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  1. stereodista

    Manic Street Preachers

    Sean's said they weren't asked...
  2. stereodista

    Tonight's Park TBA

    That I can't provide, but Garvey was stood outside it late on last night, holding court... It's the one nearest to the backstage entrance stage-right.
  3. stereodista

    Confirmed secret sets 2017

    Elbow's bus was dumped round the back of The Park hours ago, so it's surely them tomorrow...
  4. stereodista

    Festival Photographer Needed!

    Yup, precisely what I thought; in addition, it would take up your entire weekend, and you wouldn’t even make back the ticket money!
  5. stereodista

    The Beer in here

    Gotcha; cheers!
  6. stereodista

    The Beer in here

    Was this at the Craft Tavern, next to the Theatre bar?
  7. stereodista

    The Beer in here

    Keeping a keen eye on this one, before doing the rounds tomorrow! Intrigued by the so-called ‘Brew Bars’, so long as it’s not Brooklyn throughout...
  8. stereodista

    Lift from/ to London, Thurs (AM) to Sun/ Mon

    All replies inboxed! Also now have a parking ticket procured!
  9. Hello! Will have one or two seats free, leaving early Thursday morning and coming back either after the headliners on Sunday night, or on Monday morning (happy to do either). Don't currently have a parking ticket, so if anyone happens to have one and still hasn't sorted a lift there, that would be ideal! Thanks.
  10. stereodista

    Parking ticket

    Few of us umming and ahhing on transport, etc. but have more or less decided that driving is about our best option; is the regular one still available, by any chance..? Cheers!
  11. stereodista

    field day 2017

    If anyone happens to have a spare ticket going, please give me a shout! (Or, failing that, a PM!) Cheers.