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  1. Example is still pretty popular though, has a great back catalogue
  2. Easy Life subbing would be great honestly, growing exponentially they had a huge crowd at Reading for the time they were on. Could sub the co-head anyway Anyone who got it right probably has a very good chance of winning ngl. Maybe it was an accident and they will be announced later on
  3. I’d happily take this. Can’t see Haim at reading though honestly
  4. gfa

    Spare Gig Tickets

    1 free glass animals kingston Pryzm ticket for tonight / doors at 7, glass animals at 8.
  5. Just got my ticket - £80 including covid protection absolute steal. Airbnb also booked, can’t wait!
  6. seems unlikely to get splits this early and with this format no dance stage acts etc. It looks decent though, problems aside
  7. Seen a few empty ones haha. sigrid also confirmed
  8. Bicep are way too big for Dance tent, hopefully they keep growing and can headline eventually.
  9. Sziget is the same, goes till like 6am as well
  10. Very strong i’d assume this is correct. Bombay and Fender co-head i’d assume although could maybe be Kooks in it. black honey also announced
  11. Sziget is already so long though, most festivals are going 2-3 or 3-4, not 7-8. I think its okay, refines the lineup as some days I found there was only 1/2 acts i wanted to see when i went
  12. Seems Sports Team are playing main stage, truck and others liking/replying about them
  13. https://www.instagram.com/p/CWtHUJeoZ4c/?utm_medium=copy_link god its happening - sad not to be going but none of my mates are remotely keen. Truck, Glasto and this Portugese one with AM and Chems for me.
  14. + someone else, i’d be happy with those 3 alone honestly
  15. They accidentally texted the names 3 hours early. Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Fatboy, Becky Hill, Camelphat - can’t see the rest yet
  16. Their website is awful too - worse than the g2020 poster for readability
  17. Kasabian at Truck too - surely must be rules out of R&L now right?
  18. Doubt they will have Foals, Kasabian and two others. Foals played the last edition too - seem unlikely to me. Would love Stereophonics and Glass Animals myself. Vaccines for thursday would be great
  19. Give them another go, didn’t disappoint at APE
  20. Got a link to Kasabian?
  21. Is he that smelly that you smelt him but were too far away to throw something at him?
  22. Unlikely - spread too thin for their size in my opinion
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