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  1. Well last election was all about getting Brexit done and keeping Corbyn out...and these by-elections seem to be all anti Boris
  2. Jessica agrees with you. I just think a minority govt won't last long...but maybe labour stand a better chance if don't give in to that evil sturgeon woman.
  3. Yes, which is why they'd need to win that referendum.
  4. Might be only way they can form a government. Offer a referendum, win referendum.
  5. yes, we'll look back fondly at Starmer and what could have been.
  6. anyway, I think a lot of corbyn supporters and momentum people have left the labour party...and there isn't really a credible candidate on left at moment to get behind anyway. Personally I'm not sure about Streeting..he seems more idelogical than Starmer, and is definitely on the right of the party...and another hate figure for the corbyn crew because he wasn't loyal to their man. He seems good at media stuff though, good in interviews, not scared to have an argument, more assured than Starmer, but is likely to be hated even more on the left. It's probably between him, Reeves, Nandy and Rayner.
  7. Long Bailey said she was a zionist?! I don't remember that part of the debate.
  8. The first rule about non covid politics thread is you don't talk about covid
  9. No...but I guess the hope is the more that Westminster refuses, the louder the anti westminster pro independence voice in Scotland.
  10. I just can't see it being possible for Johnson to bring back any restrictions, let alone a lockdown. His backbenchers and cabinet wouldn't allow it. The economy is already fucked as it is. We are entering summer, surely hospitals should cope even if it does mean more non urgent stuff is postponed. Maybe masks is a possibility I guess, but...nah, not happening. Some people will likely be more careful if in the news more. This wave will probably be past it's peak in a few weeks anyway.
  11. yeah...some confusion from Bob there...lockdowns are there to help NHS, not make backlog worse. But...how high is hospitalisations from covid at moment? I guess maybe a lot of people in hospitals have covid, but how many are there because of covid? I guess gets complicated if still trying to isolate people with covid to prevent it spreading.
  12. Maybe you should start another covid shit thread?
  13. Or the fact the economy is totally screwed and NATO is getting prepped for WW3
  14. Thanks for your concern Fray, very sweet. I was actually posting some fascinating political insights, some of it you commented on as part of your weird Ozanne fetish thing...trying to sow divisions for fun I guess...but yes I let myself down and said a sweary at Fish man, not the first to have done so the last few days as he is all over the Glastonbury area with his usual bollocks...and then of course in comes Bob closely followed by yourself....and well, we don't like each other right? But what I'll do is shove you all on ignore again, and try stick to ignoring despite your petty little ozanne/starmer w*nkiness...and we'll just go from there.
  15. there is this... https://www.theguardian.com/politics/audio/2022/jun/30/politics-weekly-uk-goes-to-glastonbury-podcast
  16. Defense spending up to 2.5% by 2030...more billions that have got to come from somewhere whilst tories insist that Bojo must cut taxes.
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