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  1. So glad you got a ticket 🙂 will be able to see you from miles away in the SE corner wearing these!
  2. gfa

    Doja Cat cancels

    Her first major UK show too / since breaking out. She played a few shows in 2019 but that was pre blowing up
  3. gfa

    Secret sets 2022

    Glass Animals, Blossoms and Fontaines are all far too big for it surely?
  4. gfa


    No idea, they didn't seem certain at all either on the time.
  5. gfa


    Prospa self confirmed to me on instagram dms btw - clashing with bicep/kendrick though they reckon sadly
  6. gfa

    Secret sets 2022

    good replacement for doja cat if that happened
  7. I almost saw them at Latitude last year but they were at midday after a late night, so I stayed at camp. Definitely would like to see them, Alright has to be one of my favourite songs of all time
  8. Glastonbury won't do the find out on the day thing because a big part is the broadcasting. Nobody is going to get excited and want to watch it on TV if they don't know who's playing till a few days before i'd say. Although you could argue that wham of it all in one go just before would make people more excited? I'm not sure
  9. How much are pints at NOS? I'm going to Kalorama which is also in Lisbon and was just curious
  10. Expected prices for pints also?
  11. Disclosure announced + others https://kalorama.pt/
  12. Very good point with the second bit (i thought some camping stores would sell new tents etc though, maybe not tents i guess) Fair enough that's true actually - i bet its especially useful for disabled people too. I jumped the gun a bit 😄
  13. Only £250! 😄 US prices are insane. Stacked to oblivion probably the best lineup i've ever seen.
  14. PSB is an act I definitely won't see again and i'd never pay for them myself, whereas i'll no doubt see Bicep a load more times. I have no idea who my group wants, probably Bicep i would have thought currently.
  15. Aldi has some and people always rave about their wines. As its all their own stuff you might potentially be able to just buy a bottle of it first then come back for the bag potentially 🙂
  16. I'm pretty sure top 2 stage headliners don't clash if that helps, they have replied this on twitter etc . don't quote me though, maybe tweet at them asking just to check 🙂
  17. I feel like PSB, Kendrick and Bicep cover all bases bar a proper band. Probably will be one somewhere though and thats everything - incredibly hard choice for me but i’m leaning towards Bicep
  18. I can’t believe they still do camplight / maybe they don’t but the idea seems to just scream abandon your stuff as it means you leave with more than you can with and if you can’t be bothered to carry it in, it seems a low chance you’d carry it out.
  19. What a lineup! Like insane
  20. gfa


    Hybrid Minds is the act a lot of my group are most excited for, pretty up for it myself despite not being huge on DNB
  21. The trainline has ticket splits built in now by the way 🙂 not sure if works as well but i've saved money before from it
  22. Yeah thats true, although he may have been booked months/years ago and just not announced on the 2020. I don't think theres anyway he could slot in this late unless someone has pulled out recently.
  23. little tech tip but on some websites if you start typing it eg type UK or Uni it will jump straight to it, same with years and also months 🙂 Not sure if its a chrome thing or all browsers do it
  24. If Macca hadn't been known for years he would have been a jawdropper (and probably was in 2020 for people not posting on this site everyday!)
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