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  1. There’s an extremely good video, that I’ve not been able to track down whilst doing a quick search, of the Stone circle on Monday morning in recent years. Lovely day begins playing on some speakers and everyone’s dancing and singing along despite the festival being over. RIP
  2. It is going to be a disgrace come the end of April. Look how many domestic murders there have been this week. The 'murder-suicide' of the family, including dog was particular disturbing. Police can't do right or wrong in the eyes of public and media. Being too overbearing with powers or not doing enough; pick one and stick with it ffs. NHS workers and all key workers will be at the end of their tethers (already are in some cases). Football clubs showing their true colours looking for bailouts, when in three months they'll be throwing out millions on players and contracts. The human race is honestly just something else. At least the environment is getting a break..
  3. Agree with the above Dua Lipa comment, didn’t think she’d actually gone full blown massive, despite the hype off a couple of the new tunes.. ..and the footage I saw from her last Glasto set, I didn’t think she sounded very good 👀 *runs*
  4. As above post, this and all the replies. As well as Emily’s post.. enjoyed looking through. Can’t believe we’re only 64 weeks away!
  5. Haven’t been properly looking at the thread the last week, due to working a lot.. but the Twitter chain Emily encouraged yesterday gave me a lot of smiles. Peoples favourite Glastonbury photos, don’t know if it was posted in here.
  6. Because it wouldn’t be efestivals without people speaking in absolutes.
  7. Kendrick McCartney Arctic Monkeys. Taylor Swift for 2022 me thinks.
  8. That new Run the jewels track is class. Done a lot of hours on RTJ3 and looks like I’ll be putting a lot into RTJ4 at this rate.
  9. You were right, this album is going to be unreal.
  10. And not just that.. Police Officer: sir, there’s a curfew.. Arsehole ignoring curfew: so what? PO: please return home. AIC: No. PO: what’s your name? AIC: I’m not giving you my name. Please find me a police officer who is going to put hands on or drag someone to a police station for refusing details, when there appears to be no actual law in place? You can’t fine someone without a name and address and without being protected by a law from complaints.. don’t think any officers will be risking their jobs.
  11. No words on what laws have been implemented to support the enforcing of this. Without sounding too pessimistic, without proper clarity around that it leaves too many loop holes for people to take advantage. Dark days indeed, but compared to other countries, always seems like we get barely an explanation and proper clarification. I have friends in the construction industry who are still completely confused as to whether they’ll be at work tomorrow or there’s things to cover them.
  12. Andy0808 v5

    The poster 2020

    Corona virus moon was a nice touch.
  13. I think if corona is still cancelling events even in February next year, we’ll be in a very bad place globally. I’d like to think it will have calmed down by September and once winter kicks in there’s likely to be a slight increase in cases but after that we’re free. 🤞🏻
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