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  1. 2007, wet, cold, muddy. Loved every second of it and haven't missed one since. 2020 will be my 11th and i cant wait! I honestly cant think of how id feel if i missed a year for whatever reason. The happiness and total passion i have for the place is beyond belief.
  2. Happened in the summer, OCS warmed up for the Specials. Fair play the blokes got some talent!
  3. Seem to do summer shows most years then Craddock tours with Weller rest of the time.
  4. OCS annouce tour for next year. https://oceancolourscene.com/tour-dates/ Long overdue a return to the farm.
  5. Just the idea of a Beatle on the farm singing those songs makes me feel emotional. I saw him at the IOW about ten years ago and it was bloody brilliant, cant wait for this.
  6. RossTC

    2020 headliners

    Its a decent album in my opinion.
  7. What are the options again?
  8. Ditto this for me. I've even managed to get the company i work for, to issue every employee (about 60 pf us) with there own company branded metal bottle so were doing our bit at work!
  9. RossTC

    2020 headliners

    When did she say this? They havent done that since the Stones played last time i dont think?
  10. RossTC

    Hot Chip

    Was right at the back on Saturday and sound wasn't great, i'm told this can be an issue at AP quite often?!
  11. RossTC

    John peel 2020 acts

    Ocean Colour Scene? Touring as there 25th anniversary next year i believe. Due a return to the farm!
  12. RossTC

    John peel 2020 acts

    The Lathums, new band blowing up in the North currently. Believe they are working with James Skelly on there debut.
  13. RossTC

    2020 headliners

    Where has this Daft Punk chat come from? This thread moves at incredible speed!
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