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  1. Damn I hope it doesn't take too long to recover! Take care! (and beer isn't important, you can try the other drink...)
  2. Find the "Spreaders" t-shirt and you'll find me or my friends!
  3. Have a lot of fun at the festival this week! Have fun with the Portuguese people who are awesome, join us for sangria songs around the bars if you spot us! Have a blast!
  4. That would be crazily unexpected
  5. A bit disappointing, I expected more names like The Amazons etc, not Bakermat
  6. Moreover, we've had that info a long time ago, so it's not unrealistic to think they have made a deal in case of DMF cancelation... I guess that we know more as soon as possible
  7. I've heard they have improved a lot their level on stage : big success at All Points East
  8. Cause Lovebox is rap, but yes Tyler The Creator too, I'd be surprised if it's a huge rap/rnb name like Jay-Z, Kanye, Beyoncé or Eminem... But if they want to sell out they need big things... Travis Scott was the first rap name who came in my mind but yes Tyler is definitely possible if his calendar allows it
  9. Good act but there's a little lack of "crowd raisers" imo (like Primal Scream, Gossip...)
  10. After the epic show by The National last year, I'm convinced that an indie gig like that could work well, the audience would be respectful!
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