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  1. 1 announcement this week I think - either Silver Hayes, new Map or Theatre & Circus
  2. Acid_Haze

    2024 New Music

    New Kim Gordon album is good. The blend of noise rock with trap-style beats and her vocal delivery works really well. It's pretty cool how she continues to always come out with unique sounding music.
  3. Announcements coming in thick and fast this week! Wasn't expecting any more after Avalon and the resale being this week. Maybe this means they're fitting in more stage announcements this year, maybe we'll get a Williams Green one?
  4. Acid_Haze

    2024 New Music

    Been enjoying the new Faye Webster album the past week, it's soft and sleepy music, but very nicely written and produced. It's a shame she hasn't been booked for the festival this year, really thought she'd do it.
  5. Acid_Haze

    Avalon 2024

    Yeah I was about to say, they're playing in Japan on Sunday, so most likely playing Friday. Where did you hear they're headlining?
  6. My bet is we get no more announcements this week with the resale happening, but we get 2 next week. I'm going with either the new map, Silver Hayes, or something like Theatre & Circus or Kidzfield.
  7. Acid_Haze

    Avalon 2024

    Nothing on there for me. Don't think anyone'd shut the place down like Sugababes and McFly did, Though I reckon Caity Baser, Skindred, Billie Marten and Kate Nash will get decent crowds.
  8. Yeah I reckon Avalon this week, but no other announcements other than that - just cause it's resale week.
  9. To be honest, I have no idea what to expect, to me Michael Kiwanuka feels more right 3rd down and Cyndi Lauper 4th down. Weirder things have happened though. I'm just going off the poster placements and that's all, just cause that's all we have to go from at the moment.
  10. Is there any info saying he's 3rd down? Just cause I've done it purely based on Cyndi Lauper playing Saturday and being above him on the poster.
  11. Yeah added to mine too https://clashfinder.com/s/glastoprediction/
  12. Acid_Haze

    2024 New Music

    New Everything Everything is good, a bit of a return to form. Can hear some Radiohead influences in the weird but poignant lyrics. I like the concept of the album - best one I've heard since Get to Heaven.
  13. Yeah will probably be just one next week because of the resale, but after that there are enough areas to make about 2-3 announcements a week on average until the full lineup end of May/early June.
  14. Acid_Haze

    2024 New Music

    Agreed, Houdini is still best, but none of these tracks beat any of the Future Nostalgia singles.
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