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  1. According to the BBC, Johnson said the following at the cabinet meeting. "he hoped we could now move to a place where Covid was not dominating the news agenda anymore." Obviously no one has told him what has been dominating the news agenda for the last four weeks.
  2. That is why he apologised so quickly, last thing he wants is to appear in front of a judge.
  3. The problem with this approach for the Tories is that the councillors that will lose their seats are also usually the local activists who will be on the local committees and organise the local campaign at election time. They will be pressuring the sitting MPs to get rid of him before May if they think they’re cannon fodder in a wider Westminster plan.
  4. Yes the terms of the enquiry don’t include looking for breaches of the ministerial code, that would have to be added by the prime minister. Anyway how is she meant to conclude that it was all the fault of civil servants if she is allowed to investigate the actions of ministers.
  5. According to the BBC the two parties joined together and the party continued to late in the night in the Downing Street gardens. No wonder Boris always looks so disheveled, he can’t get a decent nights sleep because of all the staff working late outside his house.
  6. Boris Johnson is going to contact Neil, he quite likes the idea that everything that happened between the 31st October and today just disappeared.
  7. Amazing how careers diverge, 20 years ago Travis were bigger than Coldplay, today one is announcing a world stadium tour, whilst the other is getting mauled by a sausage dog. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/fran-healy-travis-singer-mauled-sausage-dog-los-angeles-b960584.html
  8. Or Shetland, or maybe the flare at Sullom Voe is visible from space.
  9. Cherry Tree


    They will be booked out by MegaFuckingCorp plc for their sales force to host their really important clients, who will be more interested in how much fizz they can quaff, all tax deductible don’t you know. Said as someone who has sampled corporate hospitality only to explain, to some of my guests, the scoring system in Tennis or which cars are from F1 at Goodwood
  10. I don’t think The Antlers have ever played Glastonbury, but Hinds have.
  11. if it was Archibald/Kenny you were watching, that was the Madison. Matt Walls won the Omnium but that was yesterday.
  12. Proper Horn sections not just a saxophone solo.
  13. The day after Cummings has a hizzy fit on national television, the government announces a 3% pay rise for NHS having set expectation at 1%, they also announce they want a fight with the EU about the NI protocol that they accepted as part of an oven ready deal and being highly competent must have understood the consequences. Oh and as an aside get a favoured publication to start implying that Rashford is not the messiah but just a very naughty boy. That should be enough to bury the bad news and get the right wing press back onside. The problem is that a majority of the population buy this crap and no on is holding them to account, they really believe they are untouchable.
  14. And how would you categorise your 5 posts this evening.
  15. Now at track 9, definitely a more electro pop feel, going from Kate Bush 80s orchestral feel to some of the more avant garde 80s electro pop, showing my age but a bit of The Associates meets Blue Nile.
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