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  1. They played a set on the Leftfield stage when it was on Williams Green about 10 years ago. Was on the Thursday night and you couldn't get near the place.
  2. I think you're dreaming tbh. A Glastonbury to look forward to is the light at the end of the tunnel of the pandemic, plus everyone is going to be up for a massive party next year. Plus the lineup's likely to be massive considering all future touring plans were cancelled last year so everyone would have been available to play after things opened up after the pandemic.
  3. I showered a couple of times late afternoon at the last BT, no queue either time. I wasn't in the posh bit though.
  4. I must've just looked at Sunday then, my mistake.
  5. Pretty sure Magical Sounds went on until later than midnight at the last BT.
  6. I'm disappointed Black Lace aren't still on the line up though.
  7. No announcements for the Magical Sounds tent either yet it seems.
  8. Me and my mates had a great time too. It was a good set up there, hoping they repeat the event next year. It's nice to go to something kind of local to me in South London.
  9. I live in Croydon and have no issues walking around at night, in Crystal Palace you'll be fine - they'll be loads of people doing the same walk anyway.
  10. Crystal Palace is also served by Southern as well, from London Bridge and Victoria I think. For the Overground you'd need to head to Canada Water to pick up a train, if you're coming form central London that is.
  11. Crystal Palace Station on the Overground is right on the edge of the park, although on the other side from where the bowl is. Gypsy Hill, Penge West, Sydenham and Sydenham Hill aren't that far away either. That area is pretty gentrified tbh, just be sensible as you would anywhere else in London.
  12. If they are made of decent thickness canvas then you should be fine, canvas tents don't heat up like plastic ones do.
  13. You should give the below a try if you want a nice still cider that won't get you wrecked after 2 pints. https://www.westons-cider.co.uk/shop/apple-cider/1-x-10l-henry-westons-family-vintage-still-cider.html This one's even nicer but it gets me pissed a bit too quickly. https://www.westons-cider.co.uk/shop/apple-cider/1-x-10l-henry-westons-organic-medium-dry-still-cider.html
  14. Thurston Moore Tim Wheeler - was a nice guy when I met him Adam Jones from Tool Ned Scott from The Egg 2/3 of Hobo Jones and the Junkyard Dogs I kind of met Steve Albini once
  15. I preferred the long drops before they buried the shit boxes in the ground and you had to go upstairs to use the facilities. It's not quite the same pooing and ground level.
  16. They're not well looked after if at the end of this they're told they no longer have a ticket. At least your group always knew they weren't going to the next festival, it's really not fair to shaft the people who all through the pandemic had the hope that at least they will be going to the next Glastonbury. Don't forget all the people who paid in full over a year ago for Worthy View and Stinkditch (or whatever it's called).
  17. I think giving ticket holders the choice if they want to carry over is the fairest way. If they don't want to carry over, then give them a refund. Giving people 2/3 years of something to look forward to through this shitty time and then taking it away from them at the end is a bit off in my opinion.
  18. I've used both of these for band rehearsals with a very loud drummer. I find the Etumotic ones really uncomfortable, so much so they make my bears hurt. The Alpine obes though can last a 3 hour rehearsal with no issues. Another one to consider are Flame Isolate. I thought they were rubbish at first, until I realised I was using the wrong size foams, now I think they're great.
  19. Not sure they'd be that high up the bill. When Ride played the other year after reforming they only got a mid afternoon slot, I would have thought Ride were a bigger band.
  20. Johnnyseven

    House Music

    I went, it was good but not amazing. What did you think?
  21. There's loads of airspace above peoples' heads in the big stage tents, couldn't you just rig a load of big extractor fans at the pinnacles of the tent roof and suck out all the yucky air away from all the punters? That'd make it safer than an open air stage, less mingering bacteria/germs?
  22. Johnnyseven


    Phil said something like 'we're closing the dance stage'. There's many dance stages these days but the thinking is it'll the big dance stage in Silver Hayes, whichever one that is.
  23. The first set I remember seeing was The Warm Jets on the Friday on the Other Stage (or NME as it was probably called back then) in 1998. It was pissing it down and most of the crowd were just standing there moping, apart from me and my mate Carl who were dancing around like loons in the mud - the singer dedicated a song to us!
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