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  1. I know! It only feels like about 1000 days since I bought the ticket.
  2. Their very existence should be a constant source of embarrassment to the country. The fawning over an unbelievably privileged family because they are distant descendents of a very questionable family is alien to me. So they can trace their family back a long way? What is this, Who Do You Think You Are? Should we put Danny Dier and Josh Widdecombe in charge. I've nothing but contempt for them and recent events covering up for the nonce has just increased that contempt. The tourism argument doesn't stack up, tourism rates in other European countries prove that. Fuck 'em and everyone who kow tows to them. And yes, I am taking the extra day off. Everyone who feels antipathy towards them should get an extra one for putting up with all this bullshit.
  3. A sandwich would be bacon in bread. A bacon batch is bacon in a batch. But yeah...
  4. Yesterday I think. Sent to me on Twitter.
  5. Batch/barm/roll, whatever you call it (please don't start that discussion again) 😄 Can't remember the price now but it was roughly the same price as other stall but you got a free hot drink. Since I posted the original comment, it has been confirmed that they will be there.
  6. Highly unlikely. Apart from a few coach ones going back on sale after the general resale this year, there hasn't been one since 2016.
  7. Three was largely crap for me in 2019. I think WhatsApp messages were OK but anything requiring more data than than took an age. Only exceptions were first thing in the morning and at the top of the T&C field.
  8. Don't get me started on Rosie. #TeamDan
  9. That's right. 2019 and it came after the full line-up had been published. After pondering whether to include it on The Thingy, I said at the time I said...
  10. I'll be driving back from Bearded Theory on Monday morning so guaranteed to come out then.
  11. Putting it on my Clashfinder now.
  12. Whoever this is. They may well already be announced for Shangri-La and Silver Hayes but this includes a Block9 date. What is Sass @ Genosys?
  13. Elbow are fucking ace and I won't be told otherwise.
  14. No point messing about, straight in with the question and a straight answer.
  15. Depends where you booked it from. London & Bristol yes, everywhere else, no.
  16. Gnomicide


    And they spelt Cleopatha right.
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