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  1. Further to this, are you able to take it into the Forum easily (hidden obvs)?
  2. Wow good for you! I don't think I could manage both.
  3. Yeah moderation is going go be the key for me here. Which I am... not great at.
  4. For me it helps to stop me drinking so much if I can switch to weed for a bit in between. It tends to slow down my drinking.
  5. Oh no I didn't mean you should have seen them - it was quite a few pages back! 🙂 Just expressing my solidarity for another cider drinker. Was a concern for me as I fucking hate beer.
  6. Okay now I really want to see Lingua Ignota.
  7. I was asking these exact same questions a few pages back as a must for me too!
  8. I kinda like that actually. Does seem odd for a starting set though.
  9. Who is this Lingua woman everyone is saying is so emotionally harrowing? Can anyone sum it up? Kind of tempted to go along now...
  10. I'm with you - I've never been to Primavera but have had to adapt my approach to Glasto similarly in the last few years! What is Flatstock? Seen a few people mention it.
  11. I've got off lightly clash wise. Napalm Death v Bauhaus v Nick Cave is the only one for me and everything else works out pretty nicely with a few things I'm excited about every day. Feeling very excited about it all now!
  12. I know, it's really frustrating! Wanted to start my clashfinder. I did at least get a good look at the app before it went down.
  13. Perfect thanks! Got my eye on Low, Autechre and Mavis in particular. Oh and Kim Gordon - was she in there?
  14. They were both on a YouTube comments chat thing a while back. About the Murder Ballads album, playback with the Seeds making comments and answering questions etc in the feed alongside. So they are at least on speaking terms.
  15. Cheers! How hard is it to get in usually? Do you have to queue for a while?
  16. Is Auditori all seated then? So is there a limit on capacity?
  17. Nothing certain obviously but I don't think it's that unlikely.
  18. Actually that link doesn't work for me but if it's on the main site I'll try to find it!
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