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  1. Yoko, with Yo La Tengo as her backing band, was one of the highlights of my 33yr Glastonbury experience to date. The worst? Having to walk past any anodyne, generic garbage such as Arctic Monkeys, Killers, Coldplay, Arcade Fire et al on the way to real music. Best ever GB set? Leonard Cohen. End of debate.
  2. Pipkins

    AOC at Glastonbury?

    Not keen on cherries. Also not going to waste time defending things I already know and am happy with. Not offended, just continually gobsmacked that people, esp the younger generation, fall for Corbyn's rhetoric. They are clearly too young to remember the 70s. The Lib Dems are the only major party calling for a 2nd referendum, standing up for students and defending the worker. Or you can vote for the party of Diane Ab... Ummm...
  3. Pipkins

    AOC at Glastonbury?

    'a man who is readily upset or offended by progressive attitudes' No, that's not me. Not upset by progress, just mindless stupidity by anybody who thinks everyone's entitled to an opinion as long as it agrees with theirs!
  4. Pipkins

    AOC at Glastonbury?

    You had a choice, compromise on one issue (which was being called for by the Universities so they could remain competitive globally) and get the majority of the Lib Dem manifesto through, or side with Labour who refused to get rid of G Brown (a major liability and the sticking point for collaboration) or letting the Tory's run the country by themselves. If the Lib Dems were the winning party then there would have been free edu. But they weren't. Unfortunately the snowflakes looked only at the headlines and not the facts and the background story. Besides which, both Labour and the Tory's were seeking fees, and it was only because of Lib Dem intervention that the payback threshold was set at 21k and not 18k!
  5. Pipkins

    AOC at Glastonbury?

    As the ever reliable Wikipedia states: Generation Snowflake, or Snowflake Generation, is a neologistic term used to characterize Millennials andGeneration Z as being more prone to taking offence and having less psychological resilience than previousgenerations, or as being too emotionally vulnerable to cope with views that challenge their own. I stand by my statement, or have I triggered you...?
  6. Pipkins

    AOC at Glastonbury?

    AOC is without any shadow of a doubt one of the least politically knowledgeable politicians on the scene. She is embarrassingly naïve and is perfect for the snowflake brigade who seem to fall for anything where they don't have to employ common sense or reason. If you want to hear common sense and reason I will point you in the direction of the deputy leader of the Lib Dems. A woman who understands what she's talking about and understands the true impact of policy from a social, political and fiscal perspective.
  7. Oasis were nothing more than a pub band that got lucky off the back of Brit Pop, a truely hideous period for music. Whilst I appreciate for some young people it may have seemed refreshing compared to some of the chart rubbish of the 90s, it was cheap pub rock compared to Zep, Sabbath, Purple, Queen, Ramones, Sonic Youth (I could fill a few pages here but won't). A cultural embarrassment, the 'rock' (I employ the word lightly) equivalent of the Spice Girls or Mel and Kim that was hyped to death by the media. It was that period's Darkness. Darkness fans failed to see the group started as a parody, a Spinal Tap for their generation, and actually took them seriously! They must laugh all the way to the bank. Ever get the feeling you've been cheated...?
  8. Bowie's last appearance on the main stage. I was there in 2000 and I have to say this performance (Michael Clark Company) was far more enjoyable. Along with Leonard Cohen this was the joint best event I've witnessed at Glastonbury in the last 33 years.
  9. Just realised I haven't even got around to processing this year's pics or even properly processing 2015! Here's a few though to keep you going: http://festivalpictorial.com/glastonbury/
  10. For anyone wanting to see GSH, he is playing Bank Holiday Monday at Greenbelt. For those that don't know, Greenbelt is THE Christian arts festival. It's been going for decades and is a wonderful weekend. You will be assured of a safe and friendly weekend whether you are a Chritian or not. Hard standing in some areas as it's at Cheltenham Race Course Always good music over the weekend (including many big names - everything from classical to thrash metal. BTW - for Mayo and Kermode fans (which you all should be) - Mayo talks every year at Greenbelt and Mark Kermode's group is playing on the Monday night.
  11. OK - here I go. These are just a quick snapshot of my gigs - some of the best - and wait to the end to see the best gig I've ever seen. Donington 84 (AC/DC, Van Halen, Ozzy et al Knebworth 85 Deep Purple, Mountain, Scorpians et al Ace Frehley Hammersmith 1988 (shoddy, but that's Ace for you) Simon and Garfunkel Paul Simon Barclay James Harvest 84 Black Crowes Glasto 93 Velvet Underground Glasto (IT'S VELVET UNDERGROUND!) Kiss 83 Poole Arts Centre Peter Case x 2 Greenbelt Crosby Stills and Nash x 3 (best was Richmond, VA, USA in 88 when they never seemed to play the UK) Dan Reed Network x 3 Dire Straits Shepton Mallet 85 Dread Zeppelin Bristol 86 Eels Bristol 00 Einsturzende Neubaten London 00 ELO Pt II 97 Howe Gelb and guests inc PJ Harvey Lodon 01 Iron Maiden 1984 Jane's Addiction Bristol 90 and 91 Jim White Bristol 02 (?) Kings X Bristol 91 and 80 something Kiss 96 Donington Larry Norman x 3 Laurie Anderson Bristol 01 Living Colour x 3 89 onwards Lou Reed Los Lobos Louden Wainwright 86 Love x 3 (best at Bristol 02/03) Nanci Griffith x 3 Neil Young x 3 Nick Cave x 6 Night of the Guitars Bristol 87 P J Harvey x 7 Best in Bristol - pub gig - 96 Pink Floyd 88 Pixies 89 Porno for Pyros Portishead Primus Prince 90/92 Queen x 2 (best in 1984 NEC) Rage ATM x 2 at Rock City - best in Feb 93 downstairs in the tiny disco REO Speedwagon 85 Ramones 86/92 Richard Thompson x 3 Richie Havens x 2 Robert Plant Various Roger Waters Rush x 2 88/92 Stephane Grappelli 93 Stryper Hammersmith 87 Tanya Donelly 97 Tony Bennett 98 Twisted Sister 85 Van Morrison 87 onwards - various Vic Chenutt 01 Patti Smith San Fransisco White Stripes x 3 Best on GB main stage in 02 Z Marquee Club 93 (?) ZZ Top Donington And loads of others, but... Best ever musically? Natalie Merchant, last month at Bristol Colston Hall. Very closely followed by Cohen at GB. Best stage show? Marilyn Manson, Worster Centrum, MA, USA, 1999 followed by Kiss.
  12. Pipkins

