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  1. I’ve bought tickets on Twitter a few times - a good rule of thumb is to never use a bank transfer or PayPal “friends and family”. Always pay people with PayPal goods and services and write a note on the transfer saying what it’s for. That way, if you have been scammed, PayPal will give you the money back. Anyone pushing for PayPal friends and family is generally a scammer.
  2. What was the deal with drug enforcement - was is super strict? I was so gutted to miss this but first gig back will be Bicep at Brixton in two weeks, so kinda glad I’ve saved it for then if the sound was shit.
  3. I was very surprised to see they were dj’ing at their Reading and Leeds slots this weekend, seems strange after they had a full on live show a couple years back.
  4. Anyone interested in: -1 x Field Day ticket for Sunday 29th August. Below face value - £75 1 x Maiden Voyage ticket for Sunday 29th August. Below face value - £40 DM if interested!
  5. Trying to enforce mask wearing at clubs/gigs would be a farce. Not gonna happen, no one will wear them once they are in and in a crowd.
  6. I thought the same, especially during Viva La Vida. Other songs seemed to be fine though.
  7. This Idles performance sticks out like a sore thumb in terms of continuity for me
  8. “I even almost played Glastonbury” - sounds kinda like past tense, thank god.
  9. Throughly enjoyed this clip in particular. Legend.
  10. No questions but I am so jealous, have a good one
  11. Ouch, that is grim. Surely there is no way that will actually be the case?
  12. gordong

    Drinks in cans!

    M&S do the best canned cocktails available in a major store, hands down.
  13. That is pretty mental to have it clashing with Eurovision
  14. I do wonder if they have heard whispers or are just being cautious and business minded... Field Day moving their date from July to end of August made me think.
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