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  1. People on the discord don't agree about the overcrowding. Yes there was some terrible crowd management on the Friday but it improved over the weekend but the sets people point to as overcrowded are as overcrowded as some sets were in 2019 on the same stages.
  2. The glasto thread are just being dramatic. It felt pretty normal on the farm.
  3. You have definitely banned people for no reason. Insulted some great people who no longer want anything to do with you despite helping you in your time of need. You have pushed so many people away who respected you for decades with your recent behaviour. You said you should have banned the secretglasto account and yet defend someone with a fish alt account. And why on earth are you disrespecting someone trying to go to a meet of users from your site. From the community you made.
  4. The collection point is a short bus ride away. It's pretty easy to just hop on the bus from gate a for 10 minutes
  5. because the set is so early in the day i would say it does.
  6. My main rebuttal is why not swap London and Huddersfield? It would make everything so much easier
  7. I'd still bet on a stadium as he always seems to do live nation shows
  8. Surely it would make more sense for them to do the park timewise if they were going to do it.
  9. Bmth is wishful thinking assuming they can bump someone up if they have. I have no hopes now it seems like tallica is doing 2 nights. Someone heard that apparently one of the headliners is playing twice so everyone jumped on tallica. They could mess this up by going Metallica / Leppard/metallica/ozzy
  10. A lot of comments in here about how the uk is 85% white but I often notice the crowds are over 95% in 2019 white which is an improvement on when I first started going in 2015. There's a long way to go but also in a lot of gigs I've been to I could count on my fingers the number of non whites there were (at a recent twin atlantic gig the figure was 2, biffy clyro 5 etc.) Hopefully by showcasing more asian musicians (e.g. beabadobee, mitski on the lineup this year etc) and having them blow up will hopefully bring more people into concerts and then more will be willing to try festivals. I really do feel the festival has missed out on rina sawayama big time. I also feel like a k/j-pop booking in a decent spot will help the festival reach a new audience similarly to how coachella has done so.
  11. wouldnt trust it, my mate is taking a coach on tuesday to be safe before coach prices jump up too much.
  12. Could be the nina kraviz replacement ?
  13. Twickets is a good shout.
  14. 1 lucky dip ticket to the rolling stones (£36) at anfield tomorrow.
  15. Also knotfest didn't sell well
  16. panic would probably want to headline at this point. Co-headlined R&L. sold out the o2 x2, manchester arena and birmingham arena last tour. Doubt copping will ever offer the slot they want.
  17. It's still disgraceful that people are buying tickets on false pretences. Even changing it to TBA would be so much better
  18. Honestly no point in the primary entry tickets. Either golden circle east or normal in my opinion.
  19. We got a leak Friday last year. We can pray
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