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  1. Finally got round to booking our hotel! Probably for a seriously inflated price but I am excited. Went for a room with a balcony and a hotel with a pool because fuck it I'm on my holidays. We decided to stay for the whole week in the end so we can enjoy some time in the city and maybe take in a couple of the in-between gigs. Now to sort flights...
  2. That makes me feel better about waiting as they're not a lot over £100 today!
  3. I only wanted it for the purpose of a quick reference for the in-between gigs, so I think it's fairly accurate for who is playing what day and in what venue for those.
  4. It will be interesting to see if they do any Carnage stuff with the whole band. I really hope so. I'm obsessed with that album.
  5. I bought mine earlier this year and it came to 534.50 euros for two, which today is 449.70 so £224 for one weekend anyway. Of course now I'm adding flights and accommodation so it will work out more expensive.
  6. Oh yeah, the show will be well worth it. I just remember being frustrated by how many people talked through the last one, so will sit tight for now. Always prefer to see them at their own gigs!
  7. To be fair I just paid best part of £100 for the RAH gig, but that was something a bit special. I doubt this will sell out in any rush, though.
  8. I've got tickets for APE for £20 and less before, special offers and the like to shift tickets nearer the time. So I might do that. This is going to be knocking on £100 a day isn't it?
  9. I'm tempted, but probably won't (unless I can bag a cheap ticket nearer the time). Reason being that I'm seeing them at Primavera in the run-up and I've never been a huge fan of the crowd at APE shows. Lot of chatters! Will keep one eye on it, though...
  10. Super-handy, thanks! I probably did see this a while back but will make sure to bookmark it now.
  11. Ah I've worked out how to see the venues and dates for these midweek gigs from the main site now – you basically click on each band from the full list. Great to have all in one place in the list above though!
  12. Thank you so much! Was looking on main site and couldn't find it 😀
  13. Great, thank you! And I guess we won't know who is on what day until much later? In all honesty we might not go to many ourselves as might want to do other things but it seems silly not to hang around for the option!
  14. I know I've asked this before, so apologies but I'm finally getting my arse in gear to book our flights and accommodation (at hugely inflated prices I'm sure, but it's only recently I've let myself accept that it's actually a thing I'm going to go to!). For the midweek gigs, there's no timetable of who is playing where and when until much nearer the time is there? I know it will be hard to get into some of them, just thinking of combining a few days in the city after weekend one with at least the possibility of attending a couple. Last ones will be on the 8th right?
  15. Oh and I guess an update on boosters seeing as they're now recommending for over-40s? Quiet day at work so reckon I'll tune in.
  16. Covid briefing at 3pm today. I imagine it will be one of those "behave yourself" ones.
  17. How many names are we likely to get added now? It looks pretty stacked already to me (had another look at the line-up again the other day as realised I hadn't for months!).
  18. For me, depressingly, it's: Johnson Truss Sunak Gove Patel And I fucking hate Johnson. And now I need a shower. I don't think any of them will have the popularity of Johnson actually. Could be a bit tricky for the Tories, but probably not enough to be decisive.
  19. Ha that was awesome. Might buy it for my friend's kids.
  20. Fair enough. I do think smurf is a particularly bad choice though!
  21. Ooh just after 12 apparently!
  22. I heard this was happening- anyone know what time? I've been out and about so will likely listen back if not imminent!
  23. Just reading about that too. Completely agree. What's wrong with a number or something?
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