    Leaving kids at home.

    My son first went at 3 mths. He's now 7 and my daughter will be 4 next week. They have been every year since birth. They both adore music and love being down at the front of the pyramid as much as being in the Kids field and circus big top. At Glastonbury alone my children have seen REM, String Cheese incident, John Fogerty, CSN, N Young, Springsteen and a thousand other acts, many of whom you don't usually get this side of the pond. WHY... would you think to not bring your children. I have been to GB since 86 (only missed 2 years) and never thought for one moment not to take any future children. You OWE this opportunity to your children. I have been lucky enough to have stood in that hallowed field at Woodstock. The only problem was I was about 35 when i did it. how much sweeter to have done that when I was 2 in 1969! You know it's the right thing to do. Our children are the future of rock. (Not, I hasten to add, pop... which we all know is manufactured garbage.) (Oh, and Mr Eavis - PLEASE get S and G, Kate Bush and Cat Stevens on main stage... and a reformed Sleater Kinney!)
  13. Pipkins

    Simon & Garfunkel

    I have said many times on this forum, the only thing missing from GB any more is S and G, Cat Stevens and Kate Bush. I'm lucky enough to have seen S and G together and both S and G solo. (Also saw Cat Stevens at the Albert Hall!) Both were amazing to hear live solo and a dream come true to see together. Paul is without a doubt the real talent (wrote all the songs) and is hands down the most talented song writer living. Period. GB needs S and G (with Kate and Cat as support of course). Oh, and can I add Natalie Merchant as well please?
  14. Pipkins

    The Unthanks

    Try this one - seems to work at the moment:
  15. Pipkins

    The Unthanks

    As much as I love them, I don't think this clip does them justice. Check out the whole of their album on Spotify, including the last song, Betsy Bell, which doesn't seem to appear on the physical release. Rachel has a great voice, but her younger sister's is even better, (the best voice in British folk?). They also did a few songs on the BBC4 Christmas Folk programme (can't remember the name of the programme) which also featured the magnificent Bellowhead. Try and find it on Youtube etc. I'm sure it will be there somewhere. Whilst on the subject of stunning female vocals, check out Natalie Merchant if you don't know her. The best folk voice in the World? Without a doubt, the most beautiful folk singer. Touring in May. I had put up some links but am editing as Youtube says they've all been removed for violation - since yesterday!
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