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Found 33 results

  1. We managed to get tickets today, and for the first time we would like to bring our kids. They will be 9 and 11 at the time of the festival. For the last 4 times, the two of us camped at Rivermead, close to gate A, where the coaches arrive. Relatively quiet and peaceful over there. Not a bad place to stay with kids as well I assume. Any recommendations if we should go to the family camping or not? Pros, cons? I'm not really into a whole bunch of small toddlers that are awake during the night, etc. but don't have any experience on what's it like at the family camping.
  2. naomi1303

    "Pillow" pre-pitched camping

    Has anyone used "Pillow" pre-pitched camping for Glasto? Have been struggling to find ANY reviews! Even their FB page doesn't have a review tab and virtually no user comments. Makes me suspicious. Basically, is it really a 15 min walk to gate D? Are the tents decent or are they gross and smelly? Is there a hot food van on the site? It's the cheapest pre-pitched we can see so wondering what the catch is...
  3. curioussolo

    Solo Camping at Festivals

    As a solo music festival attendee myself, I'm just researching out of interest, other peoples opinions of 'going it alone'. Please feel free to write good and bad opinions and what would make your experience better as a solo attendee. Thanks
  4. jakecase

    Boardmasters 2018

    Here we go! Time to get ready for Boardmasters 2018! Expect the dates to be 8th-12th August. So, headliner predictions?
  5. Mark1984

    Standard weekend ticket

    Selling my leeds festival weekend ticket, entry thursday to monday its standard but allows camping due to unforseen circumstances with work unable to attend..... Im very gutted but happy to see it go to someone who will make use of it paid 220 originally willing to take 190 but open to negotiations but no silly offers. Can collect when tickets arrive or can post if postage paid for by the buyer please ask for any more details or message me if interested thanks.
  6. Kayladal

    Creamfields buddy needed

    I’m going Friday-Sunday to creamfields solo and wondered if anyone was the same or fancied pitching up together? My mate just pulled out but I’m determined to go haha. Im driving down from Scotland so could potentially pick up on the way :D
  7. Daft Drunk

    Older Campers

    Hi everyone - I'm 27 and planning on camping this year at Reading but with a small group of similarly aged guys. I've camped in purple and green before, but wanted to ask if it's true that the further away campsites (white and the tip of brown) contain older groups of people. Nothing wrong with green and purple but would prefer camping around people closer to our own age! Average age in green/purple was probably about 18! Many thanks!
  8. Anyone know of any campsites close to the festival, need somewhere for one night Ta
  9. aitchaitchaitch

    Hurricane festival camping

    Anyone been to Hurricane festival before? We are a group of four going to Hurricane festival in Germany next week. We are staying in the Green campsite. Does anyone know what day we need to get there to ensure we get a spot? Does the campsite generally fill up on the Thursday or are we safe to turn up early Friday morning? Any help would be awesome. Cheers
  10. Hi, we’re three danes going to leeds festival for the first time. What would you recommend, buying or bringing a tent? And why.
  11. Hello! I have two weekend tickets with standard camping for isle of Wight but I am desperate to locate anyone selling any of the camping upgrade tickets! Let me know! Thanks
  12. I've booked to come to Creamfields this year and just wanted something specified. I have booked the 2 day camping, which I know starts on Saturday, but I also know the festival goes on until Monday. Is my ticket one night camp and two days at the festival or camp Saturday sunday and come home Monday? As it seems a little odd it only one night, as you won't be able to make the most of your second day if you're driving back! I'm new to these things. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP
  13. Bandit Tom


    Hey guys, I've been making the starting touches on a guide for newcomers to Download, starting off with a checklist that can be printed off and laminated with more or less everything anyone from normal camping to R.I.P might want to bring, for now I'd say it's complete but I might come back and add some touches here and there. Thanks
  14. Planet Claire

