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  1. yeah thats a good idea. i went to last years full lineup on the glasto site but its a ball ache sifting thru it. also I was wondering if they were all on a map somewhere
  2. I was looking for a list of every glasto venue the other day but couldnt find one
  3. eurovision just finished. special guest slot for sam ryder at glasto??? what a legend πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  4. not keen on sam fender 😏
  5. read and learn. down a couple at the tent. one in each pocket for later. one in the hand for now. then treat yourself to some while your out. it's glasto ffs. or even better, take spirits and drink neat. less to carry
  6. bet you all get back to your tent at the end of the day and you havent used 99% of what u packed. and that other 1% couldve gone in pockets ie toilet paper and a few cans
  7. some delicate little things on this forum innit
  8. well youve swung me. amazing pics of the best country in the world. and yeah much better than a phone cam. best of luck to ya πŸ‘
  9. if your phone has a camera u can just stick it in your pocket and leave your fancy one at home πŸ‘πŸ˜…
  10. is a day bag a 50yr+ thing? not quite there yet. the fest is like a town. its not like your going to starve to death or anythin
  11. yeah I realised. hope the lol showed I was joking back☺️ πŸ‘
  12. he is a legend and a genuinely nice bloke. met him once and bought him a drink. one of the best songwriters ever
  13. I hope im nowhere near you from the weds to the mon morn and beyond lol
  14. but if you know for a fact its going to be a moment then its not a true moment because moments get you when you least expect it
  15. I dont think 'moments' should be forecast and scheduled into the weekend
  16. a few years back when there was a thunderstorm that cut off the electricity I saw fishermans friends jump down into the crowd and sing a few songs unplugged
  17. novlety Island are the most underrated band out there. theyre on my very exclusive list
  18. never been to wilderness. must give it a go πŸ₯‚
  19. bunch of legends!
  20. is there a posher festival than womad??
  21. its the place i sometimes get drinks
  22. mike artistik gets everywhere every year. saw him once and he just seemed like a talentless nob. might have caught him on an off day. willing to be wrong
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