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  1. I see it’s Truss turn to have that Bobby Ewing moment that Johnson also had, got out of the shower this morning and the last twelve years haven’t happened and she was never a cabinet member serving under the last three prime ministers, so forget past failures, promises and how you voted against Brexit just start afresh as though it never happened. Is this the new way of getting a party elected after a long time in government just select a new leader every three years and hope people forget about all the disasters of the previous leaders.
  2. Not a Conservative supporter, but you have to credit them on diversity, final four and not a white male amongst them. Shows that Race or Gender are no barrier to being an arse.
  3. Yes, it has to be serious when incompetent people like Braverman and Patel are biting the hand that promoted them way beyond their capability.
  4. I think that makes 44, or 45 if you count Gove. Boris must be really struggling to fill all the posts, although they don’t have to be MPs, he could give out a few titles and have them sit in the lords. Boris trying to make a list of people who he can offer government jobs to. - Katie Hopkins, oh wait is she too right wing, nah. - oh in that case Richard Littlejohn - Piers Morgan - That bloke that we gave health contracts to, who runs the pub near Matt Hancocks house. - Oh wait a minute, Matt Hancock, don’t even need to give him a title - That bloke who lets me wear a Hi-viz coat and drive his tractors and diggers - that Russian bloke I met at the bunga bunga party in Italy, after all I gave one to his son. - Oh forgot about Carrie, not the first time I tried to get her a job, but wait who can look after the kids. - Chris Pincher, maybe a bit too soon - Michael Gove, maybe a bit too soon - Dominic Cummings, but he doesn’t seem to talk to me anymore, even after I supported him over that eyesight test thing.
  5. Welsh Secretary Simon Hart has resigned from the cabinet.
  6. Or he believes he needs one of the top jobs to make his leadership bid realistic, if the stories above are true for the same reasons as Truss, make a few appealing announcements knowing you never need to manage the consequences.
  7. During McCartney playing Get Back, he asked the crowd "what do you want to get back", the guy behind me unhappy at the lack of Beatles tracks said "the last hour and a half"
  8. It was great food and a great concept for serving large number, choose from four fillings, four topping, custard or, if you must, ice cream, then on your way, they must have served 30 portions in the 3/4 minutes that I was in the queue last night. *they did do gluten free and other dietary options, which may have taken a bit longer.
  9. At least that is music related, there was someone with a giant tennis racket, wtf.
  10. So Glenn Tilbrook on Sunday, Chris Difford in the same slot on Saturday, how many Squeeze songs will be repeated. Given the age of the Acoustic audience, there will be people going about saying "I am sure I’ve seen this before"
  11. You definitely don’t want to do that with wasabi, that would make for a long and uncomfortable weekend.
  12. By the end of that conversation were the security guards talking in a high pitched child voice.
  13. Shapp seems happy to sell his soul for a cabinet roll.
  14. Things said in jest, often come true. https://news.sky.com/story/boris-johnson-was-not-partying-in-new-pictures-that-show-him-raise-a-glass-at-a-leaving-do-says-grant-shapps-12620149
  15. Am I right in thinking that the winner meets the winner of Depp v Heard in the final of the "let’s give our lawyers all our money" cup
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