let's not attack anyone who suggests as much.
  4. Really nice to see so many fellow donors! Very few of my friends and family do it.
  5. Great idea! Another regular donor here (I'm nearly up to 50 now). Would really encourage anyone who can to sign up, they always need more. My favourite snack is the Tuc cheese-filled biscuit.
  6. This too, but Primark has coped pretty well this year despite not selling online at all.
  7. The Debenhams and Arcadia news is really shit (although hopefully Arcadia's businesses will still be bought) and not helped by Covid, but worth pointing out that both were in a shit shape long before this. Green was running that business into the ground and Debenhams was already on its second administration early this year. It kind of annoys me that Covid will likely be fully blamed for shit management, much like Brexit. I work for an organisation that specialises in retail news so weirdly know quite a bit about this!
  8. Yeah fair enough. Just occurred to me this morning that I didn't know what the fuck would happen then! So more likely just a bit of an embarrassment for the government. Does suggest that the next set of restrictions will be even harder to pass.
  9. Excellent. This fucking country man.
  10. So is there now a chance this doesn't get through? Or is it pretty much going to squeak by? Just wondering what the hell happens if it doesn't pass.
  11. I think the point is that if it's longer than it was then it's not a so-called firebreak - it's a lockdown. One of the defining characteristics of a firebreak is that it's shorter than a lockdown. So on that basis it didn't work.
  12. To be fair @henry bear said they could need to be vaccinated OR take a negative test. So the suggestion wasn't they have to just give up their tickets. Personally I don't think either will be necessary, but just pointing out that that wasn't the suggestion.
  13. I'm ticketless and while I know what you mean (I likely won't watch it at the time if I'm not there), I think I'll be delighted that life is back to normal enough to go ahead, to be honest. I really want to go and will try my best to get a ticket. But if I don't I'll be getting tickets for at least one or two other festivals and that will definitely take the edge off In a big way. In fact there is even a little bit of me that thinks Glastonbury, with all its crowds and size, might even feel a bit too intense after a year of basically doing nothing and seeing very few people. Maybe I'd be happi
  14. Thanks! I think that's why I might have doubted it as thought the original advice said it ended Wednesday. Also sorry everyone, totally hit the wrong thread... I have no real opinions on Taylor but she seems pretty cool. I like the one in the caravan park. Carry on!
  15. Stupid question: does the current lockdown end Tuesday night with new restrictions starting Wednesday? Or does it end Wednesday night with new restrictions starting Thursday? BBC says: England's current lockdown will end just after midnight on Wednesday 2 December But I don't know what midnight they mean! I think new restrictions start Wednesday right?
  16. What I find weird about this thread is the high levels of certainty expressed on both sides. I'm leaning gently towards it will happen, but am pretty solidly in the camp of "We just don't know yet". I think it probably will. I don't see how people can say it definitely will or won't.
  17. Yeah totally agree. I'm a remainer but that doesn't really amount to much when remain is no longer an option. It's either a shit deal or no deal now, but there's no stopping Brexit. I thought Labour were shit on Brexit at the time but I still voted for them because I wanted the Tories out (or at the very least a hung parliament). Wouldn't stop me voting for them again either. I'm more likely to now In fact as I really didn't like the whole cult of Corbyn thing at the time (but still voted Labour in both elections).
  18. Out of upvotes but my thoughts exactly. Depressing to see. Only upside is that we are a way out from an election (although obviously that is s downside in itself). But if this was happening in the run-up it would be massively off-putting to many.
  19. If no contact (which I assume badmjnton is) then allowed I think. You have to be able to maintain distance but classes are allowed in tier 2 with reduced capacity so would assume it's okay. Presumably you have to book? The centre should have an idea of whether it's allowed I would think.
  20. I thought that was a great line from Whitty. I think they did a good job at getting the right tone today personally, Boris aside. I liked that Whitty also said most of the public are following the rules despite what others might think. Whether true or not it enforces the right message.
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