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  1. Not feeling very confident now especially as everything has gone so quiet. However even though it would be disappointing to have the festival cancelled again I would rather that than put the entire future of the festival at risk
  2. The last few line ups have gone down really bad on twitter even though they have been fairly good imo.
  3. I would guess that they would have one act that's shared with Truck so most likely Royal Blood. The delay in announcing along with Ynot suggest to me that they also share an act or two that hasn't been announced anywhere else. Then again I could be completely wrong 🤷‍♂️
  4. Everything seems to have gone quiet on there socials the last few weeks. They don't seem to be promoting the event which is odd unless they are considering postponing this year.
  5. I'm sure I read somewhere that shed seven had said that they weren't there this year. Nice choice though, I would be happy with that
  6. They said that they were down for some of the earlier festivals that were planned in may/june/July that have been put back. They only let slip about doing Ynot
  7. Who do we think will headline this year? I'm guessing probably Richard Ashcroft will be carried over from last year but unsure if Royal Blood will be as well. If they are holding back due to agents I guess that would suggest acts different to what have been announced elsewhere which is intriguing.
  8. Should have been our first bearded theory this weekend 😔 With the weather forecast as it is it would no doubt have been a cracker
  9. Interesting to see that Tramlines and Truck have switched around so they are now the weekend before ynot next year
  10. Looks like the curtain is coming down on 2020 festival season. I just hope that the majority of tickets booked to all festivals get carried over to help them to all come back next year in good shape
  11. The ynot, truck and Tramlines relationship is an odd one in a way to me. They seem to be close to each other on socials and share many acts and despite being independent if you didn't know any better you would be mistaken for still be part of the same ownership group. On the dates I think that ynot have traditionally always been the last weekend of July. I think that they are just doing there own thing now and at the same time repositioning to a more older/family audience going by this year's line up.
  12. Hopefully a number of this year's line up can be retained like Richard Ashcroft, Shed seven, Levellers, amazons. I would have expected that they would add some bands for next year that appealed more to the younger crowd like Catfish and/or Courteeners after all the grief they got on social media over the line up. Personally I would be very happy to see catfish again even though I've seen them many times.
  13. I agree, the line up for me is much better for this year than last year's but I guess everyone has different tastes. I think that the fri headliner might depend on how well tickets are selling. If sales are down they could play it fairly safe and go with a Stereophonics or similar band that will likely shift some numbers. I think catfish are unlikely with being quite recent (unfortunately) so wouldn't at all be surprised with someone like supergrass, blossoms or maybe even feeder
  14. It's going to be interesting to see who they add to the next line up announcement after what was a fairly negative reaction from the dark fruits brigade. I think that the line up is more a reflection of the organisers now positioning the festival at a more family friendly event like it used to be than one where there's loads of pissed up/drugged up kids
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