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  1. Do they still sell the steel cups with glastonbury logo on? Deposit a giver I think they were
  2. Love the idea of a trader episode or how about people's journey and rituals for getting there. Good podcast guys keep it up just more regularly lol ūüėÜ
  3. Done the overnight que once its a young man's game good banter and builds up nice but it does take it out of you the next day. The gates opened and so did the hevans never had such a bad start to the festival
  4. Brought 2 new airbeds and some dry shampoo about as crazy as it got at the weekend
  5. Welcome to the club! out of interest guessing your a fellow pompey sufferer by your pic?
  6. I'm sure they had a stall on the left hand of the other stage heading towards the pyramid. Good food weighs you down tho
  7. Does anyone think there is a realistic chance of eminem performing if you remove the money issue? For me his choice of topic used would have barred him but anyone disagree?
  8. For some reason balti pie has to be followed by full fat coke and becomes a perfect meal
  9. Cheers pal think I'm already a member but will take a read
  10. Was it because they became to successful for glasto?
  11. My pie eating friend, brothers and pie is a dream I shall seek out thanks for the recommendation. Feel free to keep my in mind should you find any recommendations on your travels
  12. Is there anywhere to get a good pie anymore? My first year the square pie company were there but left after I think they got to big I read on here.
  13. The Welsh ogie is a legend the ogies themselves are great value and is one of my recommendations
  14. Sweet cheers, aiming for wicket as well I'm going solo until Thursday when my daughter is coming up so I have the added stress of being on my own in family camp for 48 hours. I emailed the festival and they said it's cool just show the email from them. Just out of interest what gate are you aiming for?
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