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  1. Maybe the house of lords isn't so bad after all.
  2. Anyone watched Arcane on Netflix? I'm only watching it because my kid wanted to...it's something to do with League of Legends that I know nothing about...and it's really good!
  3. Thing is...do MPs trust Cummings more than Johnson? Don't think there's a lot of love for either of them. Whether Johnson lied to Commons or not won't be part of Gray's investigation...so up to MPs to decide.
  4. Looks like government doesn't actually have an alternative for the licence fee...they just wanted to put it out there...so people on forums everywhere discussed BBC funding and not Boris the c**t.
  5. maybe if it was a subscription streaming service it would actually do very well and be a big problem for other streaming services which currently don't actually make money.
  6. Not politics...but came up on my twitter timeline....look at all those kingdoms/nations where Germany etc is now!
  7. no one likes paying for it! They could make it paid for by a tax like some other countries, but then it really does become a state broadcaster. Maybe it will eventually become subscription based and you'll psy for different packages like sky...it means some of it's more unpopular stuff will just get binned I guess. I think they will regret it in the long run, but there you go. This is interesting on how other countries do (or don't) it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Television_licence
  8. As for the BBC news channel...I don't know.,,,I watch it more than sky news because I get it in HD, and I also get annoyed with ads on sky...but the bbc news is so repetitive and they just loop through the same stories with not enough proper discussion...maybe they're scared of all the bias accusations or something...and then they have 30 minute slots on dross like click and the travel show. I never watch Marr, never watch Question Time, but I do like Newsnight.
  9. I love the BBC but I'm of a certain age...when I was a kid it was just BBC or ITV, that was it, and I grew up listening to Radio 1 and now listen to 6music or Radio4 ...so it has some sentimental value to me and I'd be gutted if it went...love the radio, love it's music docs, it's science/art/educational stuff, dramas and comedies etc etc but at same time I understand in this age of choice it seems outdated to have to pay for it and it not be subscription based...but if they went down that route it would probably have to cut it's output massively. I think it would be a shame, but that's progress for you...as we all just stream whatever from US tech companies. Maybe if Nadine and the Mail don't want old ladies to be carted off to prison for non payment they should bring back free licenses for the over 70s (or whatever it was).
  10. Look over there...BBC, MIGRANTS, STARMER HAVING A BEER!
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