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  1. I'm genuinely so glad I was proven wrong. I love boomtown and would hate to see it end
  2. After the news that summer is back on. Heres the new thread for this years revamped boomtown
  3. Truthfully I think boomtown are majorly skint and haven't sold many tickets. I thought this as soon as they downsized and started this ambassador programme.. I love boomtown and I'm praying for them but I have a bad feeling
  4. Ahhh I duno man. I'm confident for bearded theory with their new date and end of the road
  5. I imagine it will be the end of the boomtown. The downsize this year is due to financial constraints (no matter how they try and spin it to you) I fear for them, got some of the best memories of my life at that festival
  6. I think Boomtown is finished tbh. As a long time attendee it pains me to say that
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