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  1. As in not big enough, yeah. May well be completely mistaken, of course!
  2. Also surely a way away from that sort of status at the moment?
  3. Not necessarily if they’re reduced to dishing out freebies when doing two…
  4. As a favourite all-time songwriter, I was looking forward to his set the most, but was ultimately left disappointed. The Latitude show was so much better… and certainly more sober.
  5. Likewise, would love a WhatsApp link!
  6. Not 100% but Giant Swan for one night, I’ve been led to believe…
  7. Could not agree more on yesterday feeling oversold, and that VIP viewing bit in front of the East stage really didn’t help. Felt touch-and-go at times during Foals, with plenty being lifted over the back barrier from Olympic Airways onwards. Much preferred Caribou for that reason; less so those insistent on bawling “whoomp, there it is” over more or less every song…
  8. They’re definitely checking, yeah. Got offered a ticket to do so from various departure points.
  9. Won’t do too much to alleviate the FOMO, but could you possibly stick up a pic of the ale line up? A perennial highlight, and one of the things I’ll miss the most this year!
  10. Ish, yes. Even if you’re at the further end of the far carpark, it’s eminently doable.
  11. Top five for me were Damon Albarn (first time waiting it out to be on the barrier in about ten years, and totally worth those few hours!), Bill Bailey, Anna Meredith, Fenne Lily, and shame. A shame to have missed Dry Cleaning, as the bass overwhelmed Wolf Alice’s set from where we were stood, but that’ll be rectified soon enough I should think!
  12. Really awful selection in this day and age. It’s all Carlsberg one way or another, and fiver a can in certain bars? Diabolical. Not everywhere can do what Bigfoot did, but fucking heck, do better.
  13. Not convinced that enters into it too much given the circs, and something better than nothing [nothing 🙄, etc.]. They’re doing Standon Calling tomorrow, but who knows!
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