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  1. No one is buying tour tickets right now. Is it a surprise that hers aren't flying out?
  2. Italy can be believed because they’ve not been shy about broadcasting how awful it has been for their country. I’m more suspicious about the countries that seem to be telling us that everything is fine. Funnily enough they tend to be the countries with the most shoddy governments.
  3. With what social media can the Chinese people say this?
  4. Every western politician was downplaying it. Downplaying isn’t the same as trying to conceal something from the rest of the world and silencing doctors trying to whistleblow what was going on. Li Wenliang was silenced for trying to alert the world about this virus and the Chinese government silenced him for “spreading rumours”. The CCP care more about the PR of their government than anything and people are afraid of them. The west being slow to respond and China manipulating figures and facts are not the same and independent issues.
  5. People are though. Go back through these forums and people are spurring utter bullshit that China got over the virus because the introduced stricter measures. They are not over this virus, and neither did they contain it faster. They lied about the extent that the virus spread throughout the country and how many people have died. I don’t want this confused though. My concern is for the innocent Chinese people living under a lying evil government. Western governments are not doing anything near as bad as that. How can that link be made at all? Trump is a fool but he’s not hiding thousands and thousands of deaths and potentially millions of confirmed cases.
  6. Yet again. I’m right. *sips tea and waits for those defending the Chinese government (for some reason) to come and get me* I was right about lockdown and I was right about China. the extent of lying coming out of the Chinese government right now is criminal.
  7. Seems like the status quo at the moment is to delay your album. I’m happy Dua Lipa didn’t, but it’s weird. I’m guessing this is a great time for streaming but a bad time for sales. 2021 could either look like a bottleneck or a touring year that could rival everything. Remember Adele is sitting on an album right now she definitely won’t be releasing this year. It’s going to be a big fight to be artist of the year next year.
  8. Good stuff. I think it’s just the principle really.
  9. I’m living with a housemate and who has decided they can’t be bothered with social distancing anymore either. Visiting their boyfriend and their family and friends like nothing is wrong. Their excuse is that the police won’t stop them. I’m actively not seeing my family because they are all in an extremely vulnerable position. I am not seeing friends either because I don’t want to be part of the problem. To have people close to me just give up on this already, we’ve got a long road ahead of us. A childhood friend texted me yesterday and told me that their grandparents are both in the ICU because of this virus. They live in the middle of nowhere, no idea how they of all people got it. Stay safe everyone x
  10. Primavera moved to August. Might be a good sign but all of these festivals moving to late summer are still at risk.
  11. This “oh look at us we’ve sorted the virus out” bullshit propaganda is proving to be just that. China is now walking headfirst into a second outbreak because they want to be seen as the first country to “overcome” the virus.
  12. Matt42

    2020 New Music

    I agree but things can change. You never know, the three they had pencilled in might be changing their touring plans too. One of the three pencilled in could be an act with other touring commitments this year. 2021 is totally up in the air (obviously).
  13. Matt42

    2020 New Music

    She’s undoubtedly bigger than Stormzy was at the time he headlined. I think if they can’t get one of the 2020 headliners back they should get her to do it. Do we really need Arctic Monkeys to headline again?
  14. Yeah I think what is worrying my elderly relatives is they just feel a bit like a sitting duck. My parents have both been ordered to stay at home for three months so they can’t help them out. Its really hard to tell people like them it’s going to be okay.
  15. Today is a pretty deep day. Hard to reassure elderly members of my family that it is going to be ok when Boris has it.
  16. If Taylor can’t do it next year do you think they might ask Dua? The new album is great and she’s absolutely massive. It was a huge coup getting her to headline the other stage but by this time next year I don’t know if they could get away with doing it again.
  17. Matt42

    Dua Lipa

    I actually think I’d be missing Paul for her if the festival was going ahead. album is good pop
  18. Matt42

    2020 New Music

    Do you think Dua will return to headline the other stage? It probably didn’t feel like it but she’s such a big artist now I don’t know whether they could get away with it again.
  19. Do you think this festival will come back? Dunno how many more hard knocks APE can take.
  20. The more you test. The more positive cases you get.
  21. The USA have increased their tests and now they are number one. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
  22. Boomtown are downsizing apparently due to concerns it won’t go ahead.
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