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  1. CH0161

    Sam Fender

    Was there myself , that last 45 mins was outstanding. Was gutted James didn’t make it to Glasto this year , I’d love to see them on one of the smaller stages/tents.
  2. CH0161

    Sam Fender

    Still short of a couple of tickets for Sam Fender at Castlefield Bowl if anyone has any? So many scammers on Twitter!
  3. Coming from the East but have an orange car park pass, will they let me through ok?
  4. CH0161

    Crows Nest

    Having never been as far up the hill as the Crows Nest, I think this year is the year to get it done. The view from the top looks unreal at night. Is there plenty of space outside if its full or is it one of those where you need to be inside ? Would be shite to trek up at night if it was full and couldn't see/get in
  5. That’s fair enough. I can never be arsed carrying a pillow in ,but it always comes home with me - it’s a godsend on the bus back
  6. Do they sell proper pillows at the camp shops inside?
  7. Can anyone recommend a good spot to have a proper sit down for a bite to eat and drink? Somewhere in Green fields/Williams Green/West Holts ideally....Would make a nice change from buying food and wolfing it down walking round. By this I don't mean one particular trader, just looking for a good area to chill with benches or tables etc.
  8. Nice one! Just seen they posted this before:
  9. Fancy walloping one of them Eat the farm breakfast butties. Anyone know where about they usually are?
  10. Planning on arriving to the car parks(hopefully Orange) by 4/4:30am Weds.Heading for Gate D all being well. Hoping to be set up in Park Home by 9:30am, is that realistic ? Has anyone got similar experience of these timings for Gate D from 2017 and 2019? Lets not mention 2016 🙃 Is it 8am that they open up the gates?
  11. Only one thing for it - Crowd surf on the last song and disappear
  12. Where is the best spot for the fireworks and Phoenix burning?
  13. Annoying change to 2019 app - 'My line up' is now in list view rather than the same format as the full schedule
  14. Lost Horizons showers.... cubicles or communal?
  15. Planning to get in the Temple around 1am Friday night, what are queues like at that time?
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