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  1. gordong

    Mainstream Dance

    Nail on the head - all of these acts you’ve said headline mainstream/EDM festivals and would blow far too much of the budget.
  2. Seen him at XOYO in February and he was so much fun. Shame he isn’t playing Glastonbury, would have been a must see for me.
  3. When does the forecast become genuinely reliable? Heard different things, usually between 3-5 days right?
  4. Me to everyone in this thread
  5. I keep telling myself that I’m going to stop looking at this thread, but find myself back here within about 20 minutes at the moment.
  6. If the site can dry up in by the Monday in 2016 (read that on here) it can certainly dry up 12 days out from the festival with a fraction of the people churning it up. All we need is a couple sunny days, like the ones forecast for next weekend.
  7. iPhone weather will show the rain symbol if there is any possibility of any rain throughout the day. I.e. 30% chance of rain between 5am - 8am = rain symbol for entire day.
  8. Definitely going to try and see Laurence Guy. Heads up to anyone heading to Mall Grab, he’s totally changed his style in the past 6 months and plays heavy techno and breaks - very different to his productions and boiler rooms. Went to see him at Printworks in March as part of the AVA line up and ended up leaving 40 minutes early as it wasn’t for me.
  9. What is with gig prices these days? £59 for a standing ticket for Chemical Brothers at O2 arena in London. Makes it even worse that they’re only charging £41 for standing in Glasgow. I know it’s because it’s making up for lost revenue on album sales because of streaming but ffs. Seen someone at my work selling tickets for Spice Girls. £120 a ticket (face value). Half the price of a Glastonbury ticket. Hilarious.
  10. It’s definitely looking a lot more positive than a couple of days ago, I thought we were in deep trouble.
  11. This thread has a direct correlation onto my general mood at the moment.
  12. I’ve got a ticket for this year, was already a bit worried about the crowd. Regarding Junction 2, it seems like all London festivals have insane amounts of security. Kind of kills the vibe to be honest, feel like a portion of these guys think they work for the DEA and take their job far too seriously.
  13. Got butterflies watching that. Wish I’d went tonight but even more excited for their Glastonbury set now.
  14. 1. Sam Fender 2. The Streets 3. Chemical Brothers 4. Bicep (assuming they’ll play more than the one set that’s already announced). 5. Kylie (extreme guilty pleasure)
  15. gordong

    Resale Club 2019

    I thought I read Glastonbury was revoking tickets for these pisstake “packages”. Take it that isn’t the case?
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