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  1. Spider43

    RY X

    I went but he wasn't listed to play! Was quite pissed off!
  2. Spider43

    Glasto 2020: Passing the torch?

    I'm 43 now so can't go at as hard as I used to and thought this would probably be my last but took my 10yr daughter for the Friday and Saturday and that's given me a lease of life. Seeing it through younger eyes make me appreciate it more and I'll definitely be f5ing in two years time. There's some threads on here that magnify the bad things about the festival but this year was one of the best I've had..
  3. Spider43

    Distance walked

    39 miles but only got there at 4pm Friday!
  4. Spider43

    Thursday arrival - how are you coping?

    Friday afternoon arrival (insert sad face emoji here)
  5. Spider43

    Worthy View

    I stayed at pop up motel in 2015 and thought it was great, admittedly it was paid for by someone else in out group! No queues for showers other than a few mins, this was about 9 o'clock. Food there wasn't great as not enough vans to cope with demand but we walked onto site. The walk is about 20 mins but it's flat.
  6. Spider43

    Secret resales

    It's going to be up there in my top five turnouts.
  7. Spider43

    Secret resales

    Got 4 tickets whilst perched on trap 3 in the work gents!
  8. Spider43

    Secret resales

    It was four last year for general tickets, might be two for coach tho..
  9. Spider43

    Secret resales

    I keep getting a message saying too many redirects. Don't know how to get round it on iPhone/pad
  10. Spider43

    the eFestivals app for Android

    Did you get many downloads of the iOS version? I tend to use it when I'm out but come back to the website if I'm at home as easier to scan to a particular page.