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  1. gregory

    Bilbao BBK Live 2018

    Weezer just confirmed for 2019!!
  2. gregory

    Open'er 2018

    In Warsaw about to head to Gdynia. Happy festivallin’!!
  3. gregory

    Inmusic Festival 2018

    That long opposite row of toilets near the main stage with 2 lines of people (one at each end) always had about 10 vacant toilets in the middle. I just walked past everyone to a free one. Idiotic layout.
  4. gregory

    Open'er 2018

    They have a ‘football zone’ for the matches this year, like 2016. Guess it’ll be at the back of the field. And yeah, great beer tent with ales half way between main and tent stage. Spent way too long in there last year.
  5. gregory

    Inmusic Festival 2018

    (Un)official eFests meetup w/ @alan_ts where we discussed how good the beer was and how good Sumski were. Putting down my tent at 6am in the rainstorm was a shitty end to an otherwise good weekend.
  6. gregory

    Open'er 2018

    Agree, 4 big acts on the Main Stage on the Wed compared to a couple the rest of the days. Let's see what the schedule's like on Monday....
  7. gregory

    Inmusic Festival 2018

    Flying from Thailand to Munich tomorrow and then getting an overnight bus to Zagreb. I'm too old for this shit, but whatever. See you all down the front for Sumski.
  8. gregory

    Open'er 2018

    What makes you think that? Also, Noel Gallagher just self confirmed
  9. gregory

    Open'er 2018

    There are 6 announced acts which haven't been given a stage yet, and could go anywhere, but should be approx; Main: 5 Tent: 6 Alter: 13 Beat: 6 But who knows really, dey fuckin wit us this year
  10. gregory

    Open'er 2018

    Sorry, typed the wrong band name. Could have sworn Organek had already been confirmed for Tent but there we go. Good news is at least that they've gone back to putting 5 acts on Main Stage Thurs (and presumably Wed too).
  11. gregory

    Open'er 2018

    A few lineup changes; Kortez have been upgraded from Tent to Main. Alma has been upgraded from Alter to Tent. Kali Uchis has (finally) been moved from Thurs to Fri.
  12. gregory

    Inmusic Festival 2018

    I'll be selling these for €50 next to the Tesla Tower all festival, FYI.
  13. gregory

    Inmusic Festival 2018

    They took bug spray off my buddy last year. Ridiculous I agree, but you wont be needing sunscreen at that time of day anyway, and bug-spray up before you go in. I took a small bag with a jacket in last year no problem, they did search it though. Also no re-admission, so once you're in each day that's it. 10 days to go
  14. gregory

    Kaleidoscope Festival

    20% off again on See Tickets this weekend w/ code: DAD.