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  1. Quite surprised I received mine so early
  2. Matt42

    R1 Big Weekend

    I’m probably getting old but yeah the lineup is quite poor, now Charli is gone the only acts I’d be interested in seeing are Harry, Lorde, Sam, Holly H, Rina, Wet Leg who I will likely see at glasto. Still will tune in as I guess it’s good to see fezzies on the TV again.
  3. Matt42

    Sam Fender

    He will smash it if that is what he’s got.
  4. Maybe that TBA has been moved to the other?
  5. Third down other on Sunday could go to anyone tbh. Even a TBA if they wanted. If it is right after Diana it could be something big.
  6. Tbh now Sam has been announced as support for the stones day - move him to Billie sub. I can see Phoebe Bridgers and see Sam at Hyde. Perfect for me.
  7. Oh wow - if they are moving it forward could be perhaps be getting the full thing on Friday?
  8. Phoebe, The War on Drugs and The Rolling Stones in the same night for 70 odd quid is an absolute steal.
  9. Hmm could we have the lineup on that Monday then?
  10. Sir, this aged poorly. That June 25th date is mad, somewhat annoyed I’m going on the 3rd… but oh well I will be at glasto.
  11. I’m thinking Dave or Florence tbh if there is a replacement. Then again - you just don’t know who has contacted Glastonbury in the past few months with interest in playing again.
  12. I mean Bicep could be subbing and NOW closing, but it would be strange as Bicep are far far bigger right now and it would be strange to see them take a slot without a light show.
  13. So from that do we expect G are trying to bring in a replacement?
  14. I’m expecting mine either today or tomorrow.
  15. I think the lineup will be delayed because of Doja. They will need time to reorganise the lineup and I think the Doja news came through on a Friday/Saturday? Unlikely they would have done it over the weekend.
  16. They may be able to bypass some exclusives with this. Also I think Melvin being a director they could pull Dave from R&L.
  17. Keep flying the Bryan Adam’s flag!
  18. Most likely (occam’s razor) possibility Sam Fender moved to sub, Sunday other stage reorganised. People they could draft in (who are free that date - not ranked on likeliness) Harry Styles Dua Lipa Dave A$AP Rocky (wireless weekend after) Tyler the Creator (wireless weekend after) Florence + The Machine Stormzy Rock acts they could pick if they decide not to substitute with something similar Royal Blood Jack White Jorja Smith can’t do it - has a gig on the Friday. Thought that might be an interesting one to draft in. Shame.
  19. Also. We can’t rule it out. Dave playing Dublin on 1st July. He’s free all weekend I think.
  20. I’m also wondering if Billie has a guest that could be convinced into doing a full set.
  21. (Aren’t Gorillaz around…?) *edit - they are playing in Germany on the Friday so no
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