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  1. I meant the appeal where they found overwhelmingly in favour for the vast majority of claimants who were not included in the action or whose policies included slightly different extensions.Allowing policy holders to claim on events' insurance if cancelled - or was that last week? What day even is it?
  2. How much do you think the High Court's judgement yesterday on insurance influenced today's decision?
  3. three times at least it was heavily hinted that there is likely to be no events in 2021. Telling that Parklife's Sasha was told the panel couldn't foresee that 18-23 year olds would have been vaccinated by September.
  4. show as many of your colleagues this article - plus your headteacher: https://www.tes.com/news/exclusive-teacher-covid-rates-333-above-average?fbclid=IwAR2tXs5ooYiGKg0ZJIVE-M6vKYLC4wpHU84kTJuk_Lq4p7_j0B-Tn_4A7m8
  5. I had just put the radio on at this point - fair crashed my day it has
  6. Well that lowers the chance he's headlining Saturday night dunnit?
  7. Glastonbury are in the media so much recently because their insurance isn't being underwritten at the moment and they have 100,000 + £50s to potentially return. They've been campaigning for the Government to help them and their industry with the insurance cover issue - highlighting it so everyone is aware of the situation
  8. it was glorious - a deserved win
  9. ah I feel it still applies - we need carnival and culture in any 'new' economy.
  10. second wave, different thing, G614 instead of D614 - https://www.news-medical.net/news/20200925/D614G-mutation-now-the-dominant-variant-in-the-global-COVID-19-pandemic.aspx
  11. Great review Neil - this is what I hoped festivals would do to get by - glad to hear it worked and as you say: "If folkies can stop singing for the sake of the music, then anything is possible."
  12. It was - no indoor sports of more than six - bugger
  13. It it's anything like last year - full lockdown?
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