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  1. I’m still waiting for Arctic Monkeys to play those shows in Hillsborough Park. Going to be weird come November when everyone starts firing out tour dates.
  2. Andy0808 v5


    I always thought your rep showed your commitment to ‘sticking it to the man.’ I think the comment on rep and seeing how reliable that person was resonates more with those who are 0 to -100. That also usually goes in tandem with how recent their profile started.
  3. I’d love to rewatch/relive the Mike Skinner & Murkage present TONGA set at Rumshack in 2016 (I think), Saturday night. Obviously no cameras in there, but it was probably the best nightlife set I’ve been at, just wall to wall bangers; and it seemed to go on for hours. edit; I’ve tried finding it on the artist A-Z for 2016 and 2017. It might’ve just been Mike Skinner, but I can’t remember. The only sets I can find are 1 hour and it was definitely at least 2.5 hours.
  4. This thread has lost it. I suppose it’s the 70th Saturday of lockdown, but no excuses.
  5. This must be an Avalon headliner, much like Busted the other year. Couldn’t picture them anywhere else on site and getting a huge turnout.
  6. I know it’s two nights (currently), but she’s surely too big for Roundhouse.
  7. Andy0808 v5


    Tune is alright. I’ll see how the press release reads with a cider in my hand whilst sat in the sun.
  8. Same. I had to change gears very quickly.
  9. Billie v Taylor? What happened to the good old days of real rock legend debates like Foals v 1975.
  10. Give it to Russy til’ end of the season.
  11. That’s a lot of London dates, wow. Actually quite impressive. I am so out of touch. Give me Danny Dyer’s Chocolate Humonculous over her any day.
  12. eFest forum users whenever Matt’s excitement is eventually proven incorrect.. (side note, I agree with Jakeyboi.. I genuinely don’t know how you’ve remained so optimistic and a regular contributor over the last year and a half. I can’t find the energy at the moment.. bravo)
  13. Very interesting that, where would he play?
  14. Andy0808 v5

    Olivia Rodrigo

    Gave it a punt based on this thread. Think this is the first time on eFestivals that I’ve disagreed with the majority saying something is good Doesn’t do anything for me.
  15. I’m glad you quoted that as it’s been deleted/edited. What on earth is he on about? More I look at Primavera, the more I’m getting excited. RTJ too, I thought they’d been ruled out by their own dates next year, but I’ve looked on their website and I think there’s nothing stopping that.
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