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  1. I bought a ticket to the Jon Hopkins curated night at Printworks in October. It's years since i've been to a club. The line up of Daniel Avery, Hopkins and Seefeel persuaded me to give it a go, i'll probably be the oldest person there! Isn't it a bit unusual to have a band play on a club night with djs?
  2. Set Adrift On Memory Bliss by PM Dawn
  3. A Perfect Circle played in either 98, 99 or 00 as well. They threw a load of branded frisbees into the crowd. I would love to see At The Drive-In and The Mars Volta there. TMV aren't currently active but Omar and Cedric have said that they expect to start playing again at some point. The Jesus Lizard.
  4. Johnnyseven

    Camp Fires

    I would be reluctant to deduce all modern tents take ages to burn based upon a video showing 1 type of modern tent being difficult to ignite. There's also things like sleeping bags to take into account when escaping from a tent fire as well.
  5. Has anyone seen what's happening at Printworks over the August bank holiday weekend? Some proper old school techno on the bill - Carl Craig, Model 500 etc. Tom Middleton from Global Communication doing their album too. 2 of the days seem to be more gig than club which suits me, I can't do all of them but I can't pick which one!
  6. This might be stating the obvious but West Holts was Jazzworld which refers to jazz & world music not a 'world of jazz' music on the stage.
  7. In 1998 me and a mate had to jump the fence to get out of the backstage compound between the Pyramid and Other. It was pissing with rain and we wandered in there when a bit inebriated. We couldn't find a way out so used a piece of farming machinery to give us a leg up and over the fence.
  8. The John Peel Stage was originally the New Bands Stage. From memory it always catered for newer and older alternative/indie bands. This year though it seems to be heading in a different direction, I was very surprised to see Sean Paul headlining there - is this a change of direction for the stage?
  9. It was a dig at the other guy that thinks that anybody doing a job that he doesn't agree with should be ashamed of themselves. I agree with you.
  10. Either way it's not something i'd want to risk happen to me just to help a few people who knew what the risks were when buying somebody else's ticket. It's a bit rich of anyone to make a judgement on how someone decides to enact their duties when they have not been in the same position, but fair enough to anyone that is willing to take a stand for the people though.
  11. Can anyone elaborate on what the actual repercussions are for Oxfam staff that are found to have let people in with tickets that do not have their photo on? If it is ejection from the festival site then, i'm sorry, but if I was doing that job I would be doing my best to stop people with other people's tickets coming in. I'd not be willing to jeopardise my place at the festival in order to allow people who knowingly take the risk buying someone else's ticket. Does this really make me a bellend? I would say the bellends are the people trying it on and then getting upset when it doesn't work out for them. You might not like the job they are doing, but it's the job they risk losing their deposit, or ejection, over if they do not complete as requested. If you're such a hero for the ticketless why not take one for the team next year and sign up with Oxfam and let anyone in, ticket or no ticket.
  12. This is a joke right?
  13. I have this one and it worked a treat everyday bar Saturday. It was lovely and dark and cool inside and allowed me to sleep until 11am/12pm most days. Saturday was the exception though, it got hot and sweaty inside, but it was 28 degrees outside and it wasn't as hot as it would have been in a normal tent!
  14. When we went back on site from CV East to collect our instruments from backstage T&C on monday morning we all had our wristbands checked so maybe the policy has changed.
  15. The only time I really felt old was when I was raving to Monika Kruse in The Temple, I was easily at least twice the age of most of the people around me - i'm 41.
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