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  1. I was clinging onto that hope 🙂 but checked a couple of other exam boards and all the dates aligned (for those subjects which affect us). I would have been surprised if they didn't match up. This would have been our first GF so I wanted the full experience. However, I'd 100% rather it go on without us than not go on at all in 2021. If GF is going ahead, then other festivals/gigs will be too and we'll spend our money on those instead (Green Man for starters).
  2. That is true and is something I hadn't really considered yet . A shorter GF would be preferable to sitting at home sulking about not being there.
  3. My son is doing Business and Psychology - and apparently he's now too old to be put up for adoption so I'll have to be the responsible parent and not go (Not that I think 2021 GF is going to happen).
  4. Yes, it will affect our family - have youngest doing A-levels. There's little chance of us going now, so it looks like our tickets will be probably be back in the pool. But I'm going to wait until last minute just in case the festival is delayed until next year again and there's another rollover. They may not make a decision on it going ahead until March, so perhaps I'll just leave it and see what happens - if I lose 100 quid on ticket admin charges, it's not going to kill me. Going to look at the new exam timetable in detail just in case we can still go to Glastonbury, but there's
  5. I'm going to try and get him adopted by new parents by Christmas - think it's the only reasonable option.
  6. Mood on the way down about next year due to talk of delaying 2021 A-level exams which will scupper our chances of going as youngest child will be affected. Don't really feel we can leave him alone in the house revising whilst we go and enjoy ourselves! Trying to stay neutral about it but....
  7. Yeah, there are a few bluetooth splitters around but don't think they get good reviews. Another option is to split the signal with a headphone amplifier, then put a separate bluetooth transmitter into each of the amplifier outputs. But with only 4 users, that would be costing you 120+ quid to setup. So a bit pricey. Perhaps renting a silent disco kit is the answer.
  8. Been looking at this myself - Bluetooth will only transmit to one device at a time (the standards are changing this year I believe but I assume that will then require software/driver upgrades and will probably be too late for the end of June anyway). So I've had to go for cabled, using a headphone amplifier (1 in, 4 out) - I used a Behringer MicroAmp HA400 for this - around 20-25 quid - plus some extension cables for all the headphones. The only other option I could think of was getting silent disco equipment - but then you are looking at spending a couple of hundred quid minimum.
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