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  1. Gnomicide

    Burning Lotus

    Loved it. 20220627_001611.mp4
  2. Thinking about the generations he's entertained. Got a message off my mum to say she loved it on tv on Saturday night. To think that she and my long departed dad used to watch them in the Cavern and there's her grandson, 18 years old and loving it in the Pyramid field... fuck man, incredible what he's done.
  3. I love a meandering Mik song. I'm convinced Johnny told him they should play another song after the 1st one went on for 20 minutes.
  4. The Park was introduced in 2007 https://www.efestivals.co.uk/news/07/070508c.shtml
  5. Flares and ace. Smoke bombs too. Stop being miserable c**ts.
  6. Really enjoyed Noel's set, Half The World Away was gorgeous.
  7. Once he saw a bloke dressed as a fish, fishing off the end of a pier in the middle of a farm, all bets were off.
  8. As the woman dangled overhead in the balloon on the way back to our tents on Sunday night, my younger son who was on his first visit to Glastonbury commented "A week ago that would have blown my mind, now it's just 'oh look, a woman dangling from a balloon while a giant fire breathing spider goes off in the background' and you carry on walking".
  9. Yep, still team Stones here, I can't see that ever being topped for me personally. Love Macca, love The Beatles, loved the Wings stuff he played, Christ, he brought out Bruce! But I LOOOOOOOOVE The Stones.
  10. Yeah but not until a little later, got chatting to our group and failed to mingle again.
  11. And there were a lot to choose from.
  12. I thought he'd brought a box to sell for a minute!
  13. Wait! There was an impromptu book signing? 😁😁
  14. Gnomicide

    paolo nutini

    Excellent stuff, sadly didn't make it but my youngest heard it from outside the tent. He managed to get a photo of Paolo's arm.
  15. My effort from this year. Not half as professional as @Avalon_Fieldsbut I had a go.
  16. Very nicely done. Which band had shoes in the air at Avalon?
  17. It was up there with the best. If I've got one complaint it was I spent too much time at the main stages. Stop putting good stuff I want to see on the Pyramid you bastards!
  18. Doesn't work with Peroni tins. Erm... so I'm told.
  19. I was about to say do it until I read the wedding was in Switzerland. Far too many things that can go wrong.
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