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  1. Two questions: 1) Who will be the first Minister / MP filmed getting a vaccine? 2. What date will they be hitting our screens?
  2. Probably because it's very unlikely to do them as much hard as lockdowns are.
  3. This page isn't designed just to be used for one day though is it? It shouldn't happen but I suspect whatever API they are using for address look up is rate limited - like you say should have realised that on today of all days
  4. Granted it's not all the same - but then again not all the private sector has suffered equally and there have been plenty of folk sat on their arse in all sectors not putting in the same shift while at home. In the examples above that due to poor management there is always other stuff they could be doing.
  5. Why does it have to be fairy distributed? It hasn't been fairly distributed for the last 12 years. If public sector workers didn't pay tax or buy products and services you might be right... in lots of parts of the country the LA and NHS are some of the largest employers you reduce their spending power you reduce the local economy but that's only just the areas that struggle the most and need the most support from public services... Nowhere important.
  6. That's just not true though. 1. Working at home doesn't save everyone money, there are still costs associated with working at home, and not everyone has an expensive commute to work. 2. Using local authorities as an example with the exception of very few services they didn't just stop providing that service because of lockdown that's not how the provision of vital public services works. In local authorities staff get redeployed during emergencies so for example at the local authority I worked at library staff that weren't directly involved in the running of the library services whi
  7. Exactly - the public sector haven't just worked hard during Covid they have worked hard every single day providing services to the citizens of this country. I must have missed all the payrises I got while still working in the public sector because austerity put pay to it for years... The attitude towards (and within public sector management) is you should be greatful you have a job.
  8. Think of them and any other pub that serves food as a restaurant for the purposes of this - you cant got and order a bowl of chips and 15 pints.
  9. Isn't that sort of the point of doing it regionally rather than just at the Local Level? And the reason that things like gigs aren't allowed irrespective of your level? You might get a handful of people who can't be bothered to go to the effort of traveling to different areas but it's not like one tier is normal and the rest aren't. They are all fairly limiting.
  10. I'll save mankind then, and ticket day will be easier.
  11. Just like they could catch it from anyone who has had the vaccine too.
  12. There is no long term data - what if all the people injected with it drop dead in three years, or if they all go blind, or hair falls out or something we just don't know yet. Granted it's very unlikely but we don't know. If everyone who want it has it what difference does it make if I choose not to? You as a vaccinated person can probably still give me the virus and I will get as poorly as my body allows. If I have the virus and I give it to you you have increased protection.
  13. I make maps for a living so I'm certainly not a flat earther but I am a Covid 19 vaccine sceptic.
  14. Old Tier Two you could - not in new Tier 2.
  15. Tier 1 is the only tier you can go for a drink without a meal.
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