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  1. Gnomicide

    Harry styles

    Leftfield headliner may be too big.
  2. Muse earlier today (spotted by @K2SO). St Paul and The Broken Bones plus Fitz and The Tantrums (whoever they may be) due to dates in the US.
  3. Apparently she did. On before Lana Del Rey.
  4. Not all the same stage but my day went Rev Peyton's Big Damn Band > Royal Blood > Fat White Family > Robert Plant > Manics > Metallica > Rusty Shackle > Pronghorn > sleep.
  5. Plant is pure BBC4. Just the place to put a West Holts headliner set. His 2014 set was incredible, part of the greatest Glastonbury day ever (TM). If he does the Acoustic, it's not available anywhere, don't think it's even available on the website/red button?
  6. West Holts headliner for Plant/Krauss? Fits in more with the world music ethos than recent headliners. If Brian Ferry can do it, why the hell not. #TeamGentleParty
  7. Not leaving the Pyramid for most of Saturday would be a strange experience. I may need to buy a blanket.
  8. Only one original member though.
  9. I'd literally never heard of him until last week. Every instance of doing so since has been in one of your posts 😄
  10. She may have to go in the cupboard with the one of Michael.
  11. Get someone to love you like Matt loves Baby Keem.
  12. Do I need to be clearing standing room in my bedroom any time soon?
  13. 2004. All you need is love.
  14. Nice one. I'll have to get over there.
  15. Hadn't realised Jacaranda had done something new. Is it in the same place or in Phase One?
  16. Load of tweets about him (including mine) in this NME piece. https://www.nme.com/blogs/fans-remember-buying-records-from-pete-burns-1769961?s=09
  17. Sorry to see Rafa gone, it's been a right laugh. As a parting gesture, they dropped a further place as he was getting sacked.
  18. Gnomicide

    BBC Glastonbury

    Probably will depend on money making potential from it. How much, if anything, does the BBC make selling its Glastonbury content to other countries? In related news, Nadine Dorries can fuck right off.
  19. I was going to put Black Crowes. Big hole in their schedule, US up to May then Europe in September. I didn't realise Darts were still going, that would be a fun show.
  20. Take some doing, they're playing New York on the Saturday.
  21. Jane's Addiction. No tour announced but have snuck onto a couple of festival bills, Lollapalooza Argentina and Brazil in March and Rockville Florida in May. A John Peel headline slot in against Billie would be nice.
  22. Well yeah, but the sad truth of the matter is a hell of a lot of people switch off when the talk of billion pound contracts, VIP lanes etc. come up because they can't relate. It IS what we should all be pissed off about but for many, the whole party stuff is entirely relatable. "I wasn't allowed to go to Aunty Doreen's funeral but those bastards had a piss up like what I wanted". It's ridiculous but whatever it is that ousts that c**t, I'll take it.
  23. Let us know, I might make a trip, like the vulture I clearly am.
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