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  1. Would be the simple answer but I do think there is still time for some people to snake in. Lana tho can go straight into the unlikely. Think it’s clear she isn’t touring or plans to tour anytime soon.
  2. Thanks for your work on this - interesting analysis. Especially how many acts have announced nothing for 2022.
  3. They would not break artist embargoes for shits and giggz
  4. Thanks. Not something I’d remember - but also R&L still managing to bag them wouldn't surprise me. I mean they could have KOL who are also at boardies.
  5. Could be fake but AM, KOL, Yungblud, Imagine Dragons, Dua Lipa, Dave wouldn’t surprise me
  6. All I’m saying dude is what Ken has said… who has been pretty spot on with information of this kind. He says RATM are coming to Europe June/July next summer. No mention of any other appearances. All I can do is look at that and offer a suggestion for why that might be. They haven’t been in a rush to reschedule their other late summer shows - R&L, rock en Seine etc
  7. It shouldn’t be either or but it looks like they may have decided either or. Maybe ticket sales for their initial late summer run were not impressive and they knew the early summer festivals were desp to have them.
  8. He’s bullshitted about RATM before because he knows they are the biggest ‘get’ on the lineup for efestivals. I am confused about KOL though - but R&L seems to be sorting some strange bookings recently so maybe it’s true. Perhaps KOL are a replacement for Rage… you never know. It sounds to me like RATM have turned down the a late summer EU tour in favour of a June / July run which means they can play events like Rock Werchter, HellFest, etc - all those sorts of events. They might have been unimpressed with the ticket sales from their original run. I don’t think this necessarily means they will be at Download. Perhaps they will do a one off outdoor show next summer? The only reason I say that is I really doubt Andy Coppings ability to book anyone exciting. Download always take the laziest route possible when it comes to booking their lineups.
  9. So Dan usually tells you the right answer at some point but gives you other answers. No pattern either.
  10. Not sure about this - Doja has been announced for loads of stuff recently. But for early summer not late.
  11. I just think the crowd would be woeful. Chatters and pissers.
  12. I really don’t think any of us are the target audience R&L are trying to go for with a Yungblud booking. It’s 14 year olds who will probably be going to their first festival.
  13. I’ve seen Arctic monkeys 5 times and always enjoyed myself. The time I least enjoyed them was T in the Park 2014 but that’s because the set list was a bit naff. On here though there’s this perpetual view from posters that they are completely naff live.
  14. No he isn’t huge in the UK but he is big with the younger clientele who attend reading now… so that’s why it’s happening. it’s not supposed to make statistical sense.
  15. Yungblud headlining doesn’t shock me because I can see the true reason why they have 6 headliners a year. It’s not to get 6 absolutely gigantic acts every year, but to get 1 or 2 big acts and 4 cheaper bookings. With this model they can experiment more than before and book headliners that they know their attendees like - not 3 that absolutely have to sell tickets. The 14 year olds going who love Yungblud don’t care about his headlining credentials - they will see him on the lineup and buy a ticket. I reckon if the 6 headliner model was round a decade ago they would have given one to Enter Shikari. It’s the same sort of thing. Some acts at R&L get a better crowd reaction than they do anywhere else. Hence why some acts who play huge slots at R&L play tiny slots at places like Glastonbury. Youmeatsix was a good example of that. I remember at one point we were talking about them being given a chance at headlining. Even though their reach at festivals outside of R&L was pretty slim.
  16. Supposedly - but apparently the strokes pulled out the other year because Mad Cool was telling other acts they were playing before the signed the dotted line. Sounds stupid but it sounds like Mad Cool has a bit of a reputation for letting things out of the bag before they are finalised and upsetting acts. If this was a one off I’d agree - but maybe managers have just had enough of Mad Cool talking about potential bookings before the artists want them public knowledge.
  17. Wonder if Mad Cool pissed Springsteen off with that clue about calling your boss and he pulled out. wouldn’t be the first time they lost a headliner due to them playing games on social media
  18. Matt42

    2022 Headliners

    I think this just proves my point - Tool, Pink, Mumford & Sons, Florence etc while not unpopular on here would be considered very weak headliners for Glastonbury.
  19. I just think that the only pop acts being booked being Billie Eilish, Robyn, Mabel, Sigrid, Charli XCX, Lorde, Griff it’s a very small number considering what the festival has booked in previous years. Whilst I’m not knocking your lineup I think you may have geared it a bit far from where the festival has been going in the previous years. Your lineup is a bit too radio 6 / efestivals friendly. To go from a lineup with Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, Camila Cabello etc to just 7 pop acts it’s like removing the genre from the lineup. And some of those 7 are questionably not that “pop”.
  20. Then again KOL doing boardies and R&L is a bit bizarre
  21. This is too indie for Glasto. There will be more pop than this.
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