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  1. Managed to finally listen to Raleigh Ritchies new album today.. really like it. Could do without some of the speaking segments in the middle of decent songs. But someone I’d definitely like back on the farm!
  2. Andy0808 v5

    Glasto Food

    Not even going to attempt my favourite drunken food, Carlito Burrito. Haven’t got the skills to wrap something so filled, so tightly. Plus, I’d have to be w*nkered to eat it which adds further complications in the cooking procedure. Great attempts by all though, might have turned me to giving a Goan fish curry a try next year.
  3. I promise to be better next time.
  4. I’m merely correcting you making up facts again. I’d like to hope that it’s still in the forefront of people’s minds, but as with everything in modern western society: once the media turn their heads elsewhere unfortunately a large majority also will follow.
  5. No. She said it would have played a prominent role THIS year.
  6. Thursday Kendrick The Park stage Goan Fish Curry Stonebridge Bar Avalon Mark Radcliffe BBC 4 Ped Gate A Muddy Lane A361 Boots Baggy Monday’s (+10)
  7. Have we had enough versions for ‘The hurt/heal game: Legends edition’.. all the winners, all the big names over the years 😂
  8. Andy0808 v5

    BBC Glastonbury

    Wayne Rooney make a cameo on the iplayer during Beyoncé?
  9. Check the Eavis granddaughter who spilt the cancellation beans Instagram, maybe that’ll give us more clues about Macca. Great news. Kendrick and Macca were my two definite headliners this year, so nice to know at least one should be carrying over.
  10. I hope Diana is better than Parton, I thought Dolly was awful. The only reason I stayed was because the density of the crowd was too much to even attempt to leave. I like a lot more of Diana’s back catalogue and agree that she is gonna smash it. Going to be a real feel good moment if the sun is shining!
  11. Kendrick Lamar - 20 Dua Lipa - 30 (-10) Diana Ross - 90
  12. All I took from this, is that I’m seriously out of touch these days. But I do like Dave and Lizzo, it’s just Dua, Eilish, and 1975 I can’t bear.. tried to get into them all. At least at Glastonbury, it caters for all and it does give people the step up and opportunity.
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