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  1. Johnnyseven

    Other Stage

    I thought they were great too. They're an active band still making records not a heritage act, anyone expecting all oldies and no new songs was deluded. They've made more records since their heyday than they did during it, if they played oldies the casual fan may not be aware of some of them anyway. They played 5 oldies I knew, Come Home was played - i'd much prefer to hear that than Sit Down.
  2. If you look at the dates on his website it specifically mentions the festival in Romania on the 26th June 2019, so hopefully he should still be able to make Glastonbury. I find it odd that he would put Glastonbury in his dates, albeit with the wrong dates, if he wasn't hoping to do it.
  3. Hopefully that's just a typo and he will be playing!
  4. Just seen a post on Facebook from Eat Static self confirming for Glastonbury!
  5. Johnnyseven

    Other Stage

    How about Orbital? Rumoured for JP but they prefer to play outdoor stages.
  6. It's a bit of pot luck as to whether if you arrive early you will end up nearer the gate. It depends what field they are filling when you arrive. Also after they have filled some fields they'll look again at fields they previously classed as full and put more people in them where there is space.
  7. There will be pitches, though you may either find that you are put somewhere far away from the pedestrian gate or crammed in a small space somewhere when the stewards realise that they are running out of room and need to squeeze people in.
  8. That was 1998, i'm pretty sure the shooting was during Bjork's set a few years earlier.
  9. I totally agree. I didn't go back when it was like the wild west but it's very different now to how it was in the late 90's. In the 90's festivals were generally attended by people who were into certain musical genres or lived a certain way of life, now everyone wants to go. Now all you see is people pretending to not be upset by the fact their chosen massive top 10, million selling acts aren't headlining, I don't think I even knew who was playing when I went in the 90's. Glastonbury has become too easy IMO.
  10. If your CV ticket says 'Family' on it don't be surprised if they turn you away at the gate. It should say 'Quiet' these days.
  11. I would have thought that this is a reason why she couldn't do it, she'll not have been playing or rehearsing so not ready to do a big show like Glasto.
  12. Oh ok, I didn't realise. I've no idea. Someone local or people who have experience working the festival might be able to help though.
  13. I would imagine that trying to drive on the roads around the outside of the site on monday will be very difficult. The traffic will be extremely heavy and there will be a number of one way systems in place which will be designed to get people away from the site, not around it. Why won't you be able to walk through the site on Monday, anyone else should be able to?
  14. Johnnyseven

    Deluxe diner

    Hardly a bargain. It'd have to be pretty special to persuade me to spend that on a roast. Each to their own though.
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