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  1. Feel free to put your tickets back in the pot folks! Ups my chances of getting one in the resale!
  2. I’m just hoping that if people are genuinely disappointed in the poster it means there will be plenty of tickets in the resale so I can get one!
  3. rwhitehouse13

    2024 Headliners

    Looking at all the rumours about Pyramid headliners I’m just glad that there is so much more around the festival than the Pyramid!
  4. rwhitehouse13

    Press pass

    I wouldn’t be surprised if media are asked to make a charity donation for a pass, that’s certainly what happened at Boardmasters the few times I covered it.
  5. I saw The Bug Club in Falmouth on Friday night, they were ace, well worth catching live.
  6. If The Smile, Pulp and Janelle Monae are on the line up then I probably won’t care what else is on offer…
  7. Few interesting names on Truck line-up, looks pretty strong.
  8. That line-up would be amazing…although the Stevie Wonder clash with The Smile is a problem!
  9. It’s really annoying that they have had to do this at such short notice, but guess there has to be a good reason for taking that decision. Like others it messes me up as I will be in a meeting for the coach sale and away for the general sale. Meh.
  10. Agree on caroline, had wanted to see them for a while but was really disappointed.
  11. Think we need less chairs around not more….
  12. Went for the first time this year and loved it, will definitely return. Didn’t know much of the lineup beforehand but found so much good stuff. The Kokoko set at The Boat was a definite highlight for me, great show, great crowd and everyone just really seemed up for it. Don’t really understand the criticism of the toilets, it would be better if there were more urinals though. Generally I think compost toilets are the better ones at festivals. Looking forward to returning!
  13. Amazed to have snagged a couple of tickets for Wembley…excited now!
  14. That clash of The National and The Smile would be a disaster!
  15. Would love it to be Billy Joel - would be perfect for it.
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