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  1. The cheap / freebie bit will be doing nothing to help ticket sales either.
  2. 1. Paul McCartney 2. Wolf Alice 3. Phoebe Bridgers. Friday was phenomenal!
  3. No, me neither. Was at the back of the field for that one, and there was no room for manoeuvre whatsoever.
  4. Dolly was bigger, right? And just as bad! At least there’s no question Diana was singing live.
  5. Would bloody love Banshees on the Other.
  6. Does it really? Where? The WG bit has been a shitshow for a while, but elsewhere, it’s really not that bad.
  7. stereodista

    Wolf Alice

    Best I’ve ever seen them. So good.
  8. In fairness, no festival books absolutely every slot perfectly. JP really isn’t so busy right now, and two years off… Wet Leg was rammed but it wasn’t dangerous by any stretch.
  9. Looked very much like it was being constructed yesterday, so would think it’ll be in situ tonight.
  10. Not too sure about that, but it’s still TBC on the board by the stage.
  11. The TBC up here is at 10.
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