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  1. I dont print anything out.. its all viewable offline in Mobile mode
  2. WHAT a rollercoaster ride this thread has been! Dont think I've checked a thread so often. Thanks to all the contributors! We've made it guys!! Now to enjoy the festival.. See you on the farm
  3. Perfect! This video has eased a lot of my group's fears of a muddy glasto.. Thanks!
  4. The EE app is crap, loads of scrolling up & down trying to find what acts are on
  5. joeruss

    Happy Glastonbury Eve!

    So bloody excited!! Leaving Manchester at 8pm tonight
  6. joeruss

    Steel cups

    Yep they're available at the WaterAid refill stations and select bars I believe.. saw someone yesterday had taken a photo of one of the boards advertising them onsite, £5 deposit
  7. I find the itinerary mode very handy... compiles it into a nice easy to view list with set times
  8. One of my must sees of the weekend.. really looking forward to seeing her play Arcadia!
  9. joeruss


    Guessing so.. I'm heading there for 5ish, will be very disappointed if it turns out to be Bradley Cooper!
  10. Bought a pair of wellies the other day but they're going back as I've just found a pair of waterproof walking boots I'll be bringing Hopefully with the sunshine we're going to have, I will only need them Weds, as the ground will dry out quick after Tuesdays downpour
  11. joeruss


    I would imagine their Park set will feature old & new.. with My Number being the Glasto BBC tune a few years back, they'd surely feature that at somepoint?
  12. ** Googles 'tent fan' **
  13. Did not know this! We all congregated in the Beat Hotel on the Weds afternoon which felt like a sauna..
  14. Is there a reason why most of the weather websites & apps are still showing rain and temps around 23-24c? Are they not all using the same data?
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