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  1. My favourite bar to get a drink at is the Cider Bus, lovely lovely cider. I don't really hang in bars for the music, i'd rather be seeing bands on the stages or DJs in the Glade/SE Corner.
  2. Are you sure the Kasbah has gone, I thought it was there in 2019?
  3. Me too, I love a bit of classic 90's trance.
  4. That would be amazing, although I heard a rumour the other day that, due to cost cutting measures, there won't be a Glade Stage this year. EDIT : Realised someone else just said this. Also heard that Avalon Cafe won't be there (not really relevant to this thread though) and that Silver Hayes will be pared back.
  5. I really hope it's not true too, my favourite stage.
  6. They were due to 'close the dance area' (Phil's words) in 2020, so I hope we'll see them on the 2022 line up.
  7. I don't know if this is true but I heard that, due to cost cutting measures, there won't be an Avalon Cafe or Glade stage this year. Also Silver Hayes will be pared back.
  8. I'd say zero. Plus you won't be sandwiched between them once you enter the filter lanes where they check tickets and do a search for glass etc.
  9. In reply to my email they sent me a link to pay for a Worthy View car park pass. So you'll probably need to do the same. Link only lasts for 48 hours so you'll need to be quick!
  10. I love reading people's stories like these, keep 'em coming.
  11. I emailed See the other day asking this very question as the answer isn't on the GF website. I'll post the answer once I have it.
  12. Orbital were due to play Silver Hayes in 2020 but aren't on the new poster, I don't think they were on the 2020 poster either though. I'd love to see them there this year.
  13. Don't be confused by all that green space though, most of it is fire lanes which you can't put tents in!
  14. Book a venue and pay the band their fee and i'm sure they will 😉
  15. Also, artists don't book their own gigs - promotors do. It relies on a promotor to want to put the gig on, so badger promotors to put X band in your town/city.
  16. While the tent and van should in theory fit on the billed pitch size, you need to think about where the door to the van is. If the van door is right in the middle of the van then you'll be putting the tent right in front of it. You also need to factor in the space the guy ropes need to stretch out. Also not all pitches are the billed size and it depends what space the stewards give on the day. I would say you are pushing it with a van and tent that size.
  17. One thing to consider is that there are a finite number of parking spaces. If a lot of people do this, there won't be parking for everyone. Plus the queue to get your ticket at the office at ped gate A may take all weekend!
  18. You could try joining the Iona Community and see if they'll let you tag along and join their camp for the festival.
  19. Last festival I had a T&C crew wristband which got me into Maceo's on the Weds. I asked the staff in Maceo's if I could have wristband for that bar so I could access it throughout the festival, they said I would just need my T&C wristband to get in unless it was really busy in there but they let me have a wristband (and a few more for my mates) anyway. I was also able to get into the Unfairground backstage bar and the Avalon Cafe backstage bar too - but that might have been because we played there, I can't remember.
  20. You won't be able to buy an official GF camper van ticket without a General Admission festival ticket i'm afraid. You could buy a 2nd hand one but beware that the tickets have the name of the person who bought it printed on it and they could refuse you entry if you don't have ID to prove you are that person. The reality is that they are unlikely to check, but you could be the 1 person that year who they do decide to check. The other option is to get someone you know who has a GA ticket to buy a CV ticket for you but a. all the CV tickets are sold and there will be a big bundle if any come up for resale. b. the same issue applies with the name of the ticket holder being on the ticket, as you're their mate though you could drive them down in your van which would be fine.
  21. They played a set on the Leftfield stage when it was on Williams Green about 10 years ago. Was on the Thursday night and you couldn't get near the place.
  22. I think you're dreaming tbh. A Glastonbury to look forward to is the light at the end of the tunnel of the pandemic, plus everyone is going to be up for a massive party next year. Plus the lineup's likely to be massive considering all future touring plans were cancelled last year so everyone would have been available to play after things opened up after the pandemic.
  23. I showered a couple of times late afternoon at the last BT, no queue either time. I wasn't in the posh bit though.
  24. I must've just looked at Sunday then, my mistake.
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