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  1. Well congratulations. We share the same date. Sadly I am twice your age, but still going strong. We are very lucky in that, excepting odd years like this one, we get to celebrate our birthdays during the festival. I have enjoyed my last 3 milestone birthdays with friends and family at the farm. So lucky. Have a good one! This and what @grumpyhacksaid. At least got to see some classic bands in their prime.
  2. chuckles07


    Do you know what the driver had for breakfast 🤓 outstanding reporting. Thank you.
  3. Daft Punk 105 Depeche Mode 70 (-10)Elton John 50Kate Bush 105
  4. I get it 😕. Recharge the optimism and hope this summer on the farm and you will be good to go again 🦾👍
  5. Fascinating insights, thank you. Well written. Suspect that any coachella trip for me is unlikely however it is great to hear something positive about the place. Now, would you be able to go to Burning Man my man, and report back as per 😅
  6. This. If it all comes in one big drop I will skip over the ‘not obvious areas of interest’ which is a great shame. Realising who is on in the smaller/ outer areas is bloody great. Their brief time in the sunlight. Keep it going like this.
  7. Daft Punk 90Depeche Mode 80Elton John 50 Talking Heads 40 (+10)Kate Bush 96 Nick Cave 65
  8. Thanks for this. I find the backstage operations and production of the festival fascinating. The overall festival is actually a combination of very independent mini festivals, each with their own vibe. So interesting to see. Do we know if there are any similar videos for other stages/areas?
  9. Daft Punk 100 Depeche Mode 97 The Strokes 29 (-10) Led Zeppelin 10 Elton John 80 Rage Against the Machine 110 Pearl Jam 104 Talking Heads 92 Kate Bush 90 Taylor Swift 85 Nick Cave 95 Dua Lipa 75 The Jam 65
  10. Daft Punk 105 Depeche Mode 100 The Strokes 49 (-10) Led Zeppelin 40 Elton John 90 Rage Against the Machine 106 Green Day 20 Pearl Jam 124 Talking Heads 92 Kate Bush 79 Taylor Swift 76 Nick Cave 99 Dua Lipa 85 The Jam 65 Lady Gaga 50
  11. Daft Punk 95 Depeche Mode 90 The Strokes 64 (-10)Led Zeppelin 50 Elton John 90Rage Against the Machine 95 Green Day 50The Weeknd 40 Pearl Jam 104Talking Heads 92Kate Bush 69 Taylor Swift 111Nick Cave 115Dua Lipa 111 The Jam 69 Lady Gaga 75
  12. Daft Punk 80Depeche Mode 80The Strokes 59 Led Zeppelin 69Eminem 30Elton John 100Stone Roses 5Rihanna 65 Red Hot Chilli Peppers 20Rage Against the Machine 55Green Day 60The Weeknd 50Pearl Jam 94 Talking Heads 92 (+10)Kate Bush 70Taylor Swift 111Nick Cave 90Dua Lipa 80 The Jam 70Lady Gaga 65
  13. The first 2/3 mins of that get close. It’s the actual fires that I remember, the smoke swirling in the dark, it was fabulous. Elfnsafety nowadays wouldn’t allow it. Should bring it back.
  14. Beat me to it. I remember the pyramid field in 2009 for Neil Young, my first Glastonbury, it was like a mediaeval encampment. Amazing.
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    What he said. Amazing
  16. chuckles07


    Oh happy days 😘
  17. Heres the 2017 to 2019 overlay. Love these....
  18. For the Americana /C&W fans. Arlo McKinley’s last album was v good. Wonder if they/he will do any festivals?
  19. Love it. Think I know the site pretty well given been going since 2009 but every time you see something like this you learn something new. Fantastic effort sir!
  20. Michael Kiwanuka, Manchester Apollo, May 17th. Got two standing tickets. Had them from before the sodding pandemic, gig has been rescheduled at least twice. And now cannot go. Thought would put them on here before twickets. E tickets so can transfer them. Face value £31 each.
  21. It is so random, I have all the technical stuff sorted, multiple devices on fast broadband and 4g. Nothing, not a sniff. Daughter walks downstairs, just out of interest Google’s Glastonbury tickets. Within 20 seconds she is in, all I hear is “I think I am in, what do I do now………” and we get the 1 ticket we needed. I haven’t managed to get in for the last 3 festivals but thankfully others have. It is so so random. and fucking stressful.
  22. chuckles07

    2023 Headliners

    😊 you know that’s nonsense, it’s the sodding oxygen that keeps this place going………
  23. I saw them last year headlining Latitude and in Manchester last Thursday and agree with all the above, they were great. But……..re headlining Glastonbury their stage presence/stage craft needs more work. I love Ellie, she is an amazing singer and musician, but she is not yet the ‘leader’ on the stage. The two guitarists do their best to egg the crowd on but they reminded me a little bit of two geography teachers on the piss doing karaoke 🤓. I think they are brilliant and hopefully the next tour will be arenas and that will allow them to develop their show to the next level.
  24. Once again this thread (and the other months) is fantastic for discovering music i know nothing about. Seeing the votes is really helpful. Don't agree with all the votes but Gang of Youths and Spoon are new additions to the like list. Thank you all. Keep on doing what you are doing. My vote would be 1. Spoon 2. BCNR 3, Gang of Youths. Realise I missed the cut.......
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