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  1. IF it is cancelled outright, I’m so curious to see what they do about tickets as in cancelling them also and saying try in October or keeping them valid for next year. Either option is going to infuriate hundreds of thousands of people.
  2. So are we saying its Dua Lipa vs Paul McCartney on Saturday?
  3. This is excruciating to watch. Genuine career ending stuff imo.
  4. Twitter comments were glorious, who knew Travis Scott was so popular.
  5. Just listened, wow wow wow.
  6. Thoughts on Calvin Harris’s new EP? Bit of a wild turn to his previous stuff...would love to know thoughts from people on this thread.
  7. I think I’ve just got so lucky on the nights I’ve went then, in that it wasn’t too warm or sold out and I didn’t use the cloakroom. Went twice last year for Folamour & Chaos in the CBD, and LNTG’s residency - both nights I think the crowd was pretty decent and getting around was easy. Fair play though, all valid complaints.
  8. gordong

    Other Stage 2020

    My mate from work went to her printworks show in November and said the crowd was pretty awful, I think she can attract a certain type of clientele now.
  9. gordong

    Other Stage 2020

    The thought of the crowd at a Peggy Gou show in London makes me feel a bit sick. That’s coming from someone who stays here also. That Saudi festival was an interesting one, some other big names played that I really wouldn’t have expected - Kerri Chandler, Danny Tenaglia, Cassy and a few others.
  10. gordong

    Other Stage 2020

    Not been keeping up with this thread, but take it the Prodigy are looking unlikely due to no other dates having been announced?
  11. Worst smoking area for me by far was WHP Store Street, that was pathetic, so cramped with massive queues to get outside. XOYO‘s isn’t great I’ll admit, my mate had to spew there and it was all a bit stressful. Strange, never noticed it being too hot...I only started going in the past year or so, maybe they’ve made a big improvement.
  12. Why do you hate XOYO? I really enjoy it, think the downstairs room is the perfect size and the soundsystem is really good.
  13. Was scrolling at the line up on the website thinking it was a decent spread then realised it was just the Friday...
  14. gordong

    Other Stage 2020

    So he’s doing this new show called HOLO which I reckon needs complete darkness for the hologram effect to work (think it works via a thin mesh made of LEDS at the front of the stage). If I’m being completely honest, I don’t really see it working on an outdoor stage - but could be wrong.
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