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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/aug/28/boris-johnson-election-prorogue-parliament-populist-majority Boris Johnson’s intention is clear: he wants a ‘people v parliament’ election
  2. Unboxed is looking like it's a wider spread than the revoke article 50 voting - should get a lot of traction https://petitionmap.unboxedconsulting.com/?petition=269157&fbclid=IwAR3EHbjdmr7zzPhTBIjAp6pT1lsvLi8HJrQwFFD8qjKTUt05258Jbvw2W-8
  3. I agree with Neil's quote it's win win for Boris. Next up BoJo asks to trigger a GE, and I suspect Jeezer will have to say no. firstly because under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act, two-thirds of all MPs have to vote in favour (and the Rebel Alliance won't all want to install Jezzer).Secondly because Jezzer would fear under the 'people v parliament' scenario BoJo might actually win such an election. Even if it goes ahead, BoJo will call it for October 17 meaning there will not be enough time to form an alternative government before no deal Brexit in the event that the Tories lose. More likely it will be a hung parliament post election, meaning Johnson will be be entitled to stay in Downing Street. Win, win, win!
  4. This is terrific stuff, a bumbling ruthless right winger that the country largely mocked has out maneuvered the nation with a little help from his pal Cummings. A PM with a Commons majority, of one, voted for by 92,153 Conservative members rather than a voted majority of 45,775,800 electors registered to vote has just done a coup d'etat - there'll be movies about this one day.
  5. 5co77ie

    Pilton Party 2019

    and mine - fellow hatted person
  6. 5co77ie


    thanks that's terrific
  7. my review's here: https://www.efestivals.co.uk/festivals/glastonbury/2019/review1.shtml
  8. just caught up with the last issue of the comic - wow that was unexpected
  9. Is that for quiet camping?
  10. I use these guys if you want to book another one: https://oconnorscampers.co.uk/prices-and-availability/calendar
  11. 5co77ie

    TBAs 2019

    that's another great shout, rather hoping Jaded Hearts Club Band might turn up over the weekend
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