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  1. gregory

    INmusic Festival 2019

    Still think we've got a headliner to come. Realistically, I think it has to be one of; The 1975 Liam Gallagher Kraftwerk Bastille Franz Ferdinand Less realistically; Tame Impala Mumford & Sons ...Muse
  2. gregory

    Pukkelpop 2019

    Glad Yeasayer and Whitney are back!
  3. gregory

    INmusic Festival 2019

    Because The Cure are playing both, as @Nicklord had mentioned, but for much less (€25 per ticket) Anyway, to no ones surprise, they deleted that conversation thread I mentioned, but I screen short it last week for prosperity https://www.efestivals.co.uk/forums/topic/226792-inmusic-festival-2019/?do=findComment&comment=5570980
  4. gregory

    INmusic Festival 2019

    This conversation here worries me: https://www.facebook.com/events/1493309164107899/permalink/1766244726814340/ Maybe my translation's off, but it seems like they're saying 'The Cure are cheap for €70, plus you get some other shit, so suck it!'. Which isn't great if you're not a fan of the Cure is it. And like you said, The Cure aren't actually that expensive this year it seems, they're just acting like there are due to their legendary status. Exit was about €90 for 4 days inc. camping before xmas and will have 50+ more international acts than INmusic by summer. Anyway, "everyone has their headliner..."
  5. gregory

    INmusic Festival 2019

    Good points well made @activean, let's hope for the best. On the website Sofi Tukker are below Frank Turner now, the order is; The Cure Foals Garbage LP Kurt Vile & The Violators Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls Sofi Tukker Peter Bjorn and John Skindred
  6. gregory

    INmusic Festival 2019

    WTF is this shit?
  7. gregory

    field day 2019

    One more update, all acts confirmed so far are playing during the “day”, 1200-2230 (they answered me on twitter). FYI @eFestivals
  8. gregory

    INmusic Festival 2019

    Where would they play do you think? 3rd down main? Headline one of the other stages?
  9. gregory

    INmusic Festival 2019

    + Sofi Tukker (?)
  10. gregory

    INmusic Festival 2019

    Do you think INmusic would do something brave and let Janelle Monae headline? Elbow are in Germany the Thursday of INmusic week, they very well could take a top slot. The Good, The Bad and The Queen could take a sub slot if they're not already filled by Kurt, Garbage & LP. Khruangbin could be an interesting World Stage headliner, as could Charlotte G.
  11. gregory

    Best Kept Secret 2019

    Here it is. Great lineup IMO
  12. gregory

    Rock Werchter 2019

    Elbow, Brockhampton, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Janelle Monáe, Khruangbin, The Good, The Bad & The Queen, Angèle, New Order, Mac DeMarco and $uicideboy$
  13. gregory

    Mad Cool 2019

    Something's happening on 'day 0', but "it is not a fourth day nor is it included with the weekend ticket. It is independent. "
  14. gregory

    field day 2019

    There will be 4 Tiers of ticket prices, right now it's Tier 2. Also, if anyone bought 'day' tickets you can log into your account on Kaboodle and add the 'night' part as an 'add on' now. They have changed the ticket prices and types several times this week, guess they're trying to figure out what works best but a bit of foresight wouldn't have hurt...