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  1. No, but what you — and for some reason, by extension, the rest of us — are talking about is ‘worth’ all of a sudden. ‘Good value’ to you may be Kraftwerk or Massive Attack for £0, or to many others, a day out of more or less any description at this point for £70-odd. Semantics don’t matter: don’t like it, don’t go.
  2. This is called supply and demand, and ‘worth’ is whatever someone is willing to pay for something. Regardless, all APE days will sell out, because ‘demand’ will outstrip ‘supply’. In any case, daft comparison.
  3. Target market though, innit. And they’ve not played Ultra Mono outside of Instagram Stories, etc.
  4. The FD day is also quite weak, but take nothing away from Bicep, who are already big and will only get bigger with the release of Isles. Wide demographic, with three nights at Brixton pencilled in, I’d say it’s a really solid booking, even though it’s not really APE’s doing.
  5. This. And sure, when you think APE, you automatically think to the more internationally renowned acts they’ve previously booked — whether that be Björk, or the Bad Seeds, or The Strokes. But they’ve also had Catfish, Mumford, and had The Wombats set for last summer, so it’s always been something of a mixed bag. And as had been suggested above, subjectively ‘bigger’ names don’t necessarily equate to better ticket sales. (See ATP, etc.) The names are — inevitably — smaller this year, making the whole lot seem less impressive, but it’s no more MOR than previous editions in my opinion. P
  6. Sure, their only run thus far that’s almost certain to sell out... I’d much sooner they’d revived the Kraftwerk rundown, or the MA one, or booked mbv, but you can only get what’s available to you. And let’s be honest: the former two were heading for more £0 tickets, anyway... APE have done as good a job as any UK festival to have revealed their lineup in my book, even if the representational discrepancies still aren’t where they should be.
  7. Went a while ago — Jesus, how is that eight years ago?! — and really liked it. Compact site, all of which made sense; busy yet never felt rammed; manageable queues; great sound. This is, as I say, a long while back, mind!
  8. From Timeout, via the APE thread: Duran Duran headlining with Gwen Stefani and Nile Rodgers & CHIC in support. July 12th.
  9. Caribou are already in Europe — Dan lives in London, while the rest of the band have been over rehearsing for weeks now — so they’re in the same proverbial as the UK lot. For what little it’s worth.
  10. Yeah, they’ve covered almost, if not all of those songs before. Safe to assume they’d pick a couple tops.
  11. Manics self-confirmed: https://www.instagram.com/p/B9PJTKxAh1c/
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