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  1. From Timeout, via the APE thread: Duran Duran headlining with Gwen Stefani and Nile Rodgers & CHIC in support. July 12th.
  2. Caribou are already in Europe — Dan lives in London, while the rest of the band have been over rehearsing for weeks now — so they’re in the same proverbial as the UK lot. For what little it’s worth.
  3. Yeah, they’ve covered almost, if not all of those songs before. Safe to assume they’d pick a couple tops.
  4. Manics self-confirmed: https://www.instagram.com/p/B9PJTKxAh1c/
  5. Think it's safe to say that no act is now too small. Way I see it, say Wolf Alice were the final headliner, they would have three critically acclaimed, more eFestivals-friendly acts topping the bill and three, well, less so. The latter three, at a cheaper price point with greater appeal to a younger demographic, could actually sell better, leading to a shift in booking policy for future editions. (Should those take place in years to come, which I'd wager they will for licensing reasons, saving face, AEG being a brute of a presenter in general, etc.) Let's face it, aside from The Strokes (who sort of tick both the above boxes), previous attempts have either sold out really late on or not at all, so a shift in focus is probably overdue by this point.
  6. Not sure her cancelling the EU tour has anything to do with APE, personally... "sorry to let everyone down so last minute but this illness has taken me by surprise and have totally lost my singing voice. Dr has advised 4 weeks off for the moment. I hate to let everyone down but I need to get well. Love Lana"
  7. But Four Tet is at least twice as popular in London as he is outside of it. With the right undercard, he could definitely headline.
  8. Not sure whether this has been mentioned already, but from a press release detailing ‘Björk Orchestral’: ‘After Björk’s most elaborate stage performance to date, ‘Cornucopia’, she announces today that she will embark on a new tour in 2020, ‘Björk Orchestral’. Unlike Cornucopia’s elaborate stage production, Björk orchestral will focus on Björk’s acoustic string arrangements of her works so far.’ Sounds fantastic.
  9. TOPS’ catalogue is slightly patchy, but their first and most recent albums are both excellent.
  10. ‘This new piece from Albarn, a frequent visitor to Iceland for almost three decades, will see the musician perform his first solo work in over five years, with an ensemble of orchestra instrumentation, electronics, vocals and piano, as well as visuals by Icelandic filmmakers capturing the changing seasons and recordings of natural sounds and instruments.’ Not with this show, I wouldn’t have thought...
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