    Emperors Fields 2018 ticket required

    Hi all. I've got Thursday and general entrance tickets for me and my boyfriend but I am an Emperors Fields ticket short if anyone is selling one. Thanks in advance! Its a Christmas present for him so a surprise! Claire
  15. I'm planning on going to Balaton Sound with a friend, and was curious if anyone had any experience with their beach camping? Some of the festivals I've been to, i.e. Roskilde, camping was absolutely amazing, an essential part of the festival itself. Others, i.e. Tomorrowland, it was very "secondary" and quite uncomfortable, thus easily skipped. We're debating if we want to camp at Balaton or just rent a room/apartment in Zamardi, so if anyone's experienced this festival before, I'd love any feedback you can offer. For example: What was camping like? From a social perspective, comfort, etc? Would you do it that way again? While a room would obviously be more "comfortable," we're just not sure if we'd be missing out on a great part of the event by doing it that way. Thanks in advance!
  16. Jamieyorkshire

    Boomtown Fair 2017

    We have never been to Boomtown Fair before but the tickets go on sale for 2017 this evening. I have been looking on the site and been unable to find out if the tickets for the camper van on sale at the same time as the main tickets or if these are sold later. Also, has anyone ever stayed in the campervan field at Boomtown before? If so what's it like, although we will be taking a caravan rather than a camper van.
  17. Major Charles Ingram

    Recommendations for next year

    Just looking for the festivals where arena and camping aren't separate and everything doesn't shut down after the last act. Also where they don't search you for booze coming in (to the arena). I've heard Bearded Theory is quite good. Any recommendations appreciated.
  18. Jamieyorkshire

    Worthy View Review

    It was our first ever time at Glasto and we stayed at Worthy View, thought it may be useful to give some feedback on it for those considering it in future. However, apologies in advance for the length of the review, thought I would try and give as much detail as possible for people considering it in future. We had stayed in Bristol the night before and left Bristol about 08:30 on Wednesday morning, we arrived at Worthy View by 10am and didn't have any issues with traffic at all, which surprised us. We just followed the directions issued by Worthy View. On arrival the car park was still fairly empty and we were parked about 50m from the entrance. I would say the maximum distance people were parked when the car park was full would be about 300m from the entrance. There was no queue to get into the site itself where tickets were checked and taken off us, you can't get them back to keep :-(, and we were issued with our wristbands. Once this was done it was just a case of going to coloured check in assigned to you, where we waited a max 5 minutes before we were shown to our bell tent. There were also people on hand with wheelbarrows to help move your kit, but as you are so near the car park its really easy to make more than one trip to your car. We were in one of the furthest bell tents and this was less than 5 mins from the entrance. I would say regardless of where your tent you are no more than 10 minutes from the entrance. The bell tent we had was fantastic and kept nice and cool in the day and did not leak in the rain. There was space between the next tents so you could sit outside your tent for a drink and most people tended to do this and especially on a morning having a cup of tea. The space between the scout tents was slightly smaller but still ok, although you probably wouldn't get chairs outside these easily. There is a great aerial shot of Worthy View on the Independant website, but I am not sure how to post pictures. If you have booked a yurt be careful, as some of the yurts were not yurts but squirts which are about half the height of a yurt, yet this was not shown on the list of available options on the Worthy View website, naughty! The length of the entire camp was about 1/2 mile from one end to the other. All tents of the same type were grouped together, with the largest amount being the various size scout tents, which did look good. There were portaloos in various locations which were regularly cleaned and were generally looked after by the previous users. Toilets were stocked with toilet roll and hand sanitiser. Depending on tent location you may have to walk a few minutes to your nearest set of loos. Queues at peak would be max 10 minutes, although additional portaloos did arrive on Sunday, shame it wasn't earlier. There were some trailers with proper flushing toilets in them near the main farm house which were fully lit, so ideal at night, and did have sinks with running water, although queues for these were much longer. The showers were also located towards the bottom of the site near the flushing toilets. The showers were open from 7am until midnight everyday and were separated into male and female. There is a communal changing room then the showers are In what look like trailers which are communal type but with plastic shower curtains between them. In the male showers there were 2 trailers with about 12 showers in each and the Mrs advised me there were 3 trailers in the female one. Showers were clean and warm and was great to refresh on a morning. Next to the showers there was also a pamper room with straighteners hair dryers etc, but not sure of cost as we didn't use these. Longest we waited for a shower was 10 mins at peak time in the morning. There were also a number of sinks and water points scattered around the site. On site there was a little shop for essentials, a camping supplies shops and a few food / drink places. At the bottom end of the site, on the way down to the festival there was also a bar, and a number of food / drink outlets. These were busy on a morning and queues would generally be about 20 mins to get breakfast or a posh coffee. Now the downside, there is a steep hill down towards the festival. This isn't too bad on a morning going down to the festival but at 2am in the morning going back up is a killer! There are concreted steps for half of it and hand rails but it is steep, however the hill is worth it for the facilities at Worthy View. When getting to ring of steel (near strummer ville) there was also never a queue to get in , where they would just check your wristbands, One of the things we thought was great at WV was it was generally quiet so you could get some sleep on a night. It was also great that people had respect for the camp and kept it clean and tidy, we rarely saw any rubbish on the floor and on the last day you could see the tents had been emptied and people had cleared up after themselves, which seems the opposite of some of the main camp sites. With regards to security we had no problems with leaving stuff in our tent, there were a number of security towers around the site and regular security patrols. The site itself also has its own ring of steel and to get in you need to have a wristband which they do check. We left about noon on Monday and it was easy to get out of the site, although we did get caught in the other festival traffic once on the main roads. Would absolutely recommend this to anyone, we will be trying to stay here next year, if we get tickets. Would be happy to stay in any of the tents on the site as the convenience plus luxury of showers is well worth it. If anyone has any questions, let me know.
  19. Sam.dowrick

