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  1. Finding India absolutely hilarious. I'm hoping SA/Windies do a number on Aus, but genuinely really enjoying this tournament, moreso than I ever expected to enjoy T20.
  2. I don't think we can win the urn, as you said, can't see us taking 20 wickets consistently, but between it making a spinner more pickable, and strengthening the batting and fielding, I think we stand a chance of taking 2 tests. I feel like the pink ball in Adelaide, if we can hold our own batting-wise, then Anderson/Broad/Robinson/Woakes/Stokes or some combination of them + Leach can take 20 wickets even with Wood rested, then it's just hoping that Wood (+Mahmood if he gets promoted mid-series), can bring enough heat in one game to nick another. It's a fragile Aussie team, with little match practice behind them, I don't think it'll be as bad as the last 2 times. I do feel sorry for Woakes though, over the last 18 months he must have thought there's been chances to stake his spot as a premier all-rounder and he has to isolate/get injured/etc. almost every time Stokes is unavailable.
  3. Stokes going to the Ashes. I think that means a 3-2 loss in now achievable? Can't see us winning it without Archer/Stone/Mahmood unless Wood manages to get through all 5 games in great form, but I think Robinson will do well there, and it makes it easier to play Leach/Parkinson.
  4. Not following a link to that but lol at that headline.
  5. Let it go on another month first.
  6. If the swap happened I'd be fine with that, and find it very funny. And I don't rate OGS.
  7. Definitely enjoying Pakistan beating India more than the other games so far. Very entertaining dominance.
  8. Don't be silly, the only teams outside the northwest are in London.
  9. Yes, but you brought up his Burja comments as an equivalent example, when I think this complaint is much more ridiculous than any about Bojo.
  10. Who do you trust more to make a nuanced argument, someone with no track record, or someone who's referred to "picanninnies with watermelon smiles"? I trust the average football fan more to understand the difference between race and culture and to react appropriately than I do Bojo. He has repeatedly shown a lack of respect or consideration for tolerance, and has worked closely with white supremacists. I never said anything like foreign policy should be off limits btw, but it does make it more difficult.
  11. Well, it means it'd worked in the context of those fans.
  12. Bojo has form for all sorts of racism though, and he's also now the PM. He needs to be held more accountable than the average person.
  13. Since when has anything stopped football fans moaning?
  14. Hull spent a lot of money for the time. Whether it was neutral or somewhat good is a bit irrelevant to now though, he's not had a positive impact at a club for 10 years. There are plenty of moronic Newcastle fans, and like with most clubs they're generally the loudest. I get how the narrative can be fed into, it's just how football media operate, but things like asking Arteta is completely meaningless and just perpetuates people listening to Bruce's moaning. He moaned about the fans after 2 games, he kept having digs at the previous manager, had further digs at the fans, while never accepting responsibility himself or criticising the owner.
  15. I mean, at Newcastle the fans were against the board anyway. He didn't turn the fans against Ashley, that happened yonks before Benitez.
  16. I don't even disagree with you on that. It's just been tiring over the last decade of lots of clubs settling for mediocrity. The club's desire for stability (ie reliable PL income) has been killing excitement for fans. Bland management appointments is just yet another symptom of that.
  17. I do think Bruce was successful at Birmingham. I also don't think he's done anything meaningful since then. He's had a few jobs where he's been neutral, and several where he's been bad. 10-15 years too long in management, and particularly bad at Newcastle. The annoyance is that the media are following his own narrative about being hard done by. Most of the disdain from Newcastle fans he brought upon himself, and everyone (including him) knows that Ashley put a high pay off because it wasn't going to be Ashley paying him off to leave. He's earned £10m in 3 years for doing a shit job.
  18. There has been a media narrative for a few years of Newcastle fans being entitled and over-expectant. I don't know if it's worse than other clubs got or just felt like it, but it does seem like we've been judged based upon talk-show phone-ins and twitter idiots who don't actually represent the typical fan's attitude. Again, with the caveat of that's probably a sentiment fans of any club feel, I don't imagine Everton fans feel represented by the "we know where you live" anti-Benitez twats. It's just it's felt like the media narrative excessively plays into the idea of them as typical fans, instead of the loudmouthed exception more.
  19. I largely agree with both these points. I think the group that are turning a blindly eye or mildly accepting them are larger because of the emotional thing of Ashley.
  20. I think the criticism is ignoring the fact that the Saudis are taking advantage of how the situation at Newcastle was, which engineers greater support for them. I don't think any fans that have welcomed in the new regime are right to, but I can empathise with the feeling of relief at Ashley going. Awareness and emotion aren't the same thing. I think it's important to recognise that generally, and not attack people for the latter.
  21. It's mostly that I get tired of it, and I didn't see it happening to the same extent with City or Chelsea, which are the obvious comparisons. A big thing about Bruce's tenure is that he got the investment Rafa never did, and then players who had looked good under Rafa regressed massively under Bruce, when they were at an age where they should have been improving or adding consistency. Lascelles, Hayden, Dummett, Almiron, Dubravka, and Longstaff all look a lot worse than they did 3 years ago. Even if you don't judge Bruce on Joelinton (and there has to be questions about coaching and scouting), Rafa only got 6 months with Almiron, and 0 with ASM, who are the 2 other big (over £10m) signings made in recent years. I also feel like ASM is the best player we've had in 15 years, and the manager and rest of the squad don't really deserve him.
  22. I mean, I was asked how the blame was on both Ashley and Bruce, I gave the answer?
  23. I am counting that, and whether he had the say or not, there was a large net spend under Bruce, and a large negative spend under Rafa.
  24. No, the fans liked Rafa, didn't like the appointment, and that was well-known, but it wasn't him answering back to fans, he attacked them right from the start before it got to any sense of regular negative treatment. It's perfectly possible to say that Bruce was an atrocious manager within a football context and brought a lot of the criticism and ill-feeling upon himself. The nature of Bruce's relationship with the fans has nothing to do with the Saudis. Also, I've publicly said I'm not going to give any financial or moral support to the club under the new regime, can we ever discuss the club without bringing them up? Or should I start referencing how Green Lantern was a crime against cinema every time you talk about Wrexham?
  25. So much this. It's 2 years late, not 2 weeks late.
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