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  1. 5co77ie

    General News Discussion

    Ryan Adams https://www.efestivals.co.uk/news/07/070307e.shtml I'm pretty sure there's been other acts play amngst the stones in the past - Hawkwind and Ozrics for instance. Salisbury Festival also had France's artists Compagnie Carabos perform, and I watched Zululand/Tinariwen play among the stones as part of the festival in 2008
  2. 5co77ie

    General News Discussion

    NME are on the money, the first ever act/artist to ever play Stonehenge has been announced: https://www.nme.com/news/music/stonehenge-first-artist-confirmed-paul-oakenfold-2368967
  3. 5co77ie


    enjoy all of it hugely - i won't be there for the first time this year
  4. 5co77ie

    Predictions for 2018

    got a few clashes early on Friday: Daniel Blumberg * Creatures Hiss Golden Messenger * Nulifer Yanya * The Weather Station Saturday: Boy Azooga * Insecure Men * Lil Arad & JF Robitaiile Julien Baker * Caroline Spence
  5. 5co77ie

    Mark Chadwick

    I hear he's not very well, and shows are having to be cancelled - best wishes for a speedy recovery Mark
  6. 5co77ie

    Brexit Schmexit

    "We're winning the football... Something must be done to stop this madness"
  7. 5co77ie

    Brexit Schmexit

  8. 5co77ie


    next week i reckon
  9. 5co77ie

    Last night i watched Jools Holland........... and

    They played it again - so expect it to be better on Saturday, I thought the acts were great. I wasn't expecting to like them (except Marling) but I was presently surprised both Tuck, and Mahal are gonna be great live prospects.
  10. 5co77ie

    Last night i watched Jools Holland........... and

    I was there this week, it's not changed much - to make way for Bjork's garden centre - they cut out piano corner.
  11. 5co77ie

    General News Discussion

    I seem to remember it being Labour most of the time ever since Michael Foot - Labour were last in power when elected in 2012. I'm a bit surprised Tudor Evans is back as the Labour leader in Plymouth - but I'm prepared to give him a chance (probably a month tops) - his fourth time in power in 20 years
  12. 5co77ie

    new Arcadia show confirmed for 2019

    Emily confirms Arcadia will be back and have a new show next year: https://www.musicweek.com/live/read/we-feel-really-proud-emily-eavis-salutes-team-arcadia-ahead-of-london-event/072375 “We feel really proud,” said Eavis. “They’re amazing, the Arcadia boys, they’re so creative. We’re also working on a new show for Glastonbury 2019 with them at the moment that’s going to be unveiled soon.”
  13. 5co77ie

    The Walking Dead

    was Fear The Walking Dead always set after Walking Dead? I thought it was earlier?
  14. 5co77ie

    General News Discussion

    I still don't understand with the civil war all but over why Putin would would want to end it quicker with gas. But, it seems Fisk's take on it, suggests similar: "Putin might have been getting impatient about ending the war and wanted to eradicate those in the last tunnels of Douma rather than wait through more weeks of fighting. Remember the cruelty of Grozny." https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/theresa-may-syria-war-uk-chemical-weapons-attack-iran-iraq-thatcher-russia-a8300881.html?utm_campaign=Echobox&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook
  15. 5co77ie

    General News Discussion

    well yes there is that angle, I should have mentioned that