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  1. Gnomicide


    Must. Not. Screenshot.
  2. One day* Ben will get along to Bearded Theory or Beautiful Days on a day when NMA and FD are both playing and he will implode. *never going to happen. The wearing a band shirt on a different day worries me. What if you found out they were doing a secret set? You couldn't go.
  3. Champion's League's a lottery.
  4. Will there be a bloke with a disco ball necklace and a woman who doesn't stop smiling walking through the crowd selling vodka jelies?
  5. I used to frequent a forum where Lawks was used quite a bit but in an entirely ironic sense. I've never heard anyone actually say it, it was a nod to my old internet home.
  6. No. But I've made it my mission to get at least one person to use it this year. Would be 'ere or eh round here.
  7. Bought a new coat, sleeping bag and small backpack for use around the festival. Did the Bearded Theory beer/wine run with Gnom jnr. Got the annual question from the Mrs "Is that for Glastonbury as well?" Erm..... We'd just been discussing how we wouldn't take as much this year and buy some there
  8. I don't blame you for avoiding it at all, I was undecided myself but stocked up on wine, got in amongst it and had an absolute blast.
  9. There was one a few years ago. I was to drink and too far away to make it.
  10. And Elbow 17, St Paul 16, The Hold Steady 2010, Frank Turner 15...
  11. It really was. I'm still surprised to this day, just on the cusp before they went properly shit. The atmosphere was amazing and after the drowning of U2 the night before, it just somehow took off. I mean, this happened...
  12. If anyone else said this I'd call them a liar. But you? It would happen.
  13. God this is hard, and I've only been going since 2010. Stones 2013 - life affirming Anti-flag 2014 - mental Metallica 2014 - just overjoyed for the metal Billy Bragg 2016 - cathartic Coldplay 2011 - I know, right?
  14. Sorry to hear this @Wickedfaerie, seems a bit of a lame excuse given the webcam, the video and Michael talking about it. I doubt anyone has decided to encroach on the site based purely on your photos.
  15. Gnomicide

    Self-Confirmed 2019

    He's on the farm now, sitting there waiting for the stage to be built around him.
  16. Gnomicide


    That's excellent. Do you mind if I share the link?
  17. Benny is just a blur, easily missed by the naked eye.
  18. This always makes me laugh. It's the wrong meet up, Grommit.
  19. Can you say usually when it's only been there once? Arcadia is sometimes after the main announcement. I reckon we'll also get something on Glastonbury-On-Sea.
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