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  1. it was glorious - a deserved win
  2. ah I feel it still applies - we need carnival and culture in any 'new' economy.
  3. second wave, different thing, G614 instead of D614 - https://www.news-medical.net/news/20200925/D614G-mutation-now-the-dominant-variant-in-the-global-COVID-19-pandemic.aspx
  4. Great review Neil - this is what I hoped festivals would do to get by - glad to hear it worked and as you say: "If folkies can stop singing for the sake of the music, then anything is possible."
  5. It was - no indoor sports of more than six - bugger
  6. It it's anything like last year - full lockdown?
  7. Exactly = let's just give everyone a Universal Basic Income forever - no more furlough, no more dole - much better plan.
  8. you'd have thought so - but Boris doesn't always tell Parliament everything - but that is why I put next few hours.
  9. The problem with this plan is the infection rate of the virus - globally it's been linearly infecting a million new cases every 3-4 day - if it was like flu it should have been increasing at least slightly exponentially. That makes this globally a slow spreading virus compared to something like flu, and slow moving virals tend not to mutate so it would be unlikely to evolve or lose its potency for years. A new seasonal flu by comparison can from first case infect up to a billion humans in an average year (365 days). Where as Covid at the speed it is infecting humans around the
  10. judging by the other Nations the sectors being looked at are the sectors where outbreaks have occurred. Wasn't it the Welsh who read their whole list out of sectors where transmission occurred - and how they intended to mitigate it, wish the English would be a bit more transparent like that.
  11. To be honest I think the hospitality industry closedown is a right Tory mates back scratching - many pub and restaurant chains ran their businesses with no cases. However Tim Wetherspoon's empire had 22 establishments epicentre outbreaks, so to ensure their mates uneasy alliance stays on board - they thought they'd level the playing field by tarring the competition as well.
  12. Gyms and leisure facilities are currently as I type putting forward the case to be allowed to stay open - the final decision on gyms won't be known until 8pm - for those of us that run sports clubs it's a nail biting next few hours. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/2020/09/21/gyms-leisure-centres-pushing-stay-exempt-new-lockdown/
  13. exactly as Neil says above the shift to dole payments is pretty comparable - and of course if we stopped paying for trident that would free up £2.75 billion a year.
  14. I'm looking forward to living in an anarchy induced Artificial Intelligence overseen freeport overspill car park in a rogue state - it sounds wonderfully dystopian
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