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  1. Some Ciutat stuff for Wednesday confirmed by City Slang.
  2. For anyone looking, this is the press release I was emailed. (As you can see, it’s unnecessarily long, hence my reluctance to stick it here!)
  3. It’s long, and less than concise... And there really isn’t anything else of note in there. (No Ciutat day splits, or anything of that ilk.) Can DM it to you, but it’ll clog this thread up if I C+V.
  4. Only an email. Metronomy playing the Wednesday as well. Solid.
  5. Press release confirms TJAMC playing the Wednesday.
  6. Inevitably, they’ve seemingly removed that show from tomorrow’s radio schedule... for now.
  7. I’d be more than happy to buy those!
  8. Because she didn’t; she did 2018.
  9. Had also heard Massive Attack, from a totally different (and, speaking from previous experience, very reliable) source, so would definitely not bet against that one. Announcement of the Liverpool date obviously lends credence, too.
  10. Sensational, although she did not play Love More, no.
  11. Can recall seeing Bolton, Hove, Ipswich, Milton Keynes and Wolverhampton; may have been more.
  12. Tickets for more or less every date were available for a fiver, so assume it wasn’t doing too well.
  13. Which sold appallingly. Quite right, too!
  14. Saw them in Birmingham a few months ago, having never really given them much of a go before, and they were really great live! (I thought.)
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