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  1. This might be of interest to some. http://www.petemckee.com/products/limited-edition-new-order-print-for-teenage-cancer-trust
  2. Remembering its Sunday night and all the crap you have to do at work tomorrow. That and not being able to play 5 aside because your groin is still screwed from last week.
  3. That's my decision made then. Got on the autorefresh page at 09:03. Never saw anything again.
  4. So the student loan book is to be privatised... http://www.newstatesman.com/economics/2013/06/danny-alexander-confirms-student-loan-book-will-be-privatised
  5. My suspected acid reflux / GERD coming on worse than ever, (just what i need before glasto) and aving to wait till thrid week in July for my next appointment where hopefully they refer me to the hospital for a camera down.
  6. Heven forbid better teachers now that days gone by? It cant be possible.. surely not!
  7. I've been working on the assumption, perhaps incorrectly that its not going to be quite a case of, you have been in the forces, you can teach for several reasons. - Not all ex squaddies are going to want to teach. - Not all ex squaddies are going to be able to teach. - There will still be the requirement to pass the different stages of becoming a teacher. I think its very easy to see all ex forces types by the same stereotype, but I actually think something like this could have legs.
  8. Two of my mates are ex squaddies, one was an engineer and one disarmed bombs. The engineer has just become a qualified teacher and by all accounts he is fantastic, and some of the troublesome children have more respect for him than they do many of the other teachers, I imagine part of this is because of his size! The other lad is a sparky and works with people who have been excluded from schools. He loves it, and they seem to love it. He takes no shit off them and works them hard, but they get something out of it. I dont think its necessarily a bad idea, its not like all squaddies are suddenly going to become teachers, nor are all squaddies going to pass the course.
  9. Human Swam which was Channel last night was fantastic. As was the two parter about a WWI excavtion on mondays. Channl 5
  10. Having to wait two weeks to get a Dr's appointment. I'm not the sort of person that visits the Dr's much so when I do its because something is really bothering me. Which brings me onto my second gripe, every few months I get a spell of a week or so where I burp pretty much constantly (well thats how it feels), this coinsides with feeling bloated and full, a discoloured tongue and the occasional chunder after meals. I've decided enough is enough and wanted to see the Dr, I can gurentee the symptons will be gone by the time the appointment comes round. I know I can try and ring up on the day and see my Dr but I dont like wasting his time as there are proper ill people out there.
  11. Will try and catch up on this... i work in the Peak District and heard a lot of hype about it.
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