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  1. In light of this summer’s status quo, this is a fantastic announcement. Very reflective of where contemporary music’s at right now, without doing so in a tokenistic way. So excited for Janelle, Rosalía, and SVE! And with Foals playing in Kingston on the Thursday, I’d say they’re more or less nailed on, too. Solid job all round.
  2. Trains to the festival are easy enough – the site has its own station, and direct, it takes half an hour or so – but getting back after is trickier. We got cabs last year, which were around £50 a pop. Prices inside the festival are surprisingly alright, actually. Cheaper than in Copenhagen, and really not too dissimilar to most UK festivals. Really interesting one: reminiscent of Glastonbury within the arena, and Reading in the campsites. (Would not recommend camping!)
  3. Christ, that’s crazy! My apologies.
  4. That’s a Mountford Hall show with Bill Ryder-Jones and Marika Hackman, so almost certainly won’t be £40...
  5. That Sunday is, for my money, comfortably the best day of any 2019 line up thus far.
  6. Easily the best of those four: sightliest site, best beers, nicest punters, and the line up’s not too bad either.
  7. Not according to the revised poster APE just posted to their Facebook...
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