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  1. RossTC

    Pilton Party 2019

    Absolutely agree with this, WA were the wrong band to headline which is why my crowd didn't bother this year.
  2. RossTC

    2020 headliners

    Does his interview on radio 2 the other day not change things?
  3. RossTC

    2020 headliners

    Did nobody ask ME or EE on friday?!
  4. RossTC

    Festival cancellations.

    I was at Bennicassim in 2009 when they cancelled a night due to wind, the main stage looked like it was about to blow away and its the size of the other stage, was pretty scary. They also evacuated the campsites so i spent the night sleeping in a sports hall! Lucky for me when we got back to a trashed campsite the next day the scaffold pole id tied my tent to for a washing line had kept it in place!
  5. RossTC

    Pilton Party 2019

    I think they might struggle to sell this one out?! Wolf Alice dont have the same broad appeal that the headliner usually has and Supergrass wont get the kids in. Interesting choices.
  6. They were absolutely brilliant, left Maribou State who i was loving to get to Two Door on time and delighted i did so.
  7. RossTC

    2020 headliners

    Are you saying KOL make sense for PP or for next years festival? KoL at PP would be quite an impressive booking!
  8. RossTC


    I think it'll all come down. Looks to be coming down already infact.
  9. Friday Bjorn Again - 7 Tom Odell - 7 Wombats - 7.5 Bastille - 7.5 Maribou State - 9 Two door Cinema Club - 9 Stormzy - 10 Saturday Four Tet - 8 Gerry Cinnamon - 5 (couldn't get near the tent) Lewis Capaldi - 8 (dragged by the mrs, thought he was ace!) LG - 8 Courteeners - 9 Chems - 8 Hot Chip - 9 Sunday Kylie - 8 Bootleg Beatles - 9 Vampire Weekend - 8 The Streets - 9
  10. RossTC

    2020 headliners

    LG was only there this year because he did Pilton Party last year, otherwise they wouldn't of had him back so quick after the other stage set with almost the same setlist.
  11. RossTC

    What's next?

    White Lies in Frome next week. New Order on Bristol harbourside the week after. Adding Hot Chip and Metronomy to Autumn gig calendar also. Oh and i need to book a holiday!
  12. White Lies in Frome next week. New Order in Bristol the week after. Adding Hot Chip and Metronomy to the Autumn gig calendar. The show and the fun must go on!!
  13. RossTC


    I was on the hill, the wind was taking the sound the other direction so sadly it was quiet. I left after 30 mins to make sure i was in prime position for LG.
  14. When and where is that?
  15. I was chatting to a police officer sunday avo on the way back in and asked how many arrests, they said roughly 30 which was down a lot on most years. Mainly for theft, couple for assault.
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