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  1. gregory

    Mad Cool 2019

  2. gregory

    Mad Cool 2019

    Very true pal. We (or at least I) can dream...
  3. gregory

    Mad Cool 2019

    Thank god it wasn’t Sufjan, didn’t really want to have to go to Mad Cool next year
  4. gregory

    Punk Rock Holiday 1.9

    Looks like people might get their wish (NOFX - 2nd highest voted in poll + Offspring)
  5. gregory

    Mad Cool 2019

    More of an idea of who's doing festivals next summer:
  6. gregory

    All Points East Festival 2019

    GA in that presale comes up as £80.15 for me. Kids/Guardian ticket maybe?
  7. gregory

    INmusic Festival 2019

    Anyone have an experience re-selling tickets? Was looking into buying them (not 100% I can go or not), and it says "Tickets are individually personalized to the named ticket holder and are non-transferable. Please enter all names that will appear on ticket(s). All fields are required. For Billing information please use separate form below."
  8. gregory

    Mad Cool 2019

    What a strange 5th band to announce...
  9. gregory

    INmusic Festival 2019

    I've never hoped I've been wrong more. Not a massive fan of Muse's later stuff, but seeing them somewhere as small as INmusic with low production just like back in 2001/2003 when I fell for them would be pretty dreamy.... Y'all got my hopes up now...
  10. gregory

    INmusic Festival 2019

    Was just coming here to ask someone to translate their Instagram post, thanks. I guess The Cure, but who knows. Nov 30th is ages away, wonder if we’ll get a smaller headliner before then.
  11. gregory

    INmusic Festival 2019

    Something is happening
  12. gregory

    Benicassim (FIB) 2019

    Not so impossible ...
  13. gregory

    Mad Cool 2019

    yes. They are much too respected to play Beni
  14. gregory

    Pinkpop 2019