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  1. Featured on a Gorillaz track this year.
  2. They co-headlined Bearded Theory with Slaves a few years back. That doesn't really help though as Slaves were on Tge Other earlier than you'd expect.
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    Just use the official site: 2019 2017 2016 2015
  4. More power to you @Monkey Allen, spread that message far and wide. I hope you are feeling better soon, I'm a similar age to you and have no doubt it will knock me for six (at least) if I get it.
  5. And I forgot Isn't She Lovely. No-one with as many great songs as Stevie has, has as many shit ones.
  6. I have no idea if he did play any of them by the way, but the thought was terrifying enough to keep me away.
  7. From the first 10 tracks in that playlist though... I Just Called, Sunshine of My Life, My Cherie Amour, Part Time Lover. No-one wants to hear them.
  8. Checked back, I watched Frightened Rabbit, The Hold Steady, Slash, Ray Davies, Toots and Ash. It was indeed a fine day. I've often pondered on my decision to ditch Stevie for Ash, certainly given it more thought than any other choice I've made. I did though listen to a Spotify playlist of Steve's the other day and it reminded me of my thinking. When it comes to the hits, he has many truly awful tunes and I was worried that's what he'd deliver, where as Ash would be banger after banger.
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    Found it, it's @hfuhruhurr
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    Ain't it? It's done by someone off here but I can't remember who.
  11. I've put 50p on it. 6 to 1 at the moment.
  12. You had to admire Chelsea's persistence in playing out from the back despite being utterly shite at it. They've missed a trick with the crowd noise by not having a "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" noise for whenever dodgy keepers have the ball.
  13. twitter_20200907_171105.mp4
  14. If Dua Lipa headlines next year I'll expose my search history on the big screen. It's mostly "side eye dogs" but still.
  15. That 2010 set was one of the best things I've seen at Glastonbury. Bought his new album the other week, he was still making good, good music. The full 2010 set is on YouTube.
  16. That'll do for me. Bring yer own prawn ring.
  17. Got tickets to a socially distanced Red Rum Club gig in Liverpool for October (thanks to @Quark for the heads up). It's only an album launch gig and will be an hour tops but I can't wait to see some live music again.
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