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  1. I would think that it's a combination of nobody really wanting them 'cos it's miles away from the festival and that they've read the many posts in various places online that say that East CV tickets are easy to get after the resale.
  2. Oh ok. I misread the chat then, I got the impression that the idea was that they'll get Wolfgang to play the slot they had Kraftwerk lined up for. What you and @Tommy Dickfingers suggested makes more sense.
  3. Wolfgang Flur surely can't be headlining IICON? A mate puts him on in London at The Lexington, you could probably fit at least 100 rooms the size of The Lexington in the IICON and still have space to spare. Would he really pull enough of a crowd?
  4. This makes me very very sad.
  5. They've announced Leftfield DJ will be.
  6. Not sure I could handle it, but it would be amazing if this happened! Would need to be headline length sets from both though.
  7. That was my way in in 1998 and 1999. While we were waiting for our mates to arrive at the gate in 1999 we looked after the owner of the stamp's stuff while he was getting people in, in return he took us in for free!
  8. I'd love to see Orbital and Underworld there this year.
  9. The Voodoo Tweed Cult of Your Mum need to get booked!
  10. A mate of mine lives in Cheddar, I asked him to pick some of this stuff up for me, which he did and delivered it to Glasto for me. It's very nice but I don't think 5 days in my warm tent did it any favours, it seemed to turn rather quickly when I got it home.
  11. The Bimble Inn definitely had Burrow Hill on Friday when we played there and again on Sunday when I walked up there to claim my 2nd free pint that I earned from having played there on the Friday. Maceo's had Heck on tap too.
  12. TBH it could have been anywhere from Oxlyers round to the Stone Circle, I was pretty blasted at the time so my memory is a bit hazy.
  13. On the Friday night of 2000 I hooked up with young lady during Nine Inch Nails and went back to her tent which was somewhere at the back of Oxlyers or Park Home Ground (I think) and a big section of the fence was just lying on the ground.
  14. Johnnyseven

    Andy Gill

    Sad day 😞
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