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  1. Seen certain people say similar about Jack White being awful last time he played, so would be if he did 2022 too.. 👀 🐸 ☕️
  2. Just in case anyone missed it, Paul has left the Beatles. I reckon he could be in with a shout next year.
  3. That post trying to find us all.
  4. I think Jake Bugg would be embarrassed to show his face after the crowd he pulled at the JP the other year.
  5. Doesn’t say the tea time slot though 😈 Double legends inbound. I’m joking.. but that would be a treat if we got two big legends this year.
  6. I can’t wait until Russia and China land on our shores, and the enlisted 17 year olds TikTok dance at the oncoming rounds. Of all the social media we have, it really is the one that has led to the youth/some adults becoming the worst that society has to offer.
  7. Yeh I thought Finsbury would probably be the place. Have they got anything planned for next summer yet? They usually host a few things, I saw QOTSA the other year. Sound was fairly atrocious, and the fact it was harder to get your hand on a pint than Josh Homme’s cock was also a minus. But I would jump at the chance to see AM again.
  8. AM in a park followed by Glastonbury, with Lionel a week later in Norwich sounds like a good summer for me. Hopefully AM doing London somewhere.
  9. Andy0808 v5


    If QOTSA don’t play that Friday because of Josh’s personal stuff, then it has to be Foals just to get them on the bill. But, I do think QOTSA will be here regardless of all that shit with Homme. Great track, better than any of the singles off the double album in my opinion.
  10. Seriously, ban him for that Kendrick edit now. I’ve had to change my pants for nothing.
  11. Pixies have announced London dates early June. Please can we have them back.
  12. The last few pages have been a good read. We’re back, I feel a disturbance in the force.
  13. MOTSWT? Take away the M and replace with an I.. anagram of TWISTO. ffs, Coldplay confirmed.
  14. £95 for RHCP standing in London.. god, has inflation hit that hard. Was expecting £75 tops.
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