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  1. Left Beyonce after a few songs to go see the streets don't regret it as the streets were amazing but would of been good to see it all
  2. Neil Young fell in love with being in the crowd that night and the spirit of it all
  3. Cursing the heat in the morning while I. The que
  4. Decided to look on the brightside I get to spend the weekend with the kids who are too little to come there will be a time they won't be excited to be with me. Mate has given me a projector and tent is ready for Friday night in the garden solar lights sorted just snacks and cider to sort. It's crap situation but at least site keeps the community going thanks Neil
  5. Should just be leaving buzzing with nerves but alas I'm not. Feeling strange as glastonbury is always my retreat from life I take a break from family duties, work duties and self pressure this week and discover me and think about the bits I like and don't. So sad I'm not getting my rehab I call it but better to miss out and save a live somewhere Sending big love to you all this weekend keep the faith
  6. Oggies never dissapoint but make it difficult to move around site anywhere fast if you get near to finishing one
  7. Was on my list as part of a bar crawl as well. Deverstation occured when I realised there was nothing to soak up booze. Fallafel just doesn't do it
  8. I don't know enough cheeses chedder and slices is as far as I can go
  9. 😔 Sad times I know its crap food but sometimes after a night or afternoon on it you just need it.
  10. Was the growler back in 2019?
  11. Never been to an efest meet yet no excuse now
  12. Some of these pics have really helped me remember the magic of the place. The boost I need ed
  13. Thursday is full of excitement 😁 Sunday is tinged with fuck I have to return back to fear of no tickets. Every day is great at the farm
  14. 1st stone off since 4th of Jan 4 more to loose to have any kind of chance of enjoying the festival time to do the work.
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