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  1. If Celine Dion plays, I’ll personally crash the Titanic into the Pyramid stage during her set to end it all.
  2. Got mine now. No fancy Glastonbury art work border around the email this time. They’ve obviously thought ‘fuck it’ like half the world.
  3. I don’t visit the forums for three days, I come back and Stereophonics are being banded around.. this place has changed.
  4. Another vote for the ones at the top of the other stage field. The queues are always mental, and I always leave it to dangerous levels of desperation before I head there. TMI time: Too many times my *ahem* turns into a water balloon whilst I grasp it in desperation before it explodes on release as I finally reach the urinal.
  5. Nope. Not me. Sure they’ve got more pressing things to do than reaffirm what we already know though. Must admit I did have a mild panic a couple of days ago when I hadn’t got an email, thought I’d dreamt up the fact I had a ticket or worse my lead buyer cancelled it.
  6. I fully agree, on top of this.. I can’t imagine many people would change their entire mindset based on being accosted at Glastonbury. It’s such an interesting part of the festival that I wouldn’t want it to go, even if there are those who may be seen taking it too far.. their choice, and it’s hardly likely to change my view on it.
  7. This reply was rushed. Apologies all..
  8. Always sunny seasons 2-8 are just gold.
  9. How I imagine Bad Man MC’s situation to be like with his parents,
  10. Easy to forget she’s got three kids teaching them at home, whilst stressing about all this. Hope for their sakes 2022 is a go.
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