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  1. rwhitehouse13


    Well, like some others here, I loved their Glastonbury show, one of the best headliners I have seen. But then I love Gorillaz and love Plastic Beach.
  2. rwhitehouse13

    A Blaze of Feather - Ben Howard?

    Some info here - http://www.cornwalllive.com/mysterious-festival-band-a-blaze-of-feather-could-be-a-cornwall-supergroup-featuring-ben-howard/story-30223615-detail/whatson/story.html
  3. rwhitehouse13

    Sigur Ros

    Bah! - having seen Sigur Ros before I had almost decided that I would see Richard Hawley instead as I haven't seen him before...but reading what has been said here makes me want to see Sigur Ros again! BUT I also really want to see Savages.... Decisions, decisions, decisions...
  4. rwhitehouse13

    new here? introduce yourself

    Hi - I am Rich - this year will be seventh Glastonbury, although last year doesn't really count (long story) so it's kind of my sixth. My first time was 1997. Been reading these boards for a while but never ventured in fully until now...