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  1. Since they got rid of the 1 way supermarkets have been back to being like a prequel to the hunger games.
  2. It has the potential to be the end of the lower leagues if they can't operate as normal again.
  3. Depending on what it is your trying to show you do. Showing the raw count of 121 and saying wow that's a lot tells half a story, if your trying to say oh my look at Covid admissions to hospital. If your trying to say and what about the hospital capacity you need look at things like capacity too - it's only earlier this year people from London hospitals were being transferred to Sheffield and Newcastle to get intensive care. The point is a single set of digits tells you very little.
  4. Yep - south west is about 2.5m I think. Shame that don't show hospital admissions per 100k too...
  5. North East & Yorkshire is a HUGE area and home some to some 8.5million people.
  6. These last few pages have been really interesting reading thanks everyone. What I don't understand is why so many see it as 0 or 1. I had my second jab on Wednesday and for the next few weeks I'm going to be sensible, yes the pubs are open and I can do as I wish but you know what I can live without being in a busy pub if I want - I'll just got Thursday evening instead of Saturday or whatever. After three weeks when I'm fully charged I will I'm sure be less wary, in fact the Friday after being fully charged I'm doing a pub crawl along the Hope Valley line. I'm not being wary for the next few weeks because I'm scared of the virus but because I don't want to make myself feel shitter than I need to. Aknowledge at somepoint I'm going to catch this virus and I'm going to feel shitty, so let's do a few simple things to increase the chance of the shittyness being kept to a minimum - like you do with hangovers!
  7. He is 10, but it was his first one and I think he was scared of it being positive (which is understandable) even though he knows it's not bad for children (as he reads a kids news paper The Week Junior, which is excellent, well worth the money, I'd highly recommend it). He was more upset that if he has got it he would miss his last last day with his teacher who is moving schools and he has had for two years and so would all his class mates. Lots of kids are really aware of the consequences of what happens if they test positive and the implications for others. Its not a right nice experience as an adult doing it to yourself I imagine it's a lot less of a pleasant experience having someone else do it to you irrespective of age. While I'm not craving to be ill can't help but think it's just going to be better to get it over and done with once the second jab has charged up.
  8. He actually said in his upset state he would rather I injected him with Covid. I think he meant the vaccine but you know.
  9. They will just impose the ability to revoke licences from venues not playing by the rules when the LA Covid Cops turn up I'd have thought.
  10. Final school night of the year - first lateral flow test on the boy. Tears, panic, worry, distress, makes me feel like an arsehole, raised voices, words with the Mrs and a burnt tea. Least the test is negative (although god knows if we got enough swabbing done).
  11. There needs to be some ending point though. Can't have that forever.
  12. I've got my second jab today. 7 weeks to the hour since the first one.
  13. Two double jabbed friends have had positive lateral flow tests confirmed by PCR tests today. Both feeling ill enough not to work from home, and I've never know one of them have a sick day.
  14. At no point have a disputed that masks help - but look at the case numbers WITH masks in place. Your talking like masks aren't being worn. There are loads of restrictions in place, yet cases are still rising as they are. Perhaps it's possible that in a real world situation masks aren't as effective as in lab conditions as a starter for 10... In the real world people have to take masks off.
  15. Wrap up warm it must be cold on that lofty perch of yours. Compliance with the rules would appear to be high where I live... Didn't stop it being top of the charts for a while during the pandemic. In the fullness of time I suspect socio-economic similarities of the badly effected areas will far outweigh the mask compliance anecdotes.
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