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  1. The distance involved means the majority comes in unaccompanied by sea container or airfreight.
  2. Cherry Tree


    I use a cookbook from The Gate restaurant if we are entertaining as the recipes can be a bit chefy rather than everyday eating, it is quite a mix of flavours but probably Middle East and North African is a reasonable description. Vegetarian rather than fully vegan but does have a number of vegan recipes and others that could be adapted. If we ever get back to going to concerts they have a restaurant round the corner from Hammersmith Apollo, less than 5 minutes walk, really good for a pre-gig meal, busy but we can usually get a table if we book early enough. https://thegaterestaurants.co
  3. If current weather has an impact it might mean we might have to rely on Lewis Duckworth to calculate the run rate. Too late
  4. At that rate it gives you the 2 million a week target even basing it on six days. The interesting thing will be the numbers over the weekend to see if it is geared up even to the 7 part of the 24/7 promise. If they even achieve 300k+ over the two days at the weekend then it hopefully signals that 2m a week is realistic.
  5. Trying to haul this back on track, just noticed that the Bath & West Showground is getting set up as a vaccination centre, assuming that we will still be using these in May/June, does this have an impact on the festival.
  6. Story tonight is that they are building a 7 foot wall round The Capitol for the inauguration, which is good, but they need to know the festival needs it back before May. The Americans might not get irony, but the thought of Democrats chanting “Build The Wall’ for the next two weeks is really appealing. https://news.sky.com/video/build-that-wall-around-the-capitol-fencing-erected-in-washington-dc-after-mob-violence-12181906
  7. Boris on TV 3 times in a week, who does he think he is, Tom Allen.
  8. I was over for the Rugby but also got tickets for the Grand Prix, did Practice on the Friday, the Saturday qualifying was abandoned, however qualifying plus race on the Sunday was a great day.
  9. You would also run into Typhoon season in Japan, I had to hunker down in my hotel for 24 hours in early October during the Rugby World Cup.
  10. Yes, Tennis (outdoor) is still allowed in Tier 4. I am not sure if it is the rules but my club is only allowing singles, no doubles.
  11. So you are on the placebo then.
  12. Wait a minute is there not another name for it, oh that’s right lockdown.
  13. I have posted this previously, this is what the tories wanted to portray in 2015, the reality in 2017 was quite different. Not saying they won’t use the same scare tactics.
  14. In lieu of fireworks. VID-20201231-WA0000.mp4
  15. The attached could still be viewed as "legal" but in my view having to set up dummy companies in Isle of Man, Guernsey and the Virgin Isles to avoid paying tax whilst maybe being legal is not in the spirit of tax laws and moves from being tax avoidance to tax evasion. This is not the same as reducing the amount of tax you pay through utilising government endorsed schemes available to the vast majority of the population. https://www.theguardian.com/news/2017/nov/06/lewis-hamilton-avoided-taxes-jet-isle-of-man-scheme-paradise-papers
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