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  1. Why have loads of the artists been TBC’d on the rumours page? What have I missed? this is good news.
  2. I think the tickets sold will continue to roll over until a time they can hold the festival, as much as people who are ticketless don’t want to hear it. There’s going to be no difference in circumstances next year to what there was this year if it’s delayed. Personally, I think the festival goes ahead if the logistics of the build can be done safely and ahead of time. By June, I imagine there’ll be a mix of vaccine, safety measures, and also an attitude of if you’re happy with the measures in place an ‘at your own risk/disclosure’ of attendance with maybe more refund options for th
  3. Boy pablo released an album on Friday which completely passed me by. But it is actually doing very well perking me up on my commute.
  4. Can we go back to the days of crazy speculation based on the wording of Neil’s posts? That’s what I miss most.
  5. Andy0808 v5

    2021 chances

    Wait until the negative nellies hear about the optimism in here. They’ll snuff that out
  6. Future islands new one is up on Spotify now, quite a surprise as I got on the train home from work and saw it there to stream. Really enjoying it. edit: Born in a war an early highlight.
  7. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.
  8. I have two holidays likely to be cancelled before I have to fixate in Glastonbury also going. Remaining positive, but look where that got me in March.
  9. As long as my camp Sticklinch cabin doesn’t turn into this I’m all for it anytime.
  10. Seeing as pop landfill gets played 24/7 on most mainstream radio, it’s nice that Vice have raised some awareness for my beloved indie genre. I also completely forgot about a few of the tunes on the list, so was nice to revisit. Apart from Chelsea Dagger, Chelsea Dagger can die.
  11. Some notes after catching up properly for the first time in a month.. - Glad to see everyone’s still got no idea and jumping from one theory to the next. - Can’t believe I found ‘Flo Rida’ suggested as a Glasto headliner. I nearly stopped reading on. - That indie landfill thread has upset me greatly. Milburn - Send in the boys is a banger. I did breeze through it, but pretty sure there wasn’t any mention of Reverend and the makers - heavyweight champion of the world.
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