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  1. A while ago I posted a rumour i'd heard that there wouldn't be a Glade Stage this year. I thought, and hoped, it couldn't be true but it's looking more and more likely it is. 😞
  2. Johnnyseven

    Crew Bars 2022

    I'm in the Green Room Bar Facebook group and they also seem to be gearing up for this year's festival.
  3. Moving the fence so that a field previously outside the fence is now inside the fence doesn't necessarily shorten the distance stewards have to walk to get to their shift. The field would still be the same distance away. Unless having it inside the fence means they don't have to take a lengthy route to get to the field.
  4. It's private land so best to get permission from the farm unless only using public footpaths. They did ask people to stay away during Covid, that may still be a thing.
  5. The ad I saw showed the 5% version as the official cider for this year's festival.
  6. At the Burrow Hill Cider Bus for definite. If the Thatchers craft cider tents are there again then you'll get some there, people don't seem to think they will though.
  7. Brothers Apple = rebadged Mallets Brothers Festival Pear = rebadged Babycham - 100%
  8. I think that rumour came from me. Another rumour I heard from the same place, that there would not be an Avalon Cafe this year, turned out to be partly true (the Avalon Cafe stage will be there but in another tent) so there could be some changes happening in the Glade - or it could be just totally wrong. I'm hoping it was wrong, I love The Glade.
  9. This would be amazing, you'd need to get there early though.
  10. Gaffer tape for the rip. Not sure about the zip though, not even sure were you could buy such a long zip. Maybe try and source a suitable zip then take it to a place the repairs clothes? Or Google 'tent repairs'.
  11. Lots of names i've seen mentioned in the Electronica thread that i'll try and check out. Also quite excited to see LTJ Bukem on there, gonna celebrate with a bit of Logical Progression.
  12. I saw them at Hammersmith Apollo/Odeon (or whatever it's called these days) on their last 2 tours but I think they do smaller venues outside London.
  13. I would go for something blackout and reflective for Glasto, this one just seems to be blacked out - not sure if that'll help reflect the sun off the tent.
  14. I would prefer it if they did this before implementing policies instead of just chucking the shit at the wall and seeing if it sticks.
  15. In 1998 in the pissing rain and in a state of inhebriation, me and my mate somehow ended up in the interstage compound. It was dark, nobody was around and we couldn't find the way out. We ended up using a random bit of farm equipment to climb over the fence to get out and back into the main festival!
  16. To be fair to the guy, it's referred to as Arcadia's Pangia on the 2019 map. Plus if he'd been before he would probably still refer to it as Arcadia, much like I still refer to Jazz World.
  17. I didn't when I took it.
  18. Similar to me tbh, I don't have the time these days to listen to loads of current stuff but I'll be taking some choice names from this thread and going to check them out on the farm. In the past for me it used to be all about the bands but the last few festivals and from now on it's about late nights,electronic bands and djs.
  19. There's always the likes of Sasha & Digweed, Nick Warren, Dave Seaman, Danny Howells and Darren Emerson playing Saturday night sets on the main Glade stage. Not sure if they'll be playing tunes from that era though. I think there's been a rumour of Paul Oakenfold playing this year somewhere too.
  20. Does playing 4 sets (all for free) on different stages in 2019 count as having worked? If so, i'm a veteran. I'm surprised to hear 2011 called a muddy year. I only remember it raining while U2 were playing, I don't remember any mud particularly - certainly nothing like 98 or 16.
  21. I'm 44 and fully intend being out all night Thursday to Sunday as I have done for the lest few festivals. You whippersnappers need to get training.
  22. I doubt it, this stuff is 5% - isn't the Brother's Bar stuff 6%?
  23. Is this not just rebadged Mallets Cider, being as they are made at the same place?
  24. I heard a rumour that there won't be an Avalon Cafe or Glade stage this year, and that Silver Hayes will be pared back - all in the name of saving money. No idea if it's accurate info though, just what I heard.
  25. The Glade is my favourite, will be gutted if what I heard about it not being there this year is true.
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