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  1. Are you allowed to take food into the arena? I can’t remember
  2. How long did that part take you to get through?
  3. side note, what was the traffic like to get into parking today? specifically red 1. thanks!
  4. Ok glad I wasn’t the only one that got a hand job on the way in.
  5. Yep. People were complaining about it on socials and BBK were deleting the comments too. But they said it sold out and was within the capacity/law. I also waited quite a while for a bus back to camping. This shot is from that night:
  6. These haven’t been booked btw, as far as I know. But I think BBK would like them.
  7. Kendrick, St Vincent, Morrissey *see 2019 thread.
  8. From a mate who’s already on site: “The forecast hasn’t got it right once so far so don’t panic... even when it has chucked it down this past week it’s stayed dry, the ground just soaks it straight up! “
  9. On the website it shows the exact set lengths
  10. Official times out at 3pm today everyone
  11. Yes I know. I misread it on my phone as “FFS currently are giving people free glamping for those who buy a normal camping ticket” and thought maybe FFS was a Spanish website or something lol.
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