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  1. I would guess an absolute nightmare, but not 100%. I think they used to give a nights camping for free for day ticket holders? Can anyone confirm?
  2. I just looked on a map and the route would line up perfectly. Most importantly, I imagine Placebo are quite cheap these days so... -
  3. Alright good to know. Thought it was probably BS but trying to be helpful Has anyone asked if Deftones are a headliner recently? 😛
  4. Not sure how strict they are on this, but FYI: "Changing the name of ticket holder is possible after purchase but with an additional fee applied. The fee charged for the name change on the already purchased ticket equals the difference in the ticket's face value on the date of purchase and the date of the ticket holder's name change, plus an additional 5 EUR transaction fee on top."
  5. + The Chemical Brothers
  6. I just came to post the same thing. First time ever in Italian right?
  7. Fair play, that is a pretty solid addition.
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