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  1. They should bring back and make permanent Shrine-l Ritchie. The best micro venue I have ever encountered at the festival
  2. I have an image of Michael typing them out individually, using his two index fingers.
  3. An Efestivals debate about whether a portaloo should be for shitting, tripping, or escaping is not what I thought I’d be reading today. This forum has found some new gears the last week, never know which speed to approach 😂
  4. Bit of research, went back as far as 2014. They’ve played everyone since except 2019, and always play 1800-2000 on the Sunday
  5. How I’ve missed that before is crazy. Hopefully on when I’ve got some down time
  6. Right, I’ve YouTubed ‘Fleetmac Wood’, this is so far up my street that I didn’t know I ever wanted it. Stonebridge always pulls out some madness for me. (I’m hoping this is actually what it is) Edit; skip to 4:23 for your viewing pleasure.
  7. Yeh. My lead booker is incompetent, and I’ve given up trying to get him to tell me or forward the original email.
  8. Anyone know what the coach times vary from departing from London on the Wednesday? I’d like to be there 1400 latest, but fully expecting a 1600 coach shafting.
  9. I would imagine Neil can immediately tell if they’re alt accounts based on IP and email addresses; which to share would breach data protection and IMO is worse than banning people for what he deems as stupid behaviour. Cliques and close mindedness is what stops the forum getting busier and more engaging - and ultimately if Neil was as bad as you were all saying, he’d just ban you all for speaking out at him.
  10. Andy0808 v5

    Kendrick Lamar

    Some of the meme’s and comments about We Cry Together already on Twitter is cracking me up.
  11. Got in, proved I wasn’t a robot by choosing three chimneys, joined a queue, refreshed once: sold out 😂 Couldn’t have been more than 10 seconds
  12. What was that? 4 seconds? Loool
  13. Saw I was 3100 in the queue and thought no chance. Got to about 1400, and then noticed how quickly I was moving through the queue, my brain saying ‘it’s clearly sold out because of how fast you’re now moving’ Yet, my heart still wanted to persist. Should’ve listened to my brain 😭
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