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  1. Will be interesting to see how the ground reacts and how quickly it dries up
  2. CH0161

    Arcadia 2024

    The potential was probably better than the finished product. Then again we didn't actually get to see the intended concept due to the wind etc. Looking back it was mental and it was definitely a welcome change from the spider.
  3. 'Gotsome' in the Temple , Sunday 8pm. What can we expect ? Looks like it's the only time I'd be able to go on the Sunday as I have to leave early.
  4. Thought so, cheers. With him having to fly 6+ hours to get home he's weighing up whether to come if it's not guarenteed
  5. Are the little hidden places in Shangri La still a thing? Heard about them but never came across them despite sending a lot of time down that way
  6. My mate's moved to Dubai recently due to work, and can only get back to the UK on the Friday morning of the festival. He is meant to be on a Weds coach from Manchester. Ive heard in the past that coach drivers hand any uncollected tickets back into the office. Is there anyone he can contact to arrange a collection on the Friday or is he going to have to chance it on the day?
  7. Any chance of a repeat Mary Wallopers set?
  8. Guinness Tent would go down a treat . Band in the corner playing trad. Heard Bimble Inn serves Guinness - is it any good?
  9. Haha I know the video in question, that was truly horrendous 😆 I don't know why but I have blind faith that unless there is a ridiculous deluge then we will be ok. Even with the heavy rain of the last few months, the ground seems like its managed to dry really well. Just hope next week's weather can do the same!
  10. Top of ribbon tower, Piano bar( if it's there) , NYC Downlow, Rabbit hole replacement, Stone Dragon , Strummerville , Crows Nest, Stone Circle sunrise. Very good chance the giddyometer goes into overdrive once I get in there and I do a grand total of none of the above.
  11. Can anyone remember back to 2016 build up ? Was the site always a bog or did it turn very bad very fast?
  12. Is there an online announcement as well as the blackboard? Fancy getting up there one night
  13. When you click on a saved artist on 'My Line Up' , it disappears ffs
  14. Any acid house recommendations?
  15. Planning on watching part of Honey Dijon at Genosys before Bicep.....Would I be ok going from Genosys into IICON field around 30 mins before Bicep's set or will they send me all the way back round? 🤦‍♂️
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