    Creamfields meet up

    Hi, if you're going to Creamfields alone message me! I've got a 4 day silver camping ticket but no one to go with, they'd rather go to reading. I'm gonna make a group chat on facebook for other people going alone so we can meet up and possibly camp together. hmu
  20. DisplayName


    Hi! anyone out there looking for people to camp with or have a group I could join? Booked my ticket for 4 days, got so excited because the line up is unreal and then everyone has decided to go to Leeds festival which just isn't for me! not missing this year!
  21. So, Reading Festival has just finished and I am already looking upon next year already! Who is down for going to Reading again next year? We had a great group that went this year. If you have never been to Reading before and your mates have pulled out or you just want to go alone and meet new people feel free to join this thread. We also have a Facebook group too.
  22. I have got gcse results day on the Thursday you arrive to camp at Leeds fest and can only set off from Sheffield at 2 pm to camp. Will this be too late to find a spot for 10 people. We are ok with camping a bit further away from the arena.
  23. Kasiatequila

    Looking for Leeds camping buddies!

    Hi I'm Kas, I'm 23 and I live in London! I've got a ticket for Leeds festival 2017, and had planned to go with my ex and his friends, but now I'm a loner and have nobody to go with! I'm a good camper, I'm often the handyman of the camp, I can fix everything and I come up with all sorts of ideas, I feel I'd be a valuable asset to any camp! If there's any other solo's or a solo group or anybody who is willing to welcome me and my beer with open arms, please let me know! I'm a pretty fun gal! (Won't let me upload a profile pic from my phone, but I'm happy to swap Facebook/Instagram/whatsapp if you feel like you'd like to get to know me first!)
  24. I accidentally bought a ticket for the wrong venue as my friends are going for the Hylands Park. If anyone wants to swap tickets, please message me. I know it is very last minute but I really hope to find someone who doesnt mind exchanging so I could go with friends.
  25. Hello everyone my names James, me and my girlfriend are heading to Weston this year on our own now. We had some friends that cancelled on us at the last minute unfortunately. i have not seen a thread for solo campers yet for this year. Would anyone else like make a group and possibly meet up and camp together this year. this will be my girlfriends first festival and my second so want to have a good time!! Anyone that's interested PM me your number and I can add you to whatsapp and we can get a chat going. Hopefully see some of you guys soon!!!