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  1. Does beating Man U make a team look good? 😛
  2. So some promoted teams quite often have a really bright start to the season performance wise, but drop off later. That said, those were impressive highlights. I fancy Brighton to go down, not sure they have the firepower and goals in the team.
  3. I've been quite bored of it for a while, but I think I've been renewing the efests league for 10 years or so now, I just tend to need the reminder.
  4. Code to join this league: 1312t0
  5. I think the Man U job is more likely to become available mid-season than Newcastle.
  6. Corbyn also dragged Labour into an awful election result... the question is which is more relevant.
  7. He's been an irrelevant whiny nuisance for nearly 10 years now. It was obnoxious while he was driving our club into the Championship while praising his own petty little ego, but just ignore him and his media buddies. He matters jack shit.
  8. Just ignore the irrelevant cabbage head.
  9. I mean, I do think he has more principles than Boris, but yes, I do agree with the comparison.
  10. A lot of people here have been praising Burnham. I find this bizarre. I've always seen him as a flip-flopping populist who says what his audience wants to hear. No consistency in his messaging, and a lot of pandering to his audience. It's why I put him last in my leadership choice in 2015 (based on how things have gone since, I'd now put Corbyn last instead of 2nd).
  11. It's very weird. I know I've got bias in saying Howe, but I absolutely think he's the top achiever based on squad results per manager. I'd completely understand Frank, Moyes or Conte getting it. Pep also seems less ridiculous. Finishing 2nd with the 2nd best squad seems like a very bizarre way to win manager of the season.
  12. Didn't only the top 2 teams get more PL points than Newcastle in 2022? I know people point the the January spend, but the upturn in results happened before most of those players even arrived, let alone before Guimares played. The improvement of the team was noticeable before any signings. Lots of promoted teams have a good first season where they finish 8th-13th on a low wage bill. Brentford have also had the benefit of Eriksen - who's ridiculously good. I'm not saying Frank's not done a very good job, but as TGT pointed out, it'd be doing it again that would be remarkable. If Liverpool win the CL then there's a fair claim to Klopp being manager of the season, but surely not PL manager of the season?
  13. I'm not sure it's a superiority complex so much as laziness of scouting. Watching players in other leagues requires extra effort, and the media rarely push for it.
  14. I feel bad for Burnley, but I'm seriously happy for Leeds. I wanted Everton to go down because that club is just a clusterfuck of bad decisions over seasons, and they'd inevitably come back within 3 years anyway. Even with Bielsa gone though, Leeds are entertaining, and I want to see entertaining wild teams in the Prem. Burnley have been another of these 11th-18th teams that don't do much, and will probably be forgotten in 5 years. From reading, Howe made good noises about not over-recruiting and trying to add to a good squad, which is a huge distance from what things looked and felt like in November. I'd much prefer to see 3-5 players signed and a 7th-10th finish than trying to overhaul everything. You don't want players who've done well the last 6 months to feel disposable.
  15. Absolutely. I know some players do actually get playtime there, but so many just waste a career. I hate the hoarding of talent only to leave it festering.
  16. Salah only really failed at Chelski because of how they function. Sign any hyped 21 year old, play them 10 times, then if they don't set it alight loan them out and sell them on at break-even/profit. Same happened with De Bruyne.
  17. Firstly, the daily mail whipping up racism and talking bullshit isn't anything new. Secondly, as charlierc said, white is a stupid away colour choice for a team that plays in B+W by default. Mostly, I think it's a non-story. I suspect Saudi football supporters would be following the club anyway, or at least the ones who don't have a prob with their gov, and I don't think a change kit colour choice is going to affect that. Similarly, anyone who boycotts it because of this link, would probably have boycotted the club anyway. Vague, fairly meaningless associations and links are going to do nothing. Most people have decided to either continue supporting the club, to boycott the club despite not having been a fan before, or to barely care apart from a bit of whining about another club. I don't delude myself into thinking that many other lifelong Newcastle fans are going to not fund the club because of the Saudi ownership like I am. I also don't think that things like this matter to the vast majority of football fans. Away kits get mocked for billions of reasons, but I think most fans really don't care about what another club's away kit is or what reason they have it. It's a nothing story, and its existence and links have more to do with Daily Fail racism than anything football fans pay attention to.
  18. I rate Dubravka, question is what the target is next season. I'd have thought the aim should be top half, but if it's trying to get a Europa League spot, then maybe.
  19. Personally, and I could well be wrong, is that I think there'll be one fairly big signing and a bunch of squad improvements. A high-profile forward, a respectable LB, and a respectable CB signing seems likely.
  20. It's incredibly mock-able habit. Main thing is when these cheesy things work no-one gives a shit.
  21. Not sure there's going to be a superstar signing. To make the obvious comparison to City, maybe a Robinho or some other high-rep young striker, but I'm not sure the club can attract them yet, certainly not an equivalent of Aguero. Still a few seasons away, but at least there's the spine of a team in now. Having an actual midfield in place instead of a 2nd line of bad defenders is a nice change.
  22. Key changes I've noticed under Howe vs Cabbage Face: There's 11 players playing for 95 minutes, not 7 players for 75. The ball moves forward with passes not hoofing. When the personnel changes, the off-the-ball defensive shape doesn't. It's resilient and solid regardless. When the personnel changes, the on-the-ball attacking shape does. It's fluid and penetrative.
  23. Yeah, absolutely. I've only succeeded at about 7 or 8 runs, but just keep finding more nice little bits. Really nice level of challenge with both the meta-progress making each run technically easier(mostly), and the Pact of Punishment letting you up the difficulty again slowly.
  24. I'm now fully on the Hades bandwagon (albeit typically late). So much my type of game. Riffs off mythology, has its own story, rewards repeat plays while mastering a style and having variation. Main other thing I've been playing is Octopath Traveller. Just a very nice JPRG.
  25. Lee Hughes was a hugely different situation though? Dangerous (drink?) driving is idiotic and he deserved his sentence, but it's not the same issue of morality.
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