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  1. Well done Michael and Emily. Filled my heart with pride when i saw that this morning, just what i needed. 💙
  2. RossTC

    Jon Hopkins

    What a superb gig that was! Best thing ive seen live in a long while. Noticeably quite a few who didn't go though considering it was sold out!
  3. RossTC

    Jon Hopkins

    Wonder if this gig will still go ahead!
  4. RossTC

    Jon Hopkins

    Train back to Bristol for me i think!
  5. RossTC

    Jon Hopkins

    Managed to get 2 for Bath off Twickets! Roll on Saturday!
  6. RossTC

    Jon Hopkins

    Ok cheers. i cant believe i missed this tour announcement, im furious with myself! This is after missing him at Glasto last year and missing him by a day in Perth, Oz in Jan also!! Its not meant to be currently!!
  7. RossTC

    Jon Hopkins

    The couple on stubhub are both stalls but ones row R and the other AA, will the stalls be seated also for this do you know?
  8. RossTC

    Jon Hopkins

    Appreciate it thanks, just found a couple on stubhub but they are marked up! Set an alert on Twickets also.
  9. RossTC

    Jon Hopkins

    If you know of any spare tickets for Bath, please shout i didn't even know he was playing there until i saw this post.
  10. RossTC

    My first ever gig.....

    Loved them at the time and always made the effort to go watch them again when they tour, always good fun! Crispin Mills is the singer.
  11. RossTC

    My first ever gig.....

    Kula Shaker at Colston Hall in Bristol, sometime in the late 90's. My parents took me.
  12. RossTC

    The Strokes?

    Friday night would be absolutely delightful!
  13. RossTC

    Lana Del Rey Confirmed?

    That's very disappointing on her cancelled tour. Any idea where my partner stands on non refundable hotel booking paid for? Any way of being able to claim back?
  14. RossTC

    Self Confirmed 2020

    They have put a few things on social media from previous Glasto performances recently, i responded to one photo saying a return was long overdue and Steve Craddock liked it. It would make my festival if they were there!!
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