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  1. I've had a 100% success rate the last 4 ticket sales. My plan is to have 1 device with 1 window/tab per internet connection. So laptop with 1 Chrome tab connected to home wifi, Android phone connected via 4g and work laptop connected via VPN to the office - and keep refreshing all of them. My theory is that having multiple tabs or browsers via the same internet connection is just going to slow all of them down. Seems to work for me.
  2. Eats Everything did a History of Rave day at the Stonebridge Bar. Carl Cox did a B2B jungle set on Arcadia one night.
  3. There was a bar there, on the lower level. Just no music/DJs in the Spike area.
  4. They're not F&B but are made of canvas so didn't heat up like cheap festival tents do in the sun, they were fine when the sun came out. Depending on the colour tent you get it might be an idea to take a blackout eye mask with you, our tent was red so it was really bright in there when the sun was out - in reality though I don't think being bright in there was an issue for my sleep.
  5. Not everyone is as able to carry heavy bags as you seem to be though. If porters weren't needed those people may not have had the chance to be at the festival. Of all the volunteering options I think i'd go for that one, they were only doing during Weds, maybe Thurs and Monday. This was my 13th festival, the first 5 in general camping and the next 7 camped next to a CV. I would definitely do it again. Definite lack of atmosphere in WV but I liked: The ease of getting to the site (and out on Monday) and getting stuff to/from the tent No queue for wristband/entry Quiet site Access point into the festival much better than East CV I liked being able to have a shower each day, the gents queues looked long but I reckon I only queued for 20 mins max even when the queue was up to the bogs. Wife said she never had to queue when she went at 7am each day. It's not really expensive for what you get, £150 each for me and my wife - £30 per night. People say that it's the option for rich people, but how much does a camper van cost to buy or even rent - much more than £300! I would have hated it if I had been put in a tent on the first row by the food vans/bar though, blaring their music out early morning and even late into the night! One thing i'd complain about is the lack of signage from the car park to tell you where the WV entry point is. I figured it would be obvious so folllowed some others and ended up going through a farm and down the side of the WV site. Nearly ended up down the steps at the pedestrian gate. Not an issue now I know where to go but it was a blazing hot day and I was carrying 2 heavy bags, I was not amused at all when told I had to go back the way I came up the hill!
  6. Isn't this the cardinal sin of Glasto ticket buying?
  7. She did go on a bit though 😉
  8. Maybe they've finally raised enough money to rebuild their canal, or whatever else they were raising cash for. They've been there since the 90s so it was a bit of a surprised to not see them this year. I missed that lack of decent cider being sold anywhere other than the Cider Bus. The Brothers' festival stuff is pretty crap but at least in 2019 you had Burrow Hill being sold at the Bimble Inn and the Thatchers craft cider bars around the site.
  9. Johnnyseven


    We saw half The Waterboys set after I took my wife to see The Egg and she didn't like them. The Waterboys were good, better than last time I saw them on the Pyramid, they finished at 22:45 though so still got a fair bit of Macca's set in too.
  10. I got a bit emotional when Pet Shop Boys played Being Boring, love that song.
  11. Loved his set! John Digweed and Caribou were highlights too.
  12. I heard that if it rained heavily they were going to use the old path. Better signage to exit the festival on monday indicating directions would have been good. As would signs in the car park showing the entrance, we ended up following others through a farm and nearly down the hill to Strummerville as there was nothing near where we parked indicating where the entrance was. Ladies had more showers, hence shorter queues.
  13. I'm sure it sounds fine, I was just making light of the word tinny vs tiny.
  14. No-one likes a tinny sound system.
  15. Put them on and stand in a 10cm deep body of water for 10 mins and you'll find out.
  16. My first was '98, that was definitely the worst for me. I see people say 2011 and 2016 were bad but compared to '98 they were nothing. I sometimes think it was good to go to one at which the weather was so bad as my first as I don't really mind the mud now, it's never been as bad (at ones i've been to) as that first one was. Think about the whole festival only being able to walk along the metal trackways in the market areas as the water/mud was at least ankle deep everywhere else and when standing watching a band you had to constantly lift your legs up to pull them out of the mud so that they didn't get permanently stuck there.
  17. Yeah i'm a big fan of this, have to be careful not to drink it too fast though!
  18. If it was me i'd go with the tried and tested Berghaus. I used to do a lot of outdoor pursuits and Berghaus are a long standing outdoor brand, been around for donkey's years. I could be wrong but Joules are more of a fashion brand, not sure i'd trust them as much as Berghaus.
  19. This. Just be prepared and you'll be fine. Expecting fine weather and it not arriving sets you up to be disapointed, better to just roll with it IMO. Says me, posting on the weather thread 😉
  20. They had this stuff at the festival I was at, sold out in record time. I didn't have any though, Lilley's flavoured cider gives me terrible heartburn after a couple of pints.
  21. Went to a beer/cider festival yesterday and was pleased to see they had Black Dragon and some of their others on - Dog Dancer, Happy Daze, Farmhouse Pyder and Two Trees Perry. Black Dragon was the first I tried, after your recommendation @stuartbert two hats and it was indeed very nice, as were their others which I tried all of, bit too strong for me at Glasto though.
  22. Yeah i've heard that gels in particular don't agree with some people. Luckily SIS were the first brand I tried and all their products seem to be ok for me. You just gotta use what works best for you.
  23. I've used those too. From memory aren't they 2 tabs per 500ml? The SIS ones are 1 tab per 500ml so better value for money. I used to use the caffeine SIS tabs really often, so much that they didn't seem to have much effect, but since I cut down on caffeine drastically over Covid they really affect me now. I can only take half a tab and makes me go a bit doolally. I had an intresting evening at Bearded Theory the other week when I decided to have a whole tab and then a load of cider - I had a great time.
  24. I always avoided that stuff as I think it says on the packet to only take if you have diarrhoea rather than general dehydration.
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