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  1. Fantastic news that Deptford Northern Soul Club are back. Best bring my talcum powder with me 😁
  2. As a fellow FMS volunteer would advise them to contact Sue Rushworth to ask advice also. sue.rushworth@festival-medical.org
  3. westholtschic

    Sam Fender

    Word is they are on after each other on the Friday
  4. westholtschic


    We are back up on Wednesday for 4 nights to help with the force 😁
  5. Playing Glasgow on the Thursday and Leeds Saturday. Would be amazing but don’t know where he would play.
  6. 2011 was amazing and I thought their set at the park was better than 2014. In my very humble opinion they always do their best at the farm.
  7. Me too and they cut my favourite song from the set.
  8. Probably didn’t help having their set cut short due to all the site being shut from the lighting.
  9. Oh behave. I’m not going to lower myself to argue with you. That is the beauty of the festival. People like different music. I like Elbow and have never heard of Doja Cat but you will never hear me slagging other artists off.
  10. So why is Macca playing, people stuck in the 60’s
  11. Can’t wait to see them.
  12. westholtschic


    Indeed it is. Sat outside our van , cider in hand, enjoying the sun. Take care brother
  13. westholtschic


    Nice. Was lovely up there today
  14. westholtschic


    You must have been there when we were there, what are the chances 😂 we should all get badges to wear in the outside world
  15. westholtschic


    The farm looked lovely from the Tor just now. In the Riflemans now 😁
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