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  1. My Worthy View booking and GA ticket are on different booking references so you could be correct.
  2. I reckon. Graham Massey and (I assume) his son are doing a B2B too.
  3. In 2019 you had to buy one of their plastic cups to put a pint in. Pretty sure they would also use a plastic cup you supply so i'm sure you'd be ok with a tankard. They may have to measure the beer in one of their plastic cups first then decant but that wouldn't waste plastic as they'll wash and re-use the cup.
  4. There's rumours of a bigger tent for this year.
  5. Great band. First saw them in September 1994 and again on early 1995. Didn't see them again until South Facing last year where they were great still. I'll be going to see them unless there's a clash.
  6. I *think* you can loop from The Unfairground back into Block9 but don't quote me on that.
  7. You won't need one with the F&B. Make sure you bring a torch, they're very dark inside and it's hard to find things!
  8. Johnnyseven

    Crew Bars 2022

    The band I played with is on that board! With added spelling mistake. That was a rough gig after 5 days partying and too much Burrow Hill that afternoon. Apparently Phil Jupitus was watching us.
  9. These are the best i've found for sleeping, nothing fancy. I use them all the time, even good for sleeping in East CV with the sound bleed from the SE Corner. https://www.3m.co.uk/3M/en_GB/p/d/b00017635/ I used these for years when I played in a (very noisy) band, never had an issue with them. https://www.alpinehearingprotection.co.uk/products/musicsafe-pro For eye masks, just buy a Fresh and Black tent!
  10. Johnnyseven

    Crew Bars 2022

    I got into the bar behind the Avalon Cafe too (Pinky's?) with a T&C band, but that might have been because we played on the Avalon Cafe stage. My mates got in there on other days though, so maybe it was fine with a T&C band.
  11. Johnnyseven

    Crew Bars 2022

    I think it depends on how busy the bar is at the time. I got into Maceo's on the Weds or Thurs in 2019 with a T&C wristband. I saw there was a desk with some people next to it with a pile of Block9 wristbands, I asked if I could have some for my and my mates, they told me that out T&C wristbands would get us in there unless the bar was really busy in which they would only let people in with Block9 wristbands. They gave me a load anyway and I got in there no probs whenever I tried.
  12. Johnnyseven

    Crew Bars 2022

    I'll hqve to try those if i'm able to get a wristband this year.
  13. Johnnyseven

    Crew Bars 2022

    Depends on the bar I think. A T&C crew band got me into Maceo's and the Unfairground bar (I think). I didn't try any others though.
  14. Why might we lose this thread?
  15. Johnnyseven


    That's my experience too, that they don't bang it out, maybe not always so down tempo during peak hours though. Whilst it's nice to be able to get in there it's not the place i'd go to see my favourite DJ. The dancefloor isn't that big and it's not got a huge soundsystem like a stage would have. It's mostly full of people sitting round chatting and having a drink.
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