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Found 16 results

  1. FIB have started teasing information about their 2024 festival. If the past few years are anything to go by, I’ll be skipping this one too.
  2. Hi everyone 🙂 We are 3x brothers looking for a ride to Glastonbury 2024 festival. Please contact me if you have space for us. We are planing to bring a foldable trolley, rucksacks, tends and drinks. Happy to share the costs. Our plan is to get in there early enough to avoid the crowds and traffic. Thank you
  3. Hey, I just won VIP upgrades to Reading Festival 2019 (yaaaaay). Was wondering is VIP the same as guest tickets or is there any more perks? Anyone been VIP before would like to share their experiences? Such as what the camping/toilets/bar is like? Do you actually get to meet many of the bands just walking around backstage?
  4. Hi everyone! Doing some research for Uni - does anyone have how much they've paid for any drink at any festival so far, Thanks!
  5. Hey, I'm looking for two combi tickets to pukklepop 2023, does anyone have any spare?
  6. Hello, Going to Glasto last minute for work and I am really excited, however I still have to find a way to get there, so it would be lovely if someone had a spare spot in their car for me! Ideally depart from somewhere central (London) on Wednesday morning/Tuesday eve. For return, any time on Monday. I'm a nice passenger, good chat, good fun and we can share music and have a good time! (Can also give you peace and quiet if you prefer that!) Please let me know, it'd be really helpful! Thank you x
  7. Festivals And Upcoming Events Information of Popular Festivals, Events, Observances, Vrats and More. Date and time to Celebrate Festivals, Festival Today Update, And Upcoming Events.
  8. Hello! we are two friends looking for a lift back on monday to anywhere in London. Thank you!
  9. Hey all, Due to a major unforeseen circumstance I will be heading to Glasto alone this year. Are there any groups for solo travellers or meetup at the festival? I am kinna okay with going alone, but would get good to know if there is something arranged before or during the festival to say hi or grab a drink with other solos, or maybe catch a set together? 🙂
  10. Here we go again 🙂 The festival will take place on July 6,7,8 & 9 of 2022. We will announce the 2022 line up before July 7th 2021, we are keeping as many Artists as we can from 2021 and also adding some new ones so we can have the best line up ever. https://madcoolfestival.es/en/news/mad-cool-2022
  11. After the news that summer is back on. Heres the new thread for this years revamped boomtown
  12. I've just had my thoughts on starting electro swing festival. I have a venue/field to rent for up to 4days. Holding 500 max. Camping,toilets,drinks included in price, and bring own 😁. I just need the feed back a like to this. I'm thinking 1-2day/night £25. 1-4 nights £45. Has security on day of events which is live band 1-2nights. but general mixes included through the stay. The place to get to is Little Hay, close by Sutton Coldfield.
  13. Boomtown Thursday entry for sale - can no longer make the festival 😞 https://ww2.theticketsellers.co.uk/q/3f5135a609e8482ba27eab24aef92a4e
  14. This year Birmingham Moseley Rugby club is proud to announce its first summer festival, and it’s going to be a good one. Being held on Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st July 2022 it’s a perfect opportunity to embrace the excitement the city has during the Commonwealth Games. The Midlands Mixer is a combination of sporting fun and entertainment with a 12 team Rugby Touch tournament and the National Fitness Games happening throughout the weekend. Alongside this there is also a Beer & Cider festival with a live DJ resulting in a classic summer festival vibe. We welcome the Birmingham community and beyond in celebrating life and enjoyment, embrace the joys that the Midlands Mixer has to offer and lose yourself with friends and family. More info & tickets 👉 https://moseleyrugby.co.uk/midland-mixer-festival/
  15. If you’re inspired, enthusiastic and up for a challenge then Nozstock wants to hear from you! As Herefordshire’s favourite homegrown boutique festival we’re seeking talented volunteers to support the creation and ongoing improvement of this diverse and innovative event with the community at its heart. Nozstock is an 8-stage festival, proud of its grassroots and seeking to keep the treasured atmosphere from it’s overgrown party days whilst maturing into an event that’s choc-full of interactive opportunity for all ages. The festival is run by a committee of volunteers who have all brought something unique and who share satisfaction in putting on a good time for the punters and for themselves. There are short and long term voluntary roles available read on to find out more! Long Term Stalls Manager We are looking for a dedicated individual to oversee the selection and booking of the fantastic variety of stalls at The Hidden Valley. The successful applicant must be organized, approachable and able to problem solve, enjoying varied tasks and working with a range of different people. The role encompasses administration including contracts and correspondence, liaising with stall holders, organizing size, entrance information, managing stalls assistants workload, checking relevant certificates and organizing siting at the event. You would be active during the preparation of the festival and act as a point of contact for traders and workshops on arrival to and throughout the festival. This is a voluntary role, but all expenses will be reimbursed. If you have got what it takes to provide Nozstockers with the perfect retail therapy then send your C.V along with a covering email to work@nozstock.com with the subject STALLSMANAGER. Deadline February 1st. Stalls Manager Job Spec Administrative Intern / Information Officer If you are interested in event management but don’t know where to start this is the perfect role for you. This is a voluntary role, working to assist the Festival Coordinators with various admin tasks before the event including updating social media platforms, copy writing, undertaking research and maintaining email accounts. The knowledge gained as a admin intern will give you an excellent insight into how a small festival is run. Over the weekend you will be based in the Information Office fielding enquiries from public and striving to offer them a high level of Customer Service. This role is varied and demanding. The successful applicant must be diligent, adept at time management with a patient and friendly nature. Administration / Office experience and Customer Service experience desirable. If this sounds like the job for you send your C.V along with a covering email to work@nozstock.com with the subject ADMININTERN. Admin Intern Job Spec Cabaret Assistant If you are looking for event experience in a creative and busy environment this is the role for you. We are seeking a voluntary Cabaret Assistant to provide administrative support to our Cabaret Manager. The role includes researching acts, using databases to organize bookings, sending contracts, dealing with applications and correspondence and some artist liaison over the festival weekend. Experience desirable but not essential. If you are interested please send you C.V along with a covering statement to theatrics@nozstock.com with the subject CABARETASSIST. Deadline February 1st Cabaret Assistant Job Spec Short Term Stewards and Bartenders We are offering festival-goers the opportunity to volunteer in exchange for free entry (via reimbursement after the festival). Many opportunities are available for friendly stewards & efficient bartenders. No experienced required, though it would be a benefit to you and us. Training will be provided so don’t worry, as long as you are quick-witted and adaptable then this could be the opportunity for you. Stewards are often described as the “eyes and ears” of the festival. Generally speaking you will be there to assist the public and help with the smooth and safe running of the event. Every steward will undergo an event specific briefing session prior to the event, and will have adequate supervision and support throughout each shift. It’s easier than you’d think! Come join the Nozstock team and have some fun in The Hidden Valley! If you are interested in joining the Nozstock team, apply with our quick and easy application form. Volunteers – apply here Photographers If you’re an upcoming, unique photographer with a keen eye for detail looking to expand your portfolio then we want to hear from you. Nozstock The Hidden Valley are seeking a number of volunteers to form an in-house photography crew at this year’s festival. You’ll be on site throughout the 3 day festival taking a range of high quality photos on specific focus areas that will be discussed beforehand. We need committed, talented photographers with an interest in events, who are willing to work alone as well as part of a team and face the challenges that a large scale live event can bring. You need to be self motivated, reliable and have proven experience in creative photo production. Experience in promotional work is desirable. It’s a big ask, but the experience and knowledge gained are their own reward. Plus you’ll leave with a fantastic addition to your portfolio and fully accredited work to be used for promoting future Nozstock festivals. If this sounds like you then please check out the attached job description and send examples of relevant work and a statement detailing how you fit the role (approx. 300 words) with your CV to submissions@nozstock.com. Please note that you must be available on-site 26th – 28th July and will be expected to turn around material within a short deadline after the festival. Successful applicants will be notified by the end of June 2013. Photographer Job Spec.pdf Film Crew Nozstock The Hidden Valley are looking for upcoming, creative filmmakers with a keen eye for detail; so if you’re looking to expand your portfolio, we need a number of volunteers to form an in-house video crew at this year’s festival. You’ll be conducting interviews backstage with a range of artists, bands and DJs, chatting to the punters and producing high quality footage focusing on the festival’s diverse audience. We need committed, talented filmmakers with an interest in events, who are willing to work alone as well as part of a team and face the challenges that a large scale live event can bring. You need to be self motivated, reliable and have proven experience in creative video production. It’s a big ask, but the experience and knowledge gained are their own reward. Plus you’ll leave with a fantastic addition to your portfolio and fully accredited work to be used for promoting future Nozstock festivals. If this sounds like you then please check out the attached job description and send examples of relevant work and a statement detailing how you fit the role (approx. 300 words) with your CV to submissions@nozstock.com Please note that you must be available on-site 26th-28th July 2013 and will be expected to turn around material within a short deadline after the festival. Film Crew Job Spec.pdf Find detailed job descriptions at: http://www.nozstock.com/get-involved/join-the-team/
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