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  1. Sensational, although she did not play Love More, no.
  2. Can recall seeing Bolton, Hove, Ipswich, Milton Keynes and Wolverhampton; may have been more.
  3. Tickets for more or less every date were available for a fiver, so assume it wasn’t doing too well.
  4. Which sold appallingly. Quite right, too!
  5. Saw them in Birmingham a few months ago, having never really given them much of a go before, and they were really great live! (I thought.)
  6. Do you still have this..? Thanks
  7. ‘Exclusive live acoustic set’, apparently.
  8. Mystery Jets playing The Rabbit Hole on Friday night as part of the Transgressive takeover.
  9. There is a third headliner that has yet to be announced, so this is categorically not it.
  10. stereodista

    Hot Chip

    This. Every record barring the début is killer singles, plus filler. Live shows this year have been a bit saggy as well. (Sabotage especially.)
  11. Ought to be able to help out with the majority of that journey, if you're still looking for a lift.
  12. It’s in Shangri-La. One of relatively few things over that way that’s easy enough to find, no matter the level of inebriation!
  13. Will have two spaces available in a car going from Windsor, Berkshire, but happy to pick up from west London / Heathrow or somewhere en route. Planning on going down Thursday morning and back Monday morning. Split of petrol and parking costs, so ought to be about £40 each. Cheers!
  14. Also looking for a couple for later, should anybody happen to have any spares. Cheers!
  15. That bar does serve Five Points, but think it was only the Pale on yesterday